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Posted by Andorski

Great.  Now do it with a guitar controller.

Posted by Light_Bahamut
@Yit said:
" It wouldn't be all that impressive if he wasn't using his feet. "
Captain Obvious states the obvious.
Posted by Y2JBone

Omg, if he does Mega Man 2, THAT will be wicked!

Posted by Been

I remember at a party I threw a few years back we tried to play a bunch of multiplayer games using dance mats.  Street Fighter 2 is fairly doable that way, and I managed to kick ass as E. Honda.  One game that was pure pain though, was Metal Slug 3.  I don't think any of us managed to get past the first boss.  Trying to run, jump, turn AND fire with just two feet was way too much.

Posted by Darro

Quite the achievement indeed I have to say.   Should try Mega Man next. :P

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Geez, I don't know SMB well enough to play it with a plain old gamepad.  My legs ache just watching that.
I don't think they should call that thing a dance pad; for the most part it was just a foot controller, although about halfway through he does a pretty good Charleston :)

Posted by Apathylad
@Darro said:
" Quite the achievement indeed I have to say.   Should try Mega Man next. :P "
I'd like to see the NES Ninja Gaiden trilogy! :P
Posted by b33

i hope he does megaman 2 :o

Edited by Xeiphyer

Foot fetish video game nerds rejoice! Your perfect porn is finally here!
Great job duder =P I feel like I need to sit down after watching you stand so long haha.  Good thing im sitting down!
EDIT: Damn that was intense at the end there.

Posted by ReFracture

I voted Mega Man 2 next. Seeing that beaten on a dance pad would be BRUTAL.

Posted by Ghostiet
@b33 said:
" i hope he does megaman 2 :o "

I'd rather see Megaman 9, so Jeff can kill himself.
Posted by dankempster
@Nario: Major props, duder. Having jokingly attempted to play a couple of PS1-era platformers using a dance mat, I can seriously appreciate the amount of effort required to re-program your brain and channel the thoughts into your feet. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.
Posted by armaan8014
@Nario: You're on Giantbomb? You're a celebrity now sir!
Posted by Otacon

I was just about to say, try doing mega man 2 on the dance pad, and the guy is actually suggesting it himself! Nutter.

Posted by The_A_Drain

Holy crap that is just amazing.

Posted by dutch42

thats was pretty cool but it did make me wonder about the time commitment of getting something like that done
Edited by jakob187
Now...beat Contra on a dance pad.  T_T
Posted by EthanielRain


Posted by atomic_dumpling

That mat is more precise than I thought, you can actually play with it instead of against it.

Posted by nanikore

He sounds  like Rocco from Mega64.

Posted by Soap

I once tried to employee a similar technique while playing tekken... didn't end well.

Posted by Tebbit
@Nario: Way to go, bro! That is insane.
Posted by Nario
@atomic_dumpling said:
" That mat is more precise than I thought, you can actually play with it instead of against it. "
Yeah! It's pretty much a standard D-Pad built specifically for your feet. Although, I must admit that sometimes I move left when I attempt to hit the B button because the pad will slide just enough for me to forget where I'm standing, so it's really my fault. :)
I just can't believe how much support I'm getting from you awesome duders. Thank you!
Posted by skrutop

Nice GB shoutout at the beginning.  Very meta seeing it in Jeff's post.

Posted by twillfast

I wanna see him beat Mega Man 2 with a dancepad.

Posted by Zaccheus

Doing that is crazy awesome, but suggesting to do the same with Mega Man 2 is just plain crazy. I want to see it!

Posted by Lethkhar

Megaman 2. I can't even beat that w/ a normal controller.

Posted by Olivaw

Mega Man 2 is the "easy" Mega Man game, right?
Because that would at least be within the realm of possibility and would not blow my mind as completely as certain other Mega Man games.

Posted by DougJustice

No but seriously that was AWESOME. 

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@cooljammer00 said:
" But why "
Posted by AlwaysAngry

U-Toob spam. 

Posted by cspiffo

F'n sweat, and MM2 for next game dude.
Posted by Parsnip

Heh, Nario has totally gone viral.

Posted by AlwaysAngry

Not even 1,000 views. 
This should have...1,000,000 views!!!

Posted by Smoolander

Absolutely crazy. But absolutely awesome!

Posted by MisterSamMan

This guy is incredible, now I need to try and beat Super Mario Brothers with the controller...stupid 8-3.

Posted by clientkiller
@BenderUnit22: I think there might actually be a market for that idea :P
Posted by syzygyeolith

I'd say go do Ducktails next. 
I think attempting megaman 2 would leave you in 'development hell' along with Duke Nukem Forever. 
Also, holy shit, dance pad Mario.. I wouldn't have expected it to be possible.

Posted by EightBitShik

I am not going to lie but I can't play a dance game with a dance pad so I am super impressed.

Posted by Ramyun

Damn, son! I take my hat off to you for that amazing feat of....feet. Also, I choose Mega Man 2, because it's Mega Man. Come on.

Posted by Olimar_91

Awesome. Mega Man 2 would be astonishing.

Posted by CitizenKane


Posted by Fish_Bulb

give this man the nobel peace price.

Posted by JoshS
@AlwaysAngry said:
" U-Toob spam.  "
I vote for a topic lock and a warning to the poster :)
Posted by TwoOneFive

lol the dude fucking captioned the video mentioning THIS article. 

Posted by scottygrayskull

Awesome! I've been wanting to try some games with my 360 dance pad for ages! :)
Posted by ArbitraryWater

My head aspload.

Posted by floodiastus

haha cool shit

Posted by fox01313

Nice work, now lets see the same approach go to the NES Megaman series.

Posted by spacekatgal

Mega Man 2 obviously! Holy crap, that was impressive! 

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