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Posted by Frostler

As of two weeks ago my experience with Gamefly has been a good one. I send my games and get a new one in about four days (I live in Indy and am nowhere near one of there places). It's been consistent and fair enough. Then two weeks ago I sent back Uncharted 2 on a monday so I could have God of War 3 for my three day weekend, I was in for a surprise. The apparently didn't recieve my game until that saturday and still hadn't shipped a new game out comin on the next tuesday so I just cleared my queue and am gonna try and get Red Dead Redemption next week, hopefully they don't forget to send it. Does anyone else ever have this kind of problem with Gamefly?

Posted by odintal

Not really but I keep a pretty full game queue of games i want to play even if they aren't new releases. I just make sure that new releases are close to the top.
Yesterday I received Heavy Rain. I'll probably give it a whirl after dinner tonight. 

Posted by TheMustacheHero

Dude I gad problems galore with games not being "sent back" aka got lost in the mail. And they took forever to get to my house. I canceled that shit.

Posted by wefwefasdf

I would always get the games I didn't want. That with the long wait times, I cancelled my service.

Posted by Alphazero

I had a similar problem to that when I returned them from work. Turns out somebody here was pulling it from the mail bin, using it themselves, then sending it on. Since then I bring the game right to the post office.
If you have the single game in your queue that you want, they will eventually send it. You just can't count on the timing. At all. Especially if it's a new release. Gamefly seems better suited for having a game at home to play, but not necessarily a specific game that you want. If you have a mix of new and old releases they'll always send something.

Posted by cuzintheboss

GF has been good to me for about 3 years. i played all the games that i wanted to play this GEN.

Posted by odintal
@SpikeSpiegel: why would you put games you didn't want to play on your list?
Posted by wefwefasdf
@odintal said:
" @SpikeSpiegel: why would you put games you didn't want to play on your list? "
Not that I didn't want them... they were just always at the very bottom of my list. And leaving only the game I did want the most in my list would result in endless waiting.
Posted by damnboyadvance

If you clear your queue and only put 1 game on it, don't be depending on actually getting a game. The system they use depends on who has had a game in their queue the longest, and all of that good stuff. They don't want you to clear it because then you might not get a game, and perhaps claim that the shipping messed up. Yes, the system is messed up. But you gotta stick with it.

Posted by odintal
@SpikeSpiegel: ah, gotcha. 
i treat it like going to the video store as a kid on the weekends. 9/10 the new game i really wanted will already be rented. i don't blame the store for that though, i just find something else to my liking. 
Posted by DoctorWelch

Gamefly is a little wierd sometimes. Sometimes they wont get my game for like 4 days, and then one time they sent me a game before they even received the one I sent because somehow they knew it was on the way back. You just have to plan it out if you want the new releases, and the best way to always have a game to play is have a 2 game plan. Its definately makes everything better with two games, because then you can play the game you have out while you are waiting for them to send another one.

Posted by Frostler
@damnboyadvance: I only cleared it so I wouldn't have a game out at the time that red dead redemption releases so I might have a chance of getting it.
Posted by lazyturtle

I live in Hawaii and I have a solid week wait from when I send a game out. Its pretty annoying. If the blockbuster gamepass wasn't so damn expensive I'd switch. Gamepass is $22/month for 1 game out at a time.

Posted by damnboyadvance
@Frostler: I see. Genius!
Posted by Ghostfish

With Gamefly, you've got two basic choices:
a.) You keep a big list of games so they've always got something to send you, so games arrive promptly but you often don't get the game(s) you're particularly in the mood to play.
b.) You keep your list tiny so you get exactly what you want, but you have to wait longer because demand > supply and you're the low man on the totem pole.
Don't forget, just because both the mail system and Gamefly are relatively quick with the turnaround (depending on how far you are from a distribution point), it doesn't mean they always both will be; you gotta expect some slow-ups every now and then.  That's why their two-game rental option is the most popular, people play one while the other is in transit.

Posted by DystopiaX

my library carries video games, so if I'm bored or am done with my games at home and am waiting for a new release, I go there and pick something up. they actually had Heavy Rain this weekend but I was too busy to check it out.

Posted by StealthRaptor
@DystopiaX: Whoa, what kind of library is that?
Posted by DystopiaX
@StealthRaptor said:
" @DystopiaX: Whoa, what kind of library is that? "
idk, but most around my area do too. 
Best of all, it's free. The only downside is that they seem to buy their games used, so it's at least a month or two before they get games, unless it's really really big, like MW2.
Posted by BraveToaster

i never have a problem with Gamefly.

Posted by Mr402



  Plan your rentals well and if you know there is a triple AAA game on the horizon hold off renting anything till that's in your hand.   .   I also manipulate the return queue as well.   If I see that a new release is on the horizon and  they haven't recieved my return yet I instantly go into there automated troubleshooter and give them a gamefly hasn't recieved my return notice.   This tells them that I have sent the game back and then they open the que slot up for your next game.    I've done it many times and haven't ever recieved a complaint.   Even if I did who gives a shit they make 40 bucks a month of me .   As to getting new releases I don't play them on release day of course but I usually have every game I want to play the day after.   Looking forward to playing RDR and Alan Wake on Wed the 19th! 

Posted by AhmadMetallic

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