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Posted by TheClap

That was a great horror movie moment at 2:00. "Where is the car??"

Posted by metalsnakezero

Remember people, never spend your nights in the streets of Greenville or you'll have to face the Giant Demon Dog.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

I'm glad they realised the Shotgun has a use, unlike Jeff and Vinny using it on a single target, declaring it sucks, then switching to the SMG for groups.

Posted by Mikl

That was some heavenly pie
Posted by VodkaScene

Le sigh, i rented this game because it looked silent hill esque but jesus i was so disappointed
during the creepy scenes it was awesome but the god awful supporting characters and the completely game ruining music i couldnt stomach beating it aside from i played it for 11 hrs and got to ch 2 -_- side quests n stuff 
surprised you didnt get the car upgrades this far in the story but you have the unlimited SMG 
also theres more demon dogs in the farm in town

Posted by 88Fingers

When this endurance run started I thought Jeff and Vinny's would have been more fun to watch.
But I was wrong, Brad and Ryan's is so much more fun to watch and listen to.
I love Brad's enthusiasm and thoroughness and the way it takes it's toll on Ryan.  lol

Posted by DeadMonkeys

That dog drops Tier 10 boots! Go back and kill that sucker!

Posted by HeghmohQib
@88Fingers said:

" When this endurance run started I thought Jeff and Vinny's would have been more fun to watch.
But I was wrong, Brad and Ryan's is so much more fun to watch and listen to.  I love Brad's enthusiasm and thoroughness and the way it takes it's toll on Ryan.  lol "

Your insane.
Watching Brad play is tedious.  Either brad is really, really bad at games or he so badly wants to stop playing, he's letting it affect his gameplay.  Ryan is the saving grace.  He's trying to hold the thing together and even he's had to get kinda stern with Brad.  I've almost stopped watching BR a number of times because Brad keeps trying to force his way through without actually playing (he still can't effectively fight ceiling lady or solve puzzles).  He's not thorough in the least.  I'm just about yelling at my monitor every day because he keeps missing the most obvious things.  And, no, I've never played this game so I know no more than they do.
And while VJ aren't very thorough themselves, atleast they are trying to enjoy themselves.
Posted by rohanspear345

DEMON DAWG!!!!!!!!

Posted by Milkman

That demon dog was hilarious.

Posted by Novyx

The demon dog just made me laugh harder than anything in the last several weeks. That was hilarious.

Posted by Carlos1408


Posted by Drainoslushy
@HeghmohQib:  Yeah, the entertaining thing i look for in GB's videos is thoroughness and  solid gameplay......erm.
Brad and Ryan a perfect mix of deadpan and excitable.
Posted by PassiveKaerenai

I love Brad's primal fear for this game!

Posted by Crescendo1897

Dear magic men in the sky, please don't make the thumbnail pic a spoiler of the episode. It's annoying, and I just don't like it. I like the descriptions before I click the vid, it makes me want to see the ep, so keep those in. 

Posted by Ravenousrattler

yay... they finally went driving when all the dogs and zombies were out

Posted by liako21

haha at the giant dog.

Posted by The8Man

Brad!  You call yourself a southerner and you've never had fried green tomatoes?!  For shame!
Posted by Brendan
@HeghmohQib said:
" @88Fingers said:

"  atleast they are trying to enjoy themselves. "

Maybe you should try to enjoy yourself too. 
Posted by Capum15

Great episode. Also: holy shit, giant dogs!

Posted by Bones8677

Giant demon dog! 
Zull mother-fucka, ZUUL!!!

Posted by DoucheyMcTaintsmack

 You toolios were supposed to hold York's breath during that graveyard fight scene. Pull the L trigger to sneak by enemies, ya turkeys.
This hint is coming from a seasoned Deadly Premonish player. I was practically the first guy to buy this game. Stood out in the cold for a week waiting for my Gamestop to get a copy in. Used to play this game non-stop...Now I suck dicks.

Posted by MisterSamMan

Haha, that's one big dog.

Posted by ashogo
@ShinyD3mon said:
"Fucking Brad is awesome "
woah, woah. We don't need to hear about that.
Posted by Mezmero

Are these random spawns caused by a lapse in game world time or by swery?

Posted by MeatSim

Greenvale would be the number 1 tourist destination if they advertised about their night time giant demon dogs.

Posted by Drewbs

I love this game.

Posted by PatheticMan
Yeah. it would have been better if they'd have used a thumbnail that didn't show the big dog, but kept the headline of  'Hey, whadya say we go play some dar- OH GOD WHAT IS THAT.' 
Still, it was great.
Posted by okuzy

funny reaction to the dog haha. 
anyone know how far they are into this game? I just want them to move on already haha

Posted by Citizengamer

 Both demon dogs and regular dogs seem to display similar behavior in that they like pushing York (or his car) around. Although the demon dogs have that great pseudo-Flintstones running sound.

Posted by dudeglove

This game just got even more awesome.

Posted by buzz_clik

Ryan: "You could do it, Mr Stewart!"
Mr Davis needs to replace Harry's current PA, because he spits way better rhymes without even thinking about it.

Posted by sagesebas

How many more parts do ya think this'll have?

Posted by Sanj
I'm almost certain both ER's will finish before they hit 40.
Posted by IronRinn

The first time I ever saw one of those dogs it scared the crap outta me. Went to sleep at the graveyard early on. Woke up, grabbed some infinite tomatoes, walked around the corner of the shack an - HOLYSHITGIANTDOG!

Posted by TheHT

awesome antlion esque giant dog aside, it took york 4 hours to collect a handful of the red seeds.

Posted by Nephrahim

Giant Demon Dog is easily one of the best things in any ER ever.

Posted by Undeadpool

So...there's no explanation for that demon dog, is there?

Posted by jikoku13


Posted by RagingLion

Ah.  That was a great moment with the demon dogs.  Too bad Vinny and Jeff never encountered them.

Posted by Raymayne

There's a giant dog in that intersection, there's a giant dog in that intersection! There's a GIANT DOG in that intersection! Run that dog over!

Posted by ArchTeckGuru8

months later, i refind this video just for giant demon dog

Edited by Draxyle

Still one of my most favorite episodes. Giant demon dogs, game not crashing, Brad and Ryan in higher spirits, etc. Their renewed enthusiasm really bumps the BR run above the VJ run for the latter half of the game.