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Posted by EasyPeasey
@benraff0:  I share this man's sentiment. Been with the Investigation Team since ep 1 of P4, and its awesome. Keep up the good work guys!
Posted by JB16
@Zindrase said:
" @Morka said:
" @dudewhat:I disagree. "
This "
Posted by Capum15

The triple "Great"s made me laugh.
Another great episode.

Posted by ashogo
@Max_Hydrogen said:
" Sure, he got a higher score but Brad did it in less tries so I'm calling it: Brad. Finally, something VG related he's good at. You have my salutations fine Sir. Hit those ton eighties! What would the flamboyant Bobby George say if he saw what a travesty DP is making of the honorable bucolic pass time of darts?  "Is this an homage to RE 1 Zach? Man, that game sure is better than this one." "
Are you sure? I thought they both took 3 tries.
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"Smells like Burger King in here ... "  hahaha. 
 "Steve, is that you?" "I'm just fixing the windooooooww ...."

Posted by benraff0

         Keep shooting the grape jelly  out of those zombies!!!
                  Squish squish squish squish! I Love It.
        Better than Moby Dick.

Posted by MeatSim

Who keeps breaking all of Mr Stewart's windows?

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Exploding dart gun?!?! Yes!

Posted by MachoFantastico

Great episode, Vinny killed the darts. 

Posted by Rhaknar

Vinny killed it at darts

Posted by FLStyle

"Alright bend over!" Oh Vinny, I bet you say that to all the zombies!
Also "Steve is that you?!" "I'm just fixing the windoooow!" make this ep. a winner!

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@Vinchenzo: あなたのお母さんを嵌めて! 今や誰は馬鹿ですか?見苦しいけつの穴
Posted by Deusoma

I'm deeply disappointed that neither team even tried to pull out the dart gun outside of playing darts.
I haven't played the game or anything, I just thought it would be funny.
Also, "Good news! We broke the windows!" made me giggle like a stoned teenager. I could practically see Jeff's 8D face.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Infinite shotgun on groups? 
Nah, stick with  spending 2 minutes each time with the SMG when you could have them dead in 10 seconds.

Posted by LiquidPrince

Why didn't they try to get a bulls eye every time?

Posted by Hadoken101
@LiquidPrince: It's because a bullseye is only 50 whereas trip 20 is 60.
Posted by Gerhabio

Can you use a stabilizer in the middle of the game? That would make the darts part so much easier.

Posted by Johnny2900

York has some of the best dance moves I've seen in a while! 
What do you think Zach?
Posted by Talon64

wait, someone shit out a flare?
that's a risky thing to dare.
so says Mr. Stewart.

Posted by Driadon
@Talon64 said:
" wait, someone shit out a flare? that's a risky thing to dare. so says Mr. Stewart. "
*clap* *clap*......*clap*
Posted by m0nk3y80y
@LiquidPrince: I kept thinking the same thing.
Posted by kerse

That song on the jukebox gets me everytime.

Posted by TheHakku

I know you're not Resident Evil! Trying to fool me....

Posted by ominousbedroom

Still watching.

Posted by AlexanderSheen