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Posted by vidiot
@Ghostiet: Yeah, I didn't touch on DLC achievements in my rant, although our opinions on the manner are quite similar except with less cursing. :P
I agree, tacked on DLC achievements are a pain. There was a thread eons ago that asked why GB doesn't give SRanks to those of us who achieved the original 1000, and then gave people who completed the half-baked added on DLC something akin to an "SS"Rank. I don't know what happened to that thread, but the idea felt sound.
I have a few games that DLC broke my SRank. Resident Evil 5 is the first one that pops into mind, it's online component was equally lambasted for this when it was released. I haven't gotten around to finishing up Prince of Persia's Epilogue DLC even though I really want too. More recently Mass Effect 2 added the Kasumi DLC that broke my SRank, although I will most certainly play that portion after another piece of paid DLC is released. 
At the same time, once again Assassins Creed 2 made me, and many others, upset for not having achievements on to their DLC. Seeing how awkward and half-baked the scenarios were it was disheartening to see really no immediate incentive to play through the DLC.
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My beef with trophies is that devs seem to think that assigning the right color to a trophy is such a fucking problem. Really, few games do that right (Killzone 2 and Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, for example).

But at least that's better than assholes who assign only one gold trophy to a game (inFAMOUS or Assassin's Creed 2) or make the hardest achievement worth 0 points.

And yeah, I agree, multiplayer achievements have to go. If it's a on-line based game, like Killzone 2, Bad Company or Modern Warfare, fine, no one buys those games solely for the singleplayer campaign. But stuff like the maximum on-line rank bullshit in GTA4 is a Goddamn crime. It has one of the lowest achievement rates here on Giant Bomb. Hell, I dare someone to find a bigger turd here. And it's perfectly logical why that one is so rare - the multiplayer component is mediocre at best, it's filled with cretins who can't even get past the lobby screen (because changing your team color every second to achieve a rainbow effect is so entertaining) and probably dead by now (because I refuse to count those rainbow fuckers as human beings).

Also, I hate DLC achievements that aren't separated into a subcategory, therefore robbing someone of their S-Rank. No one should be forced to buy DLC if he doesn't want to, he can and should be persuaded though ("10 MORE 'CHIEVOS BABY FOR 15$" is fine by me). I perfectly understand someone who doesn't want to buy Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot for Borderlands, even if he bought General Knoxx and The Zombie Island. Because the realization of the Underdome's general idea in that DLC fucking blows.

Posted by vidiot
@Shirogane: I can imagine. I would like to point out that bowling is one of the easiest games to play.
Off the top of my head:
Take one step to the right.
Set the power roughly around 90-100%
Aim straight. 
Cleared the requirement quite easily.
Posted by Shirogane
I think it was the fact that even Haruka completely thrashed me at bowling, and that my high score in the shooting arcade game wasn't getting anywhere near the high score that made me give up. 
Getting all those S ranks is awesome, seeing that screen with all S. It's something you go back to whenever you're feeling down and it just makes you feel that much better. =D
Posted by vidiot
@Shirogane: You were able to get S-Ranks in each challenge, but didn't go after the mini-games? 
Give me a second. That's awesome, for sure, but you just broke my mind a bit. :P
Posted by Shirogane
Ludicrous sure, but i sure as hell did it! And hell was it worth it! Infinite Heat! 
I don't know, bronze seems fine for me, just completing those doesn't seem that hard. But that may just be cause i put the time into S ranking them all. 
I gave up on the Platinum for this game, those minigame ones are just too much for me. Everything else i'd be willing to work towards, actually, more like i want to do them eventually cause the stuff in that game is so awesome. 
Also, i found that a lot of the challenges and stuff are fairly luck based and just involve restarting constantly and hoping you finally manage to pull it off.
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@Shirogane: But a bronze trophy for completing all of those challenges? Yes, if the bronze was for getting SRanks in each challenge, (a concept I would love to see in video-form btw because some of those are freaking ludicrous) then I would be up in arms wanting to torch someones offices. Or torch something in general. 
I still think it's ludicrous.
Oh, and thank you for the congratulations. Thanks, and I have hope that you will eventually get an SRank.
Posted by Shirogane

Argh, you are absolutely insane. 
Also, the Ultimate Skill one isn't quite so hard, since it's just to complete them, not S rank them. If it was S ranking all the Ultimate Skill challanges, then bronze would be a little insane.
Posted by Symphony

I don't have a single S-ranked game, so neener neener!
Grats on getting platinum though ;P

Posted by vidiot

 Perhaps I can help you?
Well, this happened to day. I'm pretty happy about it....I think.  :/
I thought perhaps this would be a good time to talk about my philosophy/rant incoherently concerning achievements. I have a lot. One of the first quests that unlocked on GiantBomb for me were all the ones concerning #S Ranks. I still have a bunch to spare too. I like achievements, whether they be on Steam or on my Xbox. Bioware achievements (Let's get some support here GB). I heard that Sony was considering putting trophies on their PSP games, something that I wish they would hurry up and do.
I also wish Sony would get off it's lazy ass, and let other sites do stuff with their precious Trophy information. Ya'know, like every other company that has something remotely close to an achievement system.  

That's a debate for another thread. What was this thread about? Crap, I'm writing without thinking ahead again.
I like achievements. I like a permanent physical acknowledgment of the games I've played. It's rad.
I do though, have developed some semi-OCD tendencies regarding certain games. My mantra is simple: If it's single-player I will get it. Or I will try my damnedest to achieve it. There are of course exceptions to this rule, and Yakuza 3 breaks all of them.
  • The first one is if the achievement breaks my appreciation of a certain aspect of the game. CHECK.
  • The second is that if the achievement is counter to a certain aspect of the game. CHECK.
  • The third is, and this is one that is actually quite controversial, is that if the achievement confuses difficulty with absurdity. CHECK.
It's the reason why I usually don't go after multiplayer achievements....at all. My first experience with multiplayer achievements was with Halo 3 and I remember how, at the time, The Lone Wolves playlists devolved into people screaming before matches where they were going to meet in order to unlock the Spartan Laser. 
At the time, it was rare to get into a match where people just wanted to play.
Usually my recent excuse from not playing multiplayer is because I don't like playing against prepubescent turds. Multiplayer achievements are also a good indication of how many people are totally not playing your tacked on multiplayer component. Thank you GiantBomb, for showing me that the achievement for "Winning 10 Matches" in " Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena" (Good game BTW, big fan of Starbreeze.) is freaking rare. JUST WIN 10 MATCHES. :P
Getting back to topic, if there is one, I've become very picky of my achievements. Yakuza 3 by my own rules, has terrible achievements. The scary thing is that the cut-content would have actually added more to this game. It goes without saying: My hat goes off to those who can 100% this game. 
It's called "Mini-Game Master" and it's the Gold Trophy that stops you from getting your platinum trophy. Even after you have completed the 100+ missions, and have beaten the game perhaps three times (You need to play through the game on 'hard' to unlock 'Extra-Hard' difficulty, and thus, get the Extra-Hard trophy.) The hardest gold trophy is whether or not you can get the highest "scores", or complete the highest criteria for all mini-games. What I'm trying to illustrate that ontop of this trophy, Yakuza 3 has a dizzying array of trophies that are difficult time-sinks.
Difficulty is thrown out the window. Out of all the mini-games there are in Yakuza 3, only after getting the golf requirement did I ever get the feeling of actually getting better at the game. Everything else was a slow grind, playing out Billiards matches against an opponent A.I. that, to put it nicely: CHEATS. There was also playing the hardest set of simulated batting cages ever conceived and replicated a dare I say, masochistic approach to achievements that I can't stand.
I went in seeing how many mini-games I could complete, I wasn't even considering getting the trophy. After I saw that it wasn't necessarily skill, but something I could do while, doing something else. (In this case play mini-games every night while I watched The Daily Show.) Then I realized that yes: It was horrible and unnecessary, but I could easily do it. The end result was me getting the trophy, but not after it broke all three of my self-imposed rules in the most eloquent way possible. The only difficulty regarding mini-game master it seems is how much time you put into it.  
There's a delicate balance though of what should be considered difficult and what could be considered asinine. I am in awe of designers that can understand the strengths and weakness of their game and apply trophies and achievements in a manner that is not vomit-inducing. On the opposite end of the coin you can point to the likes of either Assassins Creed 2 or Oblivion, two games that are shoe-in #S Ranks. I honestly felt upset that Ubi went the easy route after the disaster that was flag collecting in the first Assassins Creed.
For those looking for help aspiring to get this trophy, I strongly recommend you try out this guide. I don't know who this Patrick guy is, but I believe he is a wizard from another dimension that gives free chocolate.
For anyone who needs help, feel free to ask or PM me. I've spent over 100 hours easily getting this, go right ahead and ask away.
One last question: Why the hell is "Ultimate Skill" a freaking bronze trophy? The trophy requirements ask you to complete 34 of the 35 different Ultimate Skill challenges. It's probably one of the most hardest trophies in the game next to "Mini-game Master", but it's only a bronze? Was someone asleep when they decided how much each trophy was worth or something?