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Posted by Beomoose

Fishing FAIL

Posted by TadThuggish

Just writing something here so at the bottom of my screen I don't have to see some idiot say "FAIL" as a pathetic attempt at humor.

Posted by Capum15
@Nemoperson: Ah, well that would make sense.
Posted by JTHomeslice

"It's like a party in my lap!"

Oh, Brad.

Posted by The8Man

 "Emily, I'munna get all up in your 'Velvet Falls'" is, quite possibly, the best line so far in this Endurance Run!

Posted by Legend

04:55 LMAO!

Edited by ashogo

Damn, they sure like to make fishing as tedious as possible. Also, get your days of the week straight Ryan, god.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

"Zach, I am the only one who smells cornbread?"

Posted by DBoy

Unlucky on the fishing. Got a bite on my second throw in and caught on my 3rd when I played this part.

Posted by TripMasterMunky
@Urmean said:
They record these in advance.
Edited by bybeach

Your are right Ryan..part them shore lines, all waterfalls smell like fish. 
hehehehehe.... eh..
Hey, don't quit yet brad! go fishing! 
That was a good fish, brads right there.
Posted by golguin

*zombie pops out*
Brad: ahhhah!
*turns around and runs into wall*
*turns back to face zombie*
Brad: ahhhhhh
His reaction surpasses my expectation for this part.

Posted by Shirogane

Date confusion ftw! 
That part was hilarious.
Posted by Winternet

Date all messed up. Hehe

Edited by Wandering_Idiot

I like how Vinny and Jeff caught the files on their first try out of luck :)  The two ER's sometimes remind me of the Amundsen and Scott Antarctic expeditions.

Posted by mracoon

I just realised how lucky VJ were to get the box on the first try.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

Lol at the fishing and how lucky Vinny and Jeff were and lol at not knowing what day it is. (I know they record these in advance which makes it even funnier)

Posted by jikoku13

lol kiss the floor zombies!!!! :)

Posted by Jodski