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I still love you Brad, you sexy man, you!
Don't let the snark get to you.

Posted by warmonked

but they are.

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Scared him off! I'll never quite understand that freebe
PPL. of walmart... 
fuck you bitch 
 And finally, turkey sandwich
Posted by soralapio

Good god this game is mad formulaic. Every place you go into, you kill a bunch of boring-ass zombies, then you have to do a LUDICROUSLY bad chase QTE and hten it's on to repeat that in the next mystery spot.  
I am not getting why many people swear this is such a good game, because the only thing it's got going for it is a weird, ironic charm covered in layers of absolute crap.

Posted by Vandersveldt

 Brad: "To everyone saying all our misfortunes are my fault, you can shove it up your f'ucking ass"  
Brad: "Oh, I was thinking about tax paperwork I need to file later"
Fuck you Brad. There is another team, doing these videos, PROVING that it's all you!

Posted by iSAW

*SMH* Thank you Ryan for saving this episode. The performance from "Zach" in this ER was just... Sorry "Zach", I rooted for the wall-crawling lady.

Posted by armaan8014
@Kajaah117 said:
" I'm never reading the comments in the BR run ever again.  Seriously, if you think it's necessary to be great at games in order to be a professional reviewer, you're crazy. Being a game journalist - or just a writer for media in general - is about having a deep knowledge of the medium, and being able to convey your thoughts and opinions in written word. Pulling off headshots does not make you a games journalist.   Brad is one of the best writers in this industry and he's obviously good enough at playing games to finish them. That's the base-level skill requirement in my mind and anything more than that is completely superfluous.  If you can find any example of Brad's frustration influencing his opinions of a game in a negative way, I'd love to see it, but as far as I can tell his reviews have been completely unaffected by any struggles he may have had with a game's difficulty.  Brad rules; you people are crazy. "
Posted by Capum15

Ahahaha, I laughed pretty hard at the very last part with Ryan.
"Oh goddamnit."
"Oh my god, ugh."
*mad cackling*
Also, the tax paperwork comment made me lol.
Can't wait for the next one when they come across the part with Dep. Willie.

Posted by armaan8014


Posted by Monkeyman04
@Besetment said:
" I can just hear Jeff shouting "RUN!" "TURN!" "SHOOT!" throughout this episode. That being said, I spent more time reading comments while the episode went on than actually watching the wall lady fights. "
lol...That's what I did/am doing.
Posted by Earthborn
@Vandersveldt said:
" Brad: "To everyone saying all our misfortunes are my fault, you can shove it up your f'ucking ass"    ONLY TEN MINUTES LATER  Brad: "Oh, I was thinking about tax paperwork I need to file later"  Fuck you Brad. There is another team, doing these videos, PROVING that it's all you! "

Sure, because his gameplaying is making your entertainment so unentertaining. Seriously? GTFO troll. This game has serious interface and game-mechanic problems. It's buggy. It's inexplicable at times. So I happen to find Brad's comment entirely justified -- and directed at cockswabs like you.
Edited by TadThuggish
Or you could just not read my responses.  If someone is going to ask me a question then I'm going to answer it to the best of my ability.  That's the entire purpose of comments and conversation.  Grow up and please understand that.
Also I never said I hated Brad.  Even through his awful playing abilities I like watching him.  No one needs to be "hardcore and uber-leet", that's why I love Giant Bomb....but still, anyone reviewing games should be able to play something, even through assy controls, competently.  I don't think Brad plays competently.  He doesn't have to be great at games to be a good game reviewer, but he does have to work his way around the product that he is playing professionally, for a living.  This isn't a holier-than-thou thing where I go "Well I'm so much better!", because maybe I'm not...then again, I don't have the same job he does.  You don't have to be a master of the craft or whatever, just competent.  That's all I'm asking for.
Then again, I guess I am a gay faggot for thinking about things and explaining them carefully, who needs to be told to "stfu retard" for attempting to use the English language as a means for answering questions and exhibiting thought-out  emotions and beliefs, the same thing everyone else has done before my comments and after my comments, wherein I never expressed that Brad somehow needed to be fired/executed/shot into the sun, never going on a "tangent' (by that logic all speeches are merely tangents for us to flip off and ignore).  Whoops!
Posted by TaylorPollock
" He doesn't have to be great at games to be a good game reviewer, but he does have to work his way around the product that he is playing professionally, for a living. "
Sorry, Tad, but no retconning allowed. That is exactly what you said in one of your first comments. That's the crux of the disagreement. Others don't agree with you that some subjective level of excellence of wrangling a controller, said level determined by each reader apparently, is is necessary to be a gaming journalist.  
You clearly have your position, but it still begs the question, why inflict pain on yourself with a site or personnel your don't respect? With so many options on the web it's masochistic to keep on a site and bitterly complaining about what is there. 
It's just confusing.
Posted by b33


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Good job!

Edited by TadThuggish
I cannot find the retcon; most likely it was imagined to suit a preexisting belief.  He doesn't have to be great to be a good game reviewer.  He has to be fair, and he's less than that.  Vinny isn't this master-craft DP player either but he can at least handle it.  Giant Bomb is awesome and Brad is (when it comes to things other than game-playing) awesome, so I either want him to succeed or bail for not putting effort into his work.  In the Red Dead quick look the other day he hid behind some cover, was being shot from the left of the screen, and then was confused as to how it all happened.  When he goes to write the review and perhaps say "The cover system is broken!" or whatever, how are we supposed to trust that?  I'm not asking him to do every sidquest, I'm not asking him to make the best decisions always,  I'm not asking him to get perfect headshots constantly. Just know and be able to utilize the game mechanics.  If you can't wrap your mind (or, hands) around that then your eventual criticisms will be hard to swallow.
It's like walking into that first Goomba that appears in Super Mario Bros.  If you walk and die three times and get a game over,  and write a review giving it one star and claiming "The worst thing since ____!", then it'll be hard to trust.  Speed runs and headshots and 100% completion isn't necessary, but basic fundamentals are, or should be.  Seeing LRLRLRLRLR flash across the screen and not be able to have it register for a whole 4.5 seconds is an example of incompetence, at least when it comes to video games.  That's not an especially difficult thing that we can look at and say "it's okay, I couldn't get past that time I had to jiggle the stick either."   He can write and he's funny and even through all this I can't imagine GB without him, but not being able to perform the most basic functions puts integrity at risk.  More than anything I'd like to see him improve, but this has gone on for 34 episodes with rampant incompetence still running high.
Posted by Nux

I like angry Brad.
Posted by RoboRobb

Don't worry brad, I still love you

Posted by Landmine

To all the people out there that are complaining about Brad's play style or skill    every       single       episode. 
I have to ask this: Why the hell do you bother watching this in the first place then? 
Just because Brad doesn't play games the way you would, or as well as you think he should, does not invalidate his credibility as a journalist and professional game reviewer. So to hang around and constantly bitch and complain just make you look like an ass. Move on. 

Edited by Sharpless

You know, I'd have a lot more faith in Brad's ability to play this game if Vinny's Endurance Run didn't also exist. The fact that Vinny is more than successful where Brad fails hard says to me that Brad just isn't using his noggin. Nowhere is that more apparent than with the Wall Ladies. Vinny's figured them out. He stops, aims, pops, runs, repeats. DONE. Brad has trouble aiming and thinking on the fly. I don't hate him for it, and I've never played DP, so I can't say I'd do any better in practice. Still, it's frustrating to watch these Wall Lady episodes where Brad, after 20 hours, still has yet to adapt to the flawed gameplay.

Posted by TheSilentTruth

You can sodomize me any day Brad. :3

Posted by Roomrunner

Brad's "OH COMON!" made me lol

Posted by LordAndrew

If you try to approach the game with "logic", you should be able to realize that you need to hit her more than once with the golf club to stop her from attacking. Just like it takes more than one 10mm bullet.

Posted by JokerSmilez

Having finished watching the VJ ER and now catching up on the BR ER, I have to say that if you combine Brad and Vinny's play styles, you might have the perfect gamer.
Vinny is irritatingly slow, patient, and conservative, poking in every corner, investigating every mechanic, being entirely too careful.
Brad is hilarious impatient, overly aggressive, and sometimes just doesn't pay attention. He ignores dialogue, doesn't pick up on patterns, and seems oblivious to why certain things happen. 
If you were to combine these, you might have a player who is balanced, consistent, effective, and completely boring to watch. 
As for Brad's particular play-style invalidating his reviews scores, that is ridiculous. If anything, it gives them more credibility because you know his play style. You know that if he says a game does a good job of teaching mechanics, explaining things, etc., you know it's true. On the other hand, if he says it doesn't, it means it doesn't for him and players like him.
For example, look at a school teacher. Every teacher is different and has a variety of types of students. Some students will learn material quickly and not understand why someone else doesn't get it. Others might be frustrated by the teachers habit of breezing through certain topics and not explaining them thoroughly. Every student, every gamer is different, every teacher is different, every game is different. Just because a mechanic is obvious to you doesn't mean it's obvious to everyone.
To me, it seems obvious to abuse the pattern of running by, turning around, and hitting with a melee weapon, to kill them quickly, safely, and consistently. But Brad doesn't notice it. Ryan doesn't either. Is he bad at games too? It even took Jeff and Vinny a while to notice it. 
Brad isn't "bad" at games. He's just aggressive and impatient and sometimes that he struggles with certain types of games. Vinny is more patient and conservative, but by his own admission, it makes him struggle with fast-paced multiplayer gamers like Starcraft, a game that Brad is pretty good at.
Instead of harping on Brad or anyone on this site for "not being good", just accept that every gamer is different and knowing more about the gaming styles of the the reviewers you're reading means their reviews are more valuable.

Posted by Gamer_152

Oh God, these wall ladies are by far the worst part of the game.

Posted by IceTrey87

Ahhhhhhhhhrghh, Brad, use the god damned shotgun.   lol.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

I hate you

Posted by jikoku13

LOL they've gone so many episodes without seeing the raincoat killer and now he's back and as crazy as ever!

Posted by Killerfridge

Poor Brad... All these comments badmouthing him. Anyway, its funny. Although I always cringe when they get angry at each other :P

Posted by Brackynews

After hearing Brad's DP vitriol on the GOTY podcasts, I think this may be the forty seven minutes most responsible. ;)

Posted by ChrisTaran

One of the absolute hardest to watch episodes in the entire ER series :)

Posted by OneManX

Cant be THAT bad at video games, if he can get into Platinum on Starcraft 2... and that game has you do a ton of things at once.

Posted by Bollard

@Phanman said:

Brad: "To everyone saying all our misfortunes are my fault, you can shove it up your f'ucking ass" Haha, that's funny due to the irony.

Aye that was still totally his fault. It was obvious that he would get hit when that crowbar died, if he had thought about it before doing it it wouldn't have happened.

Posted by Aegeri

If you can get through all of this without skipping ahead at any point, I genuinely salute you.

Posted by Arlowa

@Gamer_152 said:

Oh God, these wall ladies are by far the worst part of the game.

But they only take a few seconds when you know how to do it right :D

Posted by Jodski
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That is a god awful serial killer.