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"We are somebody else's fate, coming through this door."

Damn, Vinny. I didn't know you were a poet!

Posted by FriskyBat

For your crimes most heinous

You must suck on my penis.

So says Agent Francis York Morgan.

Posted by Netorage

Whoa, I'm pulling this out of my ass but... Xander, York, and Zach... XYZ. All of the cells in this game start with XYZ. The cells are irrelevant but there's gotta be some kind of connection between Xander, York, and Zach though.

Posted by wumbo3000

The dance that Kaysen does at 1:31 is the most ridiculous/funniest thing I've ever seen.

Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG

"Kaysen, I love you!"

Posted by StarErik

The police station TWICE? Come on.

Posted by kerse

I fucking love that part where York goes "This will all end at the police station" and then looks directly at the camera and nods. Its like he was speaking directly to Jeff and Vinny.

Posted by Phished0ne

i wasssssss sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppinnggg

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Every time you shoot a deer head a zombie gets a shotgun

Posted by IceTrey87

Ugh, there's a reason the infinite shotgun is harder to get.  Lol I hate the stupid smg.

Posted by LucyGlitter

Knew it was George ha!

Posted by Deusoma

Amusingly enough, I felt deja vu when Jeff said "Something has changed in the Matrix".

Posted by CaptainTightPants

I love how Vinny is at the ready whenever he sees the Raincoat Killer.

Posted by TheHT


Posted by Roomrunner

Hacksaw Jim Duggin!

Posted by the_chameleon

I'm the limbo king.

Posted by masterpaperlink

just realized the smg only has 2 frames of animation

Posted by dvdwalker8

"Every time you shoot a deer head, a zombie gets a shotgun." Vinny FTW : )
Posted by EmperorSeth
@Rhaknar said:
" for those that finished it, will the VJ ER last more than 1 more week? "
Not unless they spend hours doing side quests after everything is resolved.  At this point, barring more game crashes or just a part where they get really stuck, they'll have to really stretch to even last until Friday.
Posted by Rhaknar

for those that finished it, will the VJ ER last more than 1 more week?

Posted by Longevitous

its a cell phone!

Posted by Shtinky

Move over Chie; I think Jeff's got a thing for Emily now lol

Posted by Derecto
@Baal_Sagoth said:
" A lot of fun references again! Vinny commenting on the red seed mouth-to-mouth, the deer-head to zombie-shotgun ratio and many more. Can't wait to see how it'll all unfold. I hope there's a little extra twist and not "just" a showdown with George, but we'll see! "
Just brace for impact and prepare to be amazed......=)
Posted by Baal_Sagoth

A lot of fun references again! Vinny commenting on the red seed mouth-to-mouth, the deer-head to zombie-shotgun ratio and many more. Can't wait to see how it'll all unfold. I hope there's a little extra twist and not "just" a showdown with George, but we'll see!

Posted by pwr905

I'm starting to suspect that DP was funded by Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds ...

Posted by TigerDX

Headshots and infinite SMGs are ruining games.

Posted by BionicSheep

i love jeff's full on angry f-bomb when kaysen's fannying around in the car

Posted by Raspberry

I hope Ushah is the killer!

Posted by JamesJiao

How is it hanging? hehehe

Posted by ashogo

It's sad how they don't even care at all anymore.

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Thomas: "I haven't been this emotional in a long, long time. Can you tell Zack?"
Jeff: "Not really."
Facial animations...not so good...

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Dear lord! This game is so tedious and drawn out and repetitive... and repetitiive again. This is why they started the ERs. They thought P4 would be like this but Persona had heart and was actually decent... but long. As for the whole Twin Peaks thing., if this were a David Lynch directed game no one would know what was going on at all, at any point. Even when it was over you wouldn't have a clue. I have a slight feeling that people say they like this game so much, simply because it's so janky and they want to be hippsters. You know. "It's only cool if it's not cool." It's too linear, predictable, and grindy. As I said, TEA... D... US. I hope the guys have it in them to do a new ER after this one.  This game needs a huge payout to make everyone watching not break their computers. At least, Vinny needs to have one catch phrase. I have enjoyed it so far, in the sense the gang made it entertaining and I'm glad I didn't have to play it.  
Anyway, it is an interesting game, and I can see why it has fans. But I might be justified in saying DP fans might be odd. Odd, in the sense, they like to listen to death metal, while running a taxedermy shop and keeping girls in wells to harvest their skin... and playing ET for Atari. Maybe they need a whole forum. Oh, hey. Look. They have one already. Well color me shocked.  
To avoid backlash, I will admit everyone has their own style of games they like, and I am not judging. I'm just making jokes for the sake of being funny. So please don't be mad at my comments. Blame it on my lack of hipness.

Posted by Bratcher_Lev

44:32/ Christopher Walken gets shot.

Posted by ArchScabby

What a twist! According to the mirror in the locker room, the zombies are also vampires.

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あそう、エピソードは血ぶかっけと赤い種子スワッピングが有ります,とても良いですね!I'm not quite convinced that George is the New Raincoat Killer; he could be a red herring designed to lead us off the case, but just in case he is... Lame! Both teams deduced it and I didn't entertain the idea because it would have been so predictable. This game is inferior in all aspects.
(Luchadeer says:)
¡Tengo una másacara por todos mis compadres disecados! ¡Viva la revolución de las cabezas de corzo lechadores!
An interesting coinage of the term: "Skanky swine". I wonder if it'll ever catch on.
-Would you like a bran muffin?
-No thanks you skanky swine.
Hum... Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue... Lacks a certain ring to it. 
Thomas is all confused: Not only is he dressed like a lady, but he called Emily a pig instead of a sow... Man, that guy's head is all fiddle-faddle-foo. Better stick to safe gender neutral ground and dress like those androgynous people in clothing commercials. Ah... The down home problems of a small rural town...  

Posted by Beforet

Oh man, climax is coming. That reveal...kinda lame. Oh well. Hey, both Ryan and Vinny said "tomorrow" without being corrected. Special saturday episode?

Posted by Junpei

when Jeff mentioned Mr Stewart with wheelchair mounted chainguns I had such a Killer7 moment and wanted to see Harman Smith appear

Posted by nyxywixy

"I fell on a guy" was perfect.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Nice Link to the Past reference there Jeff. And you actually turned into a rabbit without the pearl.

Posted by Nux

I like how Jeff made that reference to The Legend of Zelda a link to the past in the storage room.
Posted by XxXGenesisXxX

just freaking finish the game please!

Posted by TaylorPollock

I'm loving both these ER's so much that I've started working my way through the Persona 4 ER episodes from start to finish as well. 
But it is still going to be crushing when both of these Deadly Premonition runs conclude.
These are the most entertaining offerings since the awesome hour long Star Trek Online beta episodes ended.
Hope something else is on deck after this concludes.

Posted by MormonWarrior

What the...that thumbnail they have on the main page for this video looks like Hayden Panettiere. Weird. 

Posted by Kiro

Man they should really buy some ammo for that Assault rifle, it seems far better then everything else they have. It takes forever to kill zombies with that SMG. They have a shitload of money so it's not like that is an issue

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Gee wizz. Emily sure is always in the right place at the right time. A whole bunch of it.

Posted by Konanda
@Milkman said:
"The end of Deadly Premonition is really giving me flashbacks of the end of Persona 4. First, you think it's one dude then it turns out to be another and then you find out that it's really some higher power. "

You don`t play many Japanese games do you.
Posted by JB16
@sneakysnake128:  I knew George was the killer ever since he talked about his mom abusing him and his weird relationship with the tree.
Posted by Crushed
@Azteck said:
" @Kefkaesque said:
" A is for Anna B is for Becky C is for Carol D is for Diane E is for Emily G is for George ... Y is for York Z is for Zach  Coincidence? Maybe... "
K for Kaysen.. I don't see the connection. "
F for Forrest (Kaysen), or for Francis (York Morgan).