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Posted by BunkerBuster

Here's to monday. Endure!    

Posted by wildarmz

Damn Yous!

Posted by Damodar

1 hour! This has to be it!

Posted by ToxicFruit

could this be it ? 

Posted by TaoistToast


Posted by Skydude252

Jeez, one refresh and not only is there a new video, there are a half-dozen comments on it.
Posted by DonChipotle

Final week GO!

Posted by A_Dog


Posted by CitizenKane

This is the end, beautiful friend.

Posted by StarFox

Investigation team GO!

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@CitizenKane said:

" This is the end, beautiful friend. "

Could be! I even tweeted the episode, kind of like how everyone did for the last episode of lost last night. Ugh.
Posted by Legend


Posted by Lotan

Oh man I've been thinking about this all weekend!

Posted by GrimFandango9

Rain Coat Killer!!!!!!

Posted by Fubar

Yay, lets see some action !

Posted by wonderhare

Aha, Is this our chance?!

Posted by PassiveKaerenai

Sweet enduring nectar...

Posted by CaptainObvious

Is it...?

Posted by gunslingerNZ

Sweeeet! The finale!

Posted by CookieMonster

loving the idea that zombies practise shooting

Posted by Jeremy_x

Endure for the last time, friends!
Posted by Jais

Yes! i have been looking forward to this..

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Posted by JuanHino

Those corrugated steal doors reminded me of the doors to boss rooms in megaman. I wonder if they where inspired by.

Posted by General_D23

I dunno, they lay the whole Emily thing on pretty thick. I don't think I can buy into it.

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You're fucking kidding me? Duder/broken at 43:26? 
Edit: Sorry, seems to be broken on Progressive, Streaming works though.

Posted by Jeremy_x

Is it just me, or does the plate at the prison cell read "Zach"?
Posted by Nexas


Posted by Robitt

And now the stunning conclusion!

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Posted by Ronald

Wow, that magnum was nice.

Posted by Colin

Posted by EmperorSeth

No conclusion yet.  Nice job on the boss fight though, guys.  Yes, it could have been done faster, but they played it safe and avoided dying or any serious injuries.

Edited by RagingLion

Ooh.  Not quite the end then - looks like Kaysen might actually be the big bad I guess.
VJ were completely ruthless in that boss battle - they played it pretty much perfectly though it didn't really feel particularly dramatic as a result ... like the rest of DP's fighting I guess once you've got it figured.  Also, the boss battle music very much reminded me of the Mighty Max intro with all those squealing guitars.
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Posted by StarFox

Endurance run endure, steaks for all!

Posted by selbie

Great, now I know why Kaysen is holding the young tree >__>

Posted by Ramone
@RagingLion:  Why post spoilers? People can read the comments before the video is finished so please think before you post
Posted by Trnck

I am here to COMMENT!

Posted by Carlidus

sounds like Jeff knows his weapon safety rules

Posted by PlasmaMachine

I'm more excited to see the return of Quint's car than I am the final fight of Blanka.

Posted by Kaigan

George has made me see deer in a different light.
An erotic light.

Posted by gosukiller

Blanka has a wicked axe!

Posted by Jeffk38uk

I nearly choked on my beer when Jeff said "You'll have to fight me with this shovel" XD

Posted by Mayu_Zane

Should totally fix the break in the Progressive video mode, unless it's already fixed now.

Posted by Irish87

I loved this Endurance Run series, but I cannot wait for it to end. I need some sleep. 

Posted by stinky

i stood still for the most part in the boss battle with the axe throwing. 
you can shoot the axes out of the air (no need to evade)  then after you do that he will turn slightly showing his back.

Posted by DjDonFrancisco

This stair music is amazing. Don't you agree Zach?

Posted by WulfBane

Hehe.  @45:00 he does a move cancel.

Posted by NZV
@stinky said:
" i stood still for the most part in the boss battle with the axe throwing. you can shoot the axes out of the air (no need to evade)  then after you do that he will turn slightly showing his back. "
Even easier - use the shotgun. You just need to aim it in his general direction. Every time he pulls back to throw an axe, you can shoot him since it exposes his weak point a bit. Makes the boss fight ridiculously quick and easy, for both forms. 
Magnum went pretty well too, though. Glad they decided to use that one. I have a feeling brad is going to spend the better part of an hour on this guy with the SMG.