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Posted by jos1ah
Yup. I did the same thing and it was so much quicker. Waiting for the opportunity to get behind him is for the birds.
Posted by buhssuht

super saiyan time

Posted by drumpsycho89
@TadThuggish:  hahaha iknow right!!!
Posted by masterpaperlink

mannn another hour long one, tooo long 

Posted by guilherme

Shut your crap York!

Posted by nmarchan
@McDayman said:
" I think I've got it figured out!


                                                                                                                                  The zombies and the red seeds all come back to the purple mist saturating the town.  But York has seen the seeds before!  How?  Because Kaysen's been distributing them as a traveling salesman.  All of York's cases stem back to the red seeds causing people to go berserk, and Kaysen's been involved from the start.  In Harry's flashback of the people spreading that purple mist from the clock tower, didn't you notice the particularly fat soldier wearing a gas mask?  I love this game. "
I came to post this same thing.   
"But it couldn't have been Kaysen, the first incident was too long ago," you might say.   He's too young!
But the red seeds make you immortal.
Posted by dudeglove

Dang. George just went super saiyan.

Posted by Jedted

Man, George had one troubled upbringing.  Is mother must've been a real mean drunk! 
Posted by SuperJoe

best loading screen ever

Posted by TehJedicake

wow Jeff is right, York is one badass muddafucka

Posted by LordAndrew
@onarum said:
" ok, now I'm 100% sure they'll never explain all the York going in and out of zombie land thing.... "
Even if they don't eventually explain it, I have my own theories. Notice that Emily encountered zombies too when she was in the clock tower, the source of the purple fog?
Posted by LordAndrew
@Jonny7892 said:
" @RagingLion:  Why post spoilers? People can read the comments before the video is finished so please think before you post "
I assume you're talking to everyone, because RagingLion is far from the only person doing it. It should be obvious that you shouldn't read the comments until after you finish watching the video. What do you think people are going to be talking about?
Posted by WolfmanJenkins

Tomorrow is most likely the final episode of this endurance run. Although if Jeff and Vinny really wanted to they have plenty of time for side quests for more episodes.

Posted by Jayross

oh boy, this is more interesting than last night's LOST.

Posted by MagikGimp

Please pleas PUR-LEASE do side-quests guys! Sure E3 is fast approaching and yadda yadda but Persona 4 was 150+ videos! This is the highlight of my day! Can't believe I just said that...

Posted by CitizenKane

Since George turned into Hulk Hogan, is Kaysen going to turn into Andre the Giant?

Posted by Urmean

York slingin' them zingers!

Posted by AMonkey

I think I was more excited about this than the Lost finale.

Posted by MisterMouse

Man I thought that was going to be the end of it! but there is more!

Posted by ominousbedroom
@Spacs said:
"  charlie showed up and started casting zio on george. word. "
You mean Ziodyne, am I right?
You guys are getting close. SHUT YOUR CRAP AND GET BENT!
Posted by Wes899

Best loading screen ever.

Posted by Slax

"I'll have to take a rain check" 
 hahaha, nice pun york!

Posted by RE_Player1
@Jayross: Screw lost Deadly Premonition has a way better story 
Posted by Milkman

Please tell me that there's no more fighting.

Posted by Aarny91

Dude. Go Vinny for shout out to GWAR :P

Posted by MeatSim

So $430 is the rate for killing a crazy serial killer immortal zombie dude. I want to read the report York submits to the FBI after this case is closed.

Posted by Aarny91


Edited by Capum15

"It's the way we came already, so what's the worse than can happen." immediately thought, "That." about a second before Vent Lady came out.
Ahahahaha, "I forgot Thomas got a hook through the face for a second." "Hahaha, God you're right, ahahahaha." 'I forgot, he's completely dead." oh that was great.
Wow, that was intense. Dude got hit with some insane lightning attacks. Another great episode, can't wait for tomorrows! Wonder how BR will take all this.

Edited by mutha3

Man, does Vinny HAVE to kill every enemy he sees? and slowly peek around every corner as if a giant chicken demon will appear out of nowhere and squash York, ? 
For all the bitching people do about Brad, they sure don't carry it over to the other GB guys...



" Please tell me that there's no more fighting. "

If its any comfort: there's no more Walladies after this episode.
Posted by Princess_Isabela
@onarum said:
" ok, now I'm 100% sure they'll never explain all the York going in and out of zombie land thing....  Given George turning all Japanese demon didn't raised any questions.... at all... "
it is explained, cool of you to pay attention.
Posted by Sarumarine

"I defeated the Immortal Crazy Man and all I got was 430 bucks."
New T-Shirt, Go!

Posted by ch3burashka

Kaysen is a main player in all this, but I'm still sure Harry has something to do with it. No way that he owns half the town, has intimate knowledge of the RCK and the seeds and hasn't intervened in any way. I'm sure that he's been playing everyone off everyone else, meanwhile himself getting all invincible off of all the deaths. In the end, he's gonna go all Transformers on York's ass with his wheelchair.

Posted by HaYHaYHaY


Posted by teekomeeko
I hope not. I just saw The Princess Bride for the first time and couldn't understand 75% of what the dude said. I wanna hear York's zingers.
Posted by Cabbage

I love how VJ always think the game is over, for like the last 3 eps. Swery's got more tricks in the bag than they give him credit for.

Posted by Box3ru13

Interesting to see people's theories and even more surprising that people thought it would end here. For all the dated gameplay conventions and ugly visuals Swery can sure as hell tell a story. I expect the next episode or two (depending on where they break it up) to be quite mind-blowing for a lot of people.  
I know mine was :) 

Posted by ch3burashka

New Kaysen theories: he said that he was a traveling businessman. Both York and Harry have mentioned red seed cases outside of Greenvale - York even has seed samples. Perhaps Kaysen is spreading them out for some reason? Maybe he's just fucking crazy and "wants to see the world burn".

Posted by trophyhunter

ooh George's  macho man is sooo great

Posted by CornBREDX

The rabbit hole still goes deeper. Its close now though. Cant wait to see everyones reactions to what will happen... its pretty great. 
Oh and that was funny...  
"What's wrong, York?" 
"To many lollipops." 
*york collapses*  
haha I laughed at that part.
Posted by MistaSparkle

The description for this video is phenomenal. Just sayin!

Posted by NoXious

Kaysen did it!

Posted by trophyhunter

I love how york's father is just the york character model with out the face 
and same for the mom and Emily

Edited by Sharpshooter

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't they just have a final boss battle? Cause that looked like a final boss battle to me. What with the multiple boss forms and the definate looking conclusion with who the Raincoat Killer is and why he committed his crimes. Seriously that looked like the end to me. Swery definatly isn't going to win any awards for direction or design thats for damn sure. Don't get me wrong I want to see where this is going and how things will finally get wrapped up but by christ this is a poorly designed game.

Posted by brkl

Posted by b33

this was more silly than usual, also, giant white super sayan japanese demon george.

Posted by Moridin
@Sharpshooter: There are many, many games out there that have a "final boss battle" which leads to the "REAL final boss battle." It's not just Deadly Premonition. Haha.
Posted by Junpei
@MagikGimp said:
" Please pleas PUR-LEASE do side-quests guys! Sure E3 is fast approaching and yadda yadda but Persona 4 was 150+ videos! This is the highlight of my day! Can't believe I just said that... "
They've already finished their run, it was filmed in advance. This was also evidenced by the fact Jeff had the achievements for finishing the game last week while he was out of town. Hate to break it to you but requests are useless right now.
Posted by act26

Jeff wants to eat emily's bagel sandwich
Posted by rapsney
@brkl:  omg i literally lol!  great, great, nice shot
Posted by nickux

Someone tell George, pass the tissues- we all got issues.