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Posted by MeatSim

Investigation failure because we can't figure out how to open this door.

Posted by everythingever

Classic Brad vs. Ryan. This is the best thing of this, somehow you guys always argue but continue on 
Posted by everythingever

DJRich Brad alwayd fucks up, the fun is how fucked up Ryan also is but how he makes fun of him for it.
Posted by gbrading

If there is one thing these ER's have shown, it's different play styles. Brad has a radically different gameplaying style to Vinny, and whilst that may be fine in other games, it is making Deadly Premonition harder than it might need to be. But there is nothing wrong with that; it is simply a matter of style. 1956 style.
Posted by everythingever

No this is an horrible game. The only value is VJ vs BR plus its free 
Posted by Zindrase

I enjoy, and will miss, both Endurance Runs equally.

Posted by SilenceUK

love how much brad moans and yet vinny palyed teh same game and didnt have nearly as much trouble ....
Posted by s10129107

Brad called George being a red herring

Posted by Roomrunner

"I'm right here, Agent York"

Posted by Expletive

"No, this is the main suit."

Posted by allhailthetv
@MartinG: Never ending DP playthroughs!
Posted by InternetDetective
@MartinG said:
" Hah! Spoony does "Let's Play Deadly Premonition" :-)    http://spoonyexcrement.com/2010/05/26/lets-play-deadly-premonition-episode-1/ "
This guy is not funny.
Posted by hagridore

Liked it when the model jumped from raincoat to sheriff around 12:40.

Posted by Winternet

Unbelievable. Oh BR, the pain and frustration you cause. Oh 7 minutes to figure out that the red sparkling deers are the one to interact. Oh taking a zombie with 3 clips of fbi gun. Oh constantly swaping to the ice axe just to break a box. Oh Brad being so sure of himself saying that this is the main suit. After this episode and the last one I need a full weekend of spa and massages.
Posted by Sharpless
@SilenceUK said:
" love how much brad moans and yet vinny palyed teh same game and didnt have nearly as much trouble .... "
And this is the irrefutable proof that the people who complain about the people who complain about Brad's playing abilities are WRONG. I swear, the BR ER makes VJ look like video game geniuses. At this point, I'm watching the BR run only because (A) I want to see their reactions to all the crazy shit that's coming and (B) I don't want to stop watching ER episodes, now that VJ is done.
Posted by DystopiaX

goddamn I was thinking that they should have hit the deer heads the whole time; it's the only reason they'd have put the steel pipe there- in case the players has no melee weapons.

Posted by Deusoma

I feel Brad's pain. Back in the day, I was stuck for more than a year at something even stupider in Space Quest III. I would get into a grabber crane, pick up the warp engine, and drop it into the derelict space ship. I could then not for the life of me figure out what to do. I was stuck in the grabber forever.
It turns out all I had to do was type "get out". 
My only defence is that I was very, very young at the time, but to this day I try not to rag on people for not seeing obvious solutions.

Posted by eccentrix

Why did both teams put a focus on the opposite deer heads?

Posted by Undeadpool
@louiedog said:
" These dueling endurance runs are a great demonstration on why you should attack obstacles with a positive outlook. The VJ run accepted the shortcomings of this game, made the best of them, and got through the game without too much trouble. BR are having a much worse time. Their apathy, scorn, and frustration seem to get in the way and they end up lost and dead much more, generally accompanied by tons of complaining. All four guys are obviously very capable game players, but attitude seems to divide how much enjoyment they get out of the game and how well they do in it. Luckily for us, both ERs are fun. "
This was my revelation last time. I realized that, for whatever reason, Vinny and Jeff accepted that the game was shitty and sort of adapted, but Brad and Ryan keep treating it as though it's competently made and that's what's getting them killed time and again. Don't get me wrong, the game has charmed me with its personality, but it is a POORLY made game. But if your only argument (not the person I'm quoting, but the general "you") is that Brad is bad at games, that's bullcrap.
Posted by DoctorWelch

Oh Brad and Ryan, if only you knew who was really behind it all.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Brad always says that it's the game's fault that he does so poorly, and while he's right about the gun-play and controls being pretty bad, he still played the game in an incredibly sloppy fashion. 

Posted by pleasedaddyno

tears incoming. i cry a few times watching this. and this is my fourth DP endurance run viewing.

Posted by graf1k

Finally making it through these Endurance Runs and it kind of boggles my mind how bad Brad is at the game. Granted, the combat is not great and I died at least once to the wall ladies but goddamn it, Brad was pretty pathetic. It was funny how exasperated he became though. I'm watching the BR ER first but I'm hoping Jeff and Vinny at least figured out early on that the shotgun is the way to go against the wall ladies. Also, why all the weapon switching Brad? He's got an unlimited ammo SMG and yet constantly pulls out a melee to break boxes. Ryan's commentary has made it watchable though. I never get tired of hearing "Oh goddamn it, Brad!"

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@graf1k: Dude the VJ one is so amazing.

Posted by Jodski