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Posted by Arlowa

Man until you actually PLAY this game you have no idea just how weird the controls are, how mind boggling some of the side quests are, and how strange some of the puzzles are. The way games are made today, they're pretty short. Still, they overcomplicate their puzzles to the point where "just hit it with a pipe" doesn't cross your mind anymore. It's easy to sit back and say "oh well I wouldn't have done that," but it is different playing it. Those wall crawlers still scared me even though I had the guitar and infinite magnum!

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every time i see the scene with George i always think of randy savage and the rasslor (yes i know they're the same person) from dexter's lab's dial m for monkey. those stairs and the music always make me think of doom.

edit: ryan is totally right the music on the stairs sounds a whole lot like the theme from twin peaks.

Posted by namesonkel

God damnit, Brad. That's not the Agent suit.

Posted by Jodski
Posted by warmonked

It's really fascinating that Ryan and Jeff instantly recognize what to do when a boss fight starts. Ryan immediately knew the correct move was to shoot the thrown ax and knew to keep shooting it! While Brad just gave up after one try.