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Edited by Matterless

Why am I here?

To find a year's-old Sifl and Olly reference, that's why.

Posted by samcwic

Sometimes I like to come back and watch the earlier Game Room videos from the time before the dream died.

Posted by Deusoma

Since the old link is dead now, here's what Asteroids is supposed to sound like:

Posted by McQuinn

it's sounds really is off 

Posted by Gamer_152

Oh wow, the audio in Asteroids is way off, why would they do that?

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Oink oink is still the best GR game name!

Posted by soralapio

Man, GOOD EAR, Jeff! I went back to check and the Asteroids sound is indeed all messed up. 
Respect, dawg.

Posted by Winternet

I remember being a grand master in Time Pilot. Now, looking at it, seems way  more difficult.

Posted by GoldenExplosion

You're right, they did screw up the Asteroids sound. Having played on the Console and the "Xbox Arcade Anthology" Disc (Which came with a selection of classic games all for Original Xbox Gameplay), I can say that the sound is wrong in this case...dammit Game Room.

Posted by Majkiboy
@Ronald:  I remember it like yesterday
Posted by JakeTaylor

Oh God, Shark Shark!

Posted by Milkman

These Game Room quick looks are, if nothing else, pretty good history lessons.

Posted by Ariketh
Posted by artofwar420

I like these Game Room quick looks, even though I'll probably never buy any of these. Well, who knows.

Posted by LordCrom

SCORE!  Thanks for going back and shooting the previous week!  Don't want to miss one. :)
Posted by ArchScabby


Posted by buzz_killington

Something tells me that the guy who made Geometry Wars played the hell out of Space Duel.

Posted by BionicMonster

I love Time Pilot.

Posted by dvorak

These videos are entertaining to watch if for no other reason than it's interesting to see the guys comment on game history.

Posted by MeatSim

Astroids and Time Pilot, Shark! Shark! and Space Duel don't look bad either. Good week for game room.

Posted by Mordi

Can't believe Jeff totally spoiled the ending of Time Pilot..!

Posted by stinky

note to Jeff, my  first thought before you said anything was that the Asteroid audio was off.

Posted by cap123

space duel looks cool

Edited by Tryptophan

It's funny, because I love these games, but they really only have a nostalgia factor of about ten minutes before I am just done with them again for like a year, or six.
I was awesome at SharkShark, but I don't remember my old high score. I have been playing it on the Intellivision vol.3 emulator pack. so it is not as fun with out the Int controllers
I was for some reason good at Time Pilot too, that game was too easy.
The sound on Asteriods is wrong like Jeff said, the pitch was higher, and the lasers were super bright in the old days. That was made me want to play.

Edited by Teaspoon83

Demons to Diamonds, great two player game that I would play with my brother. Great game I tell ya!

Edited by Damian

Never in a million years would I buy any of these games, but I'm loving the QL's for 'em. I recognize only a select few of the titles (as I was a pretty tiny kid, mostly watching my bro. and mom play), but when I do recognize one it sends lovely nostalgia-goo through my spinal junk.

Posted by TonyBlue87

The Asteroids sounds are WAAAAAY off.  I play an original machine regularly in Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame, and I can tell you that the pitch for everything has been cranked way down.  What a load of garbage for so-called "perfect emulation."

Posted by PentaCube

Jeff is right about the asteroids sound.  I own the arcade machine though, so it could very well be correct for a console version.

Posted by cravins90

I appreciate you guys doing this. Interesting to watch if not not play. Or buy.

Posted by Smokay


Edited by Trace

They really need to have the controls for all singleplayer Intellivision games work so that the directional input works off of one emulated controller's inputs, and the button presses work off the other emulated controller's input. That was totally a way to bypass the issue seen in Shark! Shark!, Night Stalker, and other games back in the day: Simply take a controller in each hand, and use one for disc input and the other for button input.
Sure, it wouldn't be as faithful to the original making that technique standard on one 360 controller, but it would make these games feel a lot more fluid, and anyone who likes disc input and numpad input not working at the same time hates the very idea of love.

Posted by RobJ

Stampede! YES!!!

Posted by Rhaknar

i love these quicklooks because A) i never played an atari, and b) i'll never buy any of these games, so at elast i can see them :p

Posted by gbrading

Game Room Quick Look crazy! I'm glad these are continuing; it offers a great look at some of the classic games in history, so long may they continue.
Posted by nickyvegas

I would love to see some good games in this.  There is so much potential.
Posted by Blair

Hey Asteroids.  I can't leave my friends.
"Now you've officially been chopped and screwed.  Sc-sc-screwed.  Ch-ch-chopped and screwed."

Posted by TadThuggish

We gonna have a Time Pilot ER in this video?

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

I didn't realize WWII was so similar to the plot from Footloose.

Posted by scottygrayskull

The pitch of the shot sound in Asteroids is definitely off. :\

Edited by skrutop

I called it Grand Pricks when I was a kid.  Oh dude, Time Pilot!

Posted by Foggen

The best thing about original Asteroids was the vector monitor.  They were able to make the shots extremely bright, so as to look like a real phosphorescent fireball.  It's probably still the most realistic energy weapon effect ever created for a game.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

Jeff is right
Asteroids sound is off

Posted by Ronald

Has it really been nine years since the sky went dark and we had to fight UFOs? Ah, memories.

Posted by bcjohnnie

Love the Sifl & Olly reference, although not a fan of anything in Game Room

Posted by wapostyle

I'm really bummed out Grand Prix doesn't have ranked.

Edited by CornBREDX

Man I had a bunch of those games on my 2600 as a kid. 
Demons to diamonds, stampede, Asteroids, and Grand Prix; I had all those. 
Ah the memories. I wouldnt buy them for game room though.
Posted by LackingSaint

Hey awesome I got first page!

Posted by fox01313

Amazing how feeding frenzy copies shark shark, wish they kept that name as shark shark is so much better of a name.

Posted by PlasmaMachine

...also Jungler.

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