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Posted by GaZZuM

My favourite bit of these is the "Top level play" bits. I woulda loved to have seen some top level Strategy X play, I bet that gets CRAZY

Posted by GoldenExplosion

Hahaha, "Choose Men! Well...if you say so."

Posted by Fripplebubby

Aren't centipedes bigger than millipedes? 

Posted by neon321

Great for a quicklook, but these games once again prove gaming didn't start until the NES generation.

Posted by marrec
@NubMonk said:
A Slave Obeys?
Posted by copycatzen

For as long as it makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Roddykat

No Slot Racers? Arcade Missile Command(even if it is on XBLA already) ? Airlock? Decathalon? Omega Race? Booooo!

Posted by squidracerX
@Protome: hahah well you are the minority on Strategy X....  I mean Jeff is nuts about that retro stuff and he didn't like it either :) But yeah, even if 1,000 people bought it and liked it, there are 100's of games that would have sold 10 times as much and made more people happy. its like PSN and the PSOne games Sony release; one or two have been the ones we want, then they release chess master and Gex??? They haven't put out valkyrie profiler yet though which sells for a ton on ebay, why not!? 
All i can think is they know if they load a week with good stuff (game room or PSN or whatever), you might not buy them all, so they release 1 or 2 they KNOW will sell and fill the rest with ones only hardcore fans would have bought anyway so they are not competing with each other.... That's my business model guess for these guys.
Posted by BionicSheep

i love how these game room quick looks are essentially "ryan and jeff's nostalgia power hour"

Posted by Kraznor

Oh crap, I totally played River Raid when I was a kid. May well get this. And Buzz Bombers seemed vaguely familiar as well.

Posted by WickedCobra03
@hoyle1911 said:
" I love Quick Looks.  It lets me see a game without even bothering to download the demo.  Most of these old games don't hold up, even for nostalgia value.  "
Yeah, same here.  I mean I never got into the big arcades and such as kids.  I mean I got your popular games such as crystal castles, pac man, missile command, space invaders, ect.  I would be much for inclined to buy these games if they were like a dollar a piece (and 1.50 for pc/360 versions) rather than 3 dollars (and 5 for pc/360 versions).
Posted by Keeper_Garrett

I bought River Raid 2 and really liked it back in 1988... I don't know why everyone hates on it lol.

Posted by supercubedude

"I'm happy to be here, Jeff."

Posted by prestonhedges

"Buckner & Garcia wrote a song about Centipede. So it is, like Mouse Trap, one of the most important arcade games ever released."

Posted by MooseyMcMan

@gladspooky said:

"Buckner & Garcia wrote a song about Centipede. So it is, like Mouse Trap, one of the most important arcade games ever released."

Imagine what they would be saying had they done this Quick Look now.

Posted by jkz

"If you've been buying them all along, this is gonna be the week where you're like "What am I doing?; this was definitely the week I went "What am I doing"?

If only you'd known, Jeff. If only you'd known...

Posted by BenL

So excited to see the love for River Raid. Easily my favorite 2600 game and up there with my favorite games of all time.

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