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I made some big submissions to the Wiki today for Air Zonk and Super Air Zonk. I thought it was funny that there were no descriptions unde rthese games at all. I remember these games from the early nineties, so I thought they should be added. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote for Air Zonk. 
Air Zonk, named PC Denjin Punkic Cyborg in Japan, was a side scrolling shooter game. It served as an unlikely and unusual sequel to the prior Bonk games from Hudson and NEC that were successful on the TurboGrafx-16. The game was developed by Red Company and provided an update to the popular boy-caveman character Bonk. For this game Bonk was renamed Air Zonk and converted into a more punk rock, modern and contemporary style. The result was this game's punk rock cyborg character sporting sun glasses and a mohawk. The game even uses the same villian from the Bonk series, King Drool.
Red Company and Hudson Soft decided instead of creating a direct sequel to the Bonk games' popular platformer gameplay, Air Zonk would be a side-scrolling shooter game. Side-scrolling shooters being almost equally popular as platformers in the early nineties video game era. Air Zonk's art style was somewhat distinctive in the shooter category at the time, using cute cartoon like graphics, in a very similar manner as presented in the earlier Bonk games. The game is recognized by most as what would be called a "Cute 'Em Up," a cuter art style version of a typical "Shoot 'Em Up." Other games in this "Cute 'Em Up" style of the period included Parodius and Ordyne.    
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  Yea, there's a lot of interesting old games that don't have good entries.  There's a few I feel I should fill in but I'm pretty lazy.
Air Zonk has an amazing title screen, but IMO that's the best part of the game.
I feel like I saw an Air Zonk commercial on US TV a very long time ago, and I've REALLY wanted to see it again.  Never been able to find it.  Since Air Zonk has been brought up, you know of this ad?
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Thanks for the comment. There are some good videos and information about Air Zonk and Super Air Zonk here, but unfortunately they don't look like they have the TV commercials.  
I was just bidding on Air Zonk for my old Turbo-Grafx on eBay but it went for too much money.