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Posted by MooseyMcMan

So sad that they aren't doing an Endurance Run this year...

Posted by buzz_killington

Thank you Ryan, Brad, and specially Swery for an amazing ride. Deadly Premonition absolutely redeemed itself for me, and I am shocked that it didn't come up more frequently (not even for best ending) during the 2010 GOTY stuff.

Edited by Draxyle

Oh man. Finally finished BR's run. I had only watched VJ's run because that's who I was more comfortable with after P4, but BR surprised me. They started off hating it so much more than VJ but ended up loving it much more, even though they clearly had a more miserable time with the mechanics than VJ.
I hope another Endurance Run is in the works someday soon, definitely the best feature on this site. But how the hell are you going to top Deadly Premonition? Seriously, how? They don't make games like that, ever. I would totally get DP if it were available on the PS3.

Posted by ges75022

@Draxyle: It's going to be a Chrono Trigger ER now. :-)

Posted by RandomInternetUser

Oh, they're fine. They just talk to ghosts.

Posted by Arlowa

!! Oh man 21:00 Brad actually DOESN'T want the game to be over? For once? :D

Edited by Potter9156

Ryan: "I'll never do another Endurance Run.".

Posted by Draxyle

@Potter9156 said:

Ryan: "I'll never do another Endurance Run.".

Here's hoping that Jeff will be made into a liar sometime soon as well.

Posted by kerse

I want to see a 3 person ER next, that would be pretty good I think. Dave would be a good 3rd person, maybe when the sites done being built.

Posted by Ramone

I can't wait for the inevitable Vinny Drew Dave ER

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Just finished watching through this again.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

Posted by kavukavu

We made through this again Ryan, goddamnit this game is weird.

Posted by Poppy_Persona

Yep just watched this again all the way through. It was lovely to hear Ryan's voice again on a regular basis. What to do now, Chrono Trigger again i guess...?

Posted by ChrisTaran

And finally finished my 3rd... maybe 4th watch of this excellent ER. Thank you Brad and Ryan.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

I have mixed feelings about this ER. In the beginning it was awful and by the end it became kind of great. I don't know man.

Posted by the47ronin

3rd time through. Miss ya Ryan

Posted by Poppy_Persona