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Posted by moji22
@max3000 said:
" I betcha when DP2 comes out we're going to have another ER. MARK MY WORDS. "
Hm, maybe. Let's hope Swery and his team will have a bigger budget to work with next time.
Posted by stephenage

Thanks guys, that was awesome.

Posted by natetodamax

Godspeed Endurance Run

Posted by warmonked

awww. I hope there are new ER's to come. As much as Brad sucks at games, I do enjoy his video game commentary and insight.

Posted by Carlidus

That's all folks! That was great. Thanks Brad and Ryan!

Posted by SpiritGoat

so is there going to be bombcast Deadly Premonition edition, i want all four guys talking about this 2 hours 
Posted by Devil240Z

I want that FK coffee mug as a bumper sticker. 

Posted by DiscoDuck8k

Thanks again guys, I enjoyed watching.

Posted by Hourai

And so ends the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run. Fun times were had... and not so fun times. Can't wait for the next Endurance Run, whenever that may be. 

Posted by PillClinton
@SpiritGoat said:
" so is there going to be bombcast Deadly Premonition edition, i want all four guys talking about this 2 hours  "
i really hope so
Posted by dudeglove
@Crushed said:
 Vinny & Jeff
 Brad & Ryan
hehe. That's kinda interesting, considering all the flak Brad's been getting.
Posted by HansGr00ber

Thanks Brad and Ryan. Amazing.

Posted by Bakumatsu

A funny thing that i have just found. In Nolan North's imdb profile you can see that he made voiceover for two characters named Vossler YORK Azelas (Final Fantasy XII) and Zak (Keepsake).

Posted by Wright

Much entertainment has been had from this, so I thank you guys. From now on, I will always look for F K in my coffee.

Posted by Mcfart

Was entertaining. Thanks BR!

Posted by scottygrayskull

I just realized something I didn't think about when playing the game... Is Thomas still hanging from that hook in the clock tower?

Posted by Razieleatssouls

Now that's how you purge the F K from your coffee.

Posted by Rhaknar
@100_Hertz said:
" @SpiritGoat said:
" so is there going to be bombcast Deadly Premonition edition, i want all four guys talking about this 2 hours  "
i really hope so "
nah, ryan mentions on i love mondays they will cover the ER in this week's bombcast
Posted by Kajaah117

All the broken-ness aside... this was a really good game. I feel like the story and the characters transcended how shitty the actual mechanics were. 
Great, great music too. I might actually download the DP soundtrack now.

Posted by DeadMonkeys


Posted by Rhaknar

thanks for the ER ryan and brad, more next year hopefully (after 2 in 2 years, this has to be a yearly feature :D)

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

Farewell Zach.

Edited by CornBREDX

Man, neither ER looked at the closing leaderboards. You can actually see the leaderboards at the end of the game. When I finished the person at the top had like 100 hours played or something. Anyway, I noticed it and was surprised they didnt check that haha 
Anyway, I had fun watching both ERs and I really hope you dont really never do another ER. They're always a blast to watch and follow along with.
Posted by AllanIceman
Posted by nyxywixy

These endurance runs were amazing! Great! Bullseye! Nice shot! Thanks for the entertainment!

Posted by FLStyle

Congrats Team BR, good to see Brad enjoying it in the end.

Posted by kuma17

Great ending. The last three episodes were FANTASTIC!!!!  
But was anyone else freaked out by Zach's super blonde hair? I think it was too bright, way to bright. 

Posted by drowsap

And its all over good job GiantBomb crew its features like this that will have me coming here for years to come

Posted by Creamypies

Thanks for the awesome ER duders! Please do it again!

Posted by Milkman

Well, that's the end of that, right Zach?
So says Mr. Stewart.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Great final episode. I had hoped for some thoughts and impresions during the credits but this was very cool and longer than expected. Thanks for an excellent debut ER!

Posted by Ataxia

Thanks guys :) Entertaining as always.

Posted by Kinggi

Thanks for listening to the fans and delivering this great Endurance Run!

Posted by Toxin066

Thanks Ryan and Brad. This was the only way I'd ever see what this quirky game was all about. Your torture wasn't in vain - it brought me 20 some odd hours of entertainment!
Also, next endurance run is next year right? During a gaming drought?

Posted by Spectreman

Good work. Thanks.

Posted by megalowho

really fun to watch, thanks guys.

Posted by bwmcmaste

Thank you Mr. Shoemaker! When I first watched VJ do the ending they missed The Shining reference. This is why I love Brad and Ryan; what a great pair.

Posted by Magris

I started this endurance run with BR, and I've ended it with BR.
No regrets. :)

Posted by SaucyJack

And so it ends at 41 episodes. Thanks Team BR.

Posted by Blair

Thanks Brad and Ryan.  I'm so glad that you two got in on an ER together.  I look forward to seeing you two go at another one in the short term.  I can't wait to be a part whatever wacky ER/video thing you guys do next.  I fucking love you Giant Bomb.

Posted by Lunar_Aura

Brad & Ryan were my favorites this endurance run. I was highly entertained throughout the whole thing and never skipped a single beat, not even on the wallcrawly ladies. 
Thank you for an awesome daily dose of one of my favorite games this generation!

Posted by Arrested_Developer

Man, I hate when endurance runs end.  Please do another one soon (soon= less than 6 months).

Posted by teekomeeko

I really wish other games would show stuff like location scouting images. So few games that I'd love to see some of that stuff from, or maybe just lots and lots of concept art in different levels of production, actually make it part of the stuff you can unlock.
And I'd just like to say that from playing the game and watching this ER, Deadly Premonition is going to be one of my favorite games of this year. There is simply too much entertainment, both intentional and unintentional, in this product for me to say otherwise. Thanks GB for playing and thanks SWERY for this fucked up experience.

Posted by Chris

Well I hope this has taught every one a good lesson about Endurance Runs. The Persona one was entertaining because Persona 4 was actually a decent game that despite its extreme length featured only minimal tedious bullshit.
Deadly Premonition on the other hand is ugly, stilted and most importantly FILLED with tedious bullshit.
Personally I don't want to see any more Endurance Runs unless the game is actually good and knowing that the game is good before hand kindof ruins it, right? So time to let the concept die and move on to new, different, better, more.

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Posted by Centimani

The diner thing near the end could totally work. Anna could be the waitress and Thomas would be the cook and Diane could do the interior design and Carol could sing and Becky could... something.

Posted by Zanthox


Posted by JoelTGM

ahh that was great.  See ya until Persona 5.

Posted by PipeAndSlippers

thank you for maeking this, many parts of the game were extra shitty.  if you play an even shittier game next time i will watch it also

Posted by solidlife

Its over :( Thanks for the ER BR