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Posted by Capum15

And they still didn't hear the Squirrels that sounded like monkeys.
Still, awesome Endurance Run. Watched both: Great job you guys.

Posted by Carlos1408

Thanks for making this guys! It's been awesome. :D

Posted by DeadFish

Thank you Brad and Ryan! :) I had a lot of fun.
Also, please consider doing it again. ^^

Posted by lilman1101


Posted by Tryptophan

Thanks to Brad and Ryan for the run!
I have to say some of those photos looked like they were taken from original Twin Peaks locations. In particular, The Great Northern, and the huge tree trunk they found Laura Palmer's body beside. In the credits it did say SWERY was location hunting in WA, and OR. And granted just about every beach area I ever saw in WA had a fallen tree trunk at the shore. So perhaps the tree trunk pic was just a random one.
You guys should go back and do one more run to get the SWERY card! See if you have card No. 26. 

Posted by SinGulaR

Thanks for enduring the game and letting us watch :)
Posted by Shadowjester

Wow.  These two features, the BR and VJ endurance run's were amazing. The combination of a superbly messed up story and the excellent commentary BRVJ provided made this an almost magical experience.    Thanks to the Giant Bomb staff for enduring.  It was awesome.

Posted by Jedted

I want somebody to make an animated gif of Luchadeer and the DP Deer rockin out! 
Posted by Nux

Man I hope they are Vinny,Jeff,Brad,or Ryan do more Endurance Runs. They cant end with this game.

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Well done guys! *applause* Enjoyed every moment of this ER.  Just what i needed after a days work.  Just sit back and relax. Thanks endurance runners. Keep pumping out all this bad A** content. 

Posted by numberThirtyOne

Q: Can games be art? 
A: Deadly Premonition.

Posted by Venatio

Thanks for both the Endurance Runs, I watched both and they were excellent
I really hope that you guys will do another one

Posted by Deawr

Thanks guys. It was a heck of a ride.
Posted by PLWolf

Brad Didn't Die!! YAY! lol
Thank guys, above all else, that was awesome.

Posted by Roomrunner

hah, Vinny is the only one that wants to do another Endurance Run.

Posted by Spiritof

I'm not 100% certain, but I think BR had the Polly card and could have, with a little cyphering, gotten thru the secret door.
I'm also not 100% certain, but I think this might have been the first episode where Brad DIDN'T die or burn off a continue. ;)
Ryan made vow to never do another ER, and I'm going to make a vow too: I'll never play the same game at the same time as an ER. Especially not a game like DP. I could feel my mind falling apart during my second playthru.

Posted by wecantgetaway

YES. So good. Thanks guys for providing me entertainment during work (I do band illustration for a living). Bummed that the ER is over. Time to find something else.

Posted by Rox360

And now I've watched both of 'em. I'll say it again, thanks to everyone at Giant Bomb for making this happen, particularly you, Brad. Bless you. And you Ryan for softening the blows for him, and for us.
And thanks again to SWERY for creating one of the games I can honestly say will remain somewhere in the back of my mind, probably for many years to come. Your dudes need to work on actually making games, but I'll be damned if the writing and characters in Deadly Premonition didn't charm me blind from very early on, and kept getting better until the very last end where I had to admit that it is, at least parts of it, sheer brilliance.

Posted by Zlimness

Thanks for the show, Team BR.

Posted by Tetraphagia

I definitely never could have made it through this game on my own, so thanks to Vinny, Jeff, Brad, and Ryan for the ER.  The gameplay flaws were pretty awful, but I really did enjoy the story.  So, definitely kudos for that, SWERY.
Great ER, and I'm looking forward to another!

Posted by CitizenKane

An epic journey comes to a close.  Thanks, Brad and Ryan!  It was a great ride!

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Thank you, guys and thank you, Deadly Premonition. I'm just sad there wasn't any final card, like in the final episode of the P4 Endurance Run.

@numberThirtyOne said:

" Q: Can games be art? A: Deadly Premonition. "

I'd say this, Mother 3 and Planescape: Torment are games that got real fucking close to literature.
Posted by nxau

Thank you Brad and Ryan, it's been a pleasure enduring this with you!

Posted by Ghosthead84

So long and thanks for all the fish.
Posted by TaylorPollock

Deadly Premonition--A true work of genius
The only way to improve on it was to have the Giant Bomb'rs riffing on it's amazing twists and turns as they played it for us.
I loved every minute of both runs.  I really hope that after the guys recuperate from the effort this took that they will recognize they not only provided quality entertainment, they actually moved opinion of a game that was likely to drop out of sight without a trace, and generated huge interest, respect and sales from their efforts.  
Pretty huge for something that was "just" an Endurance Run.
Thanks for your hard work on this, guys.
Well done.

Posted by Deusoma

Well, I'll certainly never play this game myself because the storyline was clearly the best part and I've seen that here, thanks to the Bomb Squad, but I will say this:
I enjoyed the hell out of the Endurance Run(s), and while I totally assumed going in that it would just be a Let's Play of a shitty game, a la Hamst3r's coverage of I'm Not Alone, it turns out that despite all the crappy gameplay Brad and Vinny had to put up with, Deadly Premonition had a damned good plot, and if SWERY ever puts out a sequel, preferably one with a more ironed out combat system, I'm definitely looking into it. :)

Posted by darkdragonsoul99

I think all 4 of them should do a endurance run on a 4 player co-op game

Posted by Beeelow

This endurance run was very entertaining.  I know it's early and you're still recovering but please eat your words and do more.

Posted by WEKS

I'd like to see both endurance teams return, but with two separate games.

Posted by X19

I have just finished watching both endurance runs and want to thank Giantbomb for doing this Endurance Run. Not owning a 360 myself it was great to watch you guys play Deadly Premonition and listen to your commentary throughout the game. Although the game had some problems, the story and characters really had an impact on me which I don't find very much in games.
Hopefully SWERY will start work on a Deadly Premonition 2 for PS3 and 360 some time in the future. Until then I hope I find another game with a good story to fill my free time. 
Thanks again Giantbomb really appreciate all the work you put into the site.

Posted by InternetDetective

The Endurance Run is dead! Long live the Endurance Run!

Posted by Max_Hydrogen

Finally, I get to watch the final episode BR DP ER. Ryan should work for the Diplomatic Service. Wow, both teams envisioned a Kaysened faced bee, man, you Bombers sure do think a like. Don't be so hesitant: Press the button! 
Thanks guys, you gave me something to look forward to everyday. 
Tip to all would be game designers: Don't blow your budget on location research!

Posted by drakesfortune

They better do more endurance runs.  It should be a staple of the site.

Posted by InternetDetective

Please start new ER soon. Need endurance run. Need it in my heart and in my life.
Either that or a daily BombCast.
I have no friends.
: (

Posted by gamermatt8

The seed gave off a gas when it rained and the townspeople become berserk due to the gas, thats why there were zombie monster things.
Posted by RagingLion

Just wanted to leave a note that I finally finished the BR DP ER having initially stopped watching both after about 20 episodes and only following through to the conclusion with Vinny and Jeff at the time.  It was fun again the second time round and the finally few episodes still retained their drama.  It made more sense in my head this time through ... especially with the York and Zach stuff.  Don't feel like there's any real loose ends this time.  Deadly Premonition tells a really good story and has an ending to rival games considered generally of a much greater quality than this.

Posted by Spaceyoghurt

Just finished watching this ER for the second time. Big thanks to you, Brad and Ryan. Just love how your enthusiasm for the game and the story grows as everything is about to unfold. Really looking forward to your next endurance run (yeah, I know, never again, huh?), you two make a great team. So huge props to you guys!

Posted by xAbleAssassinx

Anyone notice the squirrels at the beginning make monkey noises?

Posted by voltan

Finally finished both Deadly Premonition endurance runs. Brad and Ryan ER was my favorite.

Posted by Shtinky

You know, there's loads of stuff like this on youtube if you guys are really jonesing for some endurance runs or "playthroughs" as they're called. Darksydephil has a tonne of them on youtube and they're pretty funny (he's doing AC: brotherhood right now).

Posted by KiroMatic

now a Brad and Ryan Persona 4 endurance run

Posted by Elusionar

Do they need to get the "OK" from the publisher to do a endurance run?
Posted by Rannos22

Having watched similar "endurance runs" (or let's plays as the internet normally calls them) lately and having rewatched this, I must say I'm stoked for Endurance Run season three.
Nobody plays games and  makes jokes like the GB crew!

Posted by kerse
@Elusionar said:
" Do they need to get the "OK" from the publisher to do a endurance run? "
No it just takes a huge amount of time, they'll do another one when they're ready and don't have much going on.
Posted by doublezeroduck

Team BR rules! Thanks guys. 

Posted by InternetDetective

 Please start new ER soon.
other let's plays suck.

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@Shtinky: Yeah I watch a lot of his stuff too.Though I like him better back in the day, he had more better moments, now he tries too much.Not bad but he kind of repeats the same thing time and time again.Though the Fallout 3, Batman:Arkham Asylum , Indigo Prophecy, Red Dead Redemption and Heavy Rain were by far the funniest and best ones he has done.
Posted by Agent47

27:19 Why did those chip munks/squirrels make monkey noises?

Posted by KEITH1437

Its April, time to start a new endurance run.

Posted by Devoid

Wait, why did both teams think that that was a bee at the end? It's obviously the ladybug from the opening scene of the game.