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Edited by skrutop

Holy crap, that is an AMAZING early setlist.  Can't wait to see whatever else makes the cut.
On watching the video, I'm assuming drum pro mode will require you to hit the cymbals.  AWESOME!!!!!!!

Posted by SteepInKline

Sister Christian. 'Nuff said. 
Also, I've been meaning to learn keyboard for the longest time now. Perhaps this'll help...

Posted by XcL

  Bohemian Rhapsody and the Doors plus a keyboard hopefully some Hall and Oates buying it day one.  

Edited by 234r2we232

 @fuddles said:

" Yeah, everybody ignore that Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock also has Bohemian Rhapsody, along with Children of the Grave, Fascination Street, Paranoid (Live W/Metallica), Sharp Dressed Man, Interstate Love Song among other great hits, just because Guitar Hero put out more than one release last year. " 

Guitar Hero charts for the Dragonforce kidz. No thanks. Good charts and DLC pls.
  @Gabriel said:

" Some Nightranger for that ass. "

The existing Night Ranger DLC is good stuff. Not enough people have it :).
Posted by RE_Player1

Crazy Train hell ya

Posted by Deathpooky

Any word on whether the "pro" guitar and drums things or any other new stuff requires you to buy the new hardware.  It seemed to be implied that was the case. 
"You don't necessarily need to buy the new hardware ... there's enough in the new package in software" sure sounds like you might be missing stuff if you don't buy the new hardware.

Posted by Jrad
@zudthespud said:
" For me to buy my first of these games they need atleast 2 of 3 things: they need to have an actual musical score option for the keyboard, a feeplay option for the keyboard, and the option to use 3rd party usb keyboards. Otherwise I don't feel like being patronised by a video game, I'd rather just play my actual piano.  "
You should check out Synthesia, if you have an actual USB keyboard. It's great -- you can import any .midi file and it'll bring up a GH/RB style interface, letting you play it directly. The number of .midi songs on the web is pretty much unlimited -- sucks that .midi is such a shitty format, though.
Posted by Everyones_A_Critic

Smash Mouth? Oh, fuck me. Looks like I'm buying it.

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Hate to admit it, but the keyboard does intrigue me. Then I heard DJ Hero 2 was coming so thats my focus gone.

Posted by Brenderous

I'm kinda tired of Rock Band, BUT that keyboard controller looks pretty good, in that it looks like a keyboard. I'll probably buy the keyboard controller.

Posted by Superdude201

The 1960's, 1970's and 1980's choices so far are awesome. Severely disappointed with the 90's and 2000's selection so far though :( Nice to see some keyboard gameplay for Bohemian Rhapsody though :D

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Awww Deadly! they have Rainbow in the Dark by Dio 
Pitty they didn't have Holy Diver but still.... can't complain

Posted by Cataphract1014

There needs to be about 10 Dream Theater songs in this game with them all devil tiered on Guitar, drums, and keyboard.

Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

i've been out of the music genre for a few years now...so im kinda excited about this

Posted by Killroycantkill

So far the track list is awesome, I'm happy to see Metric is finally in a game, as well as Them Crooked Vultrues. But I really can't wait to see Bohemian Rhapsody in there. Also Piano looks badass.

Posted by ValiantGoat

They keyboard actually looks like a nice change of passe.

Posted by PLWolf

SOLD!! Great Song List so far and I want that keyboard!! Oh the hype.

Posted by DukeTogo

Time to finally ditch my old RB 1 instruments, Goodwill here I come.

Posted by heatDrive88

Wow, that keyboard looks to really be shaping up. 
Kind of makes me sad though for my current RB song library, as I doubt that those will have any sort of inclusion for the keyboard peripheral or for vocal harmonies.
Posted by Slab64
@pslough93 said:
" Keyboard, eh? this game best have some Mr. Blue Sky in it. "
duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. yesssss
Posted by Keeng

Day. One. Purchase.  
I literally couldn't be more excited.

Posted by Genjai

You know... it's kinda amazing to me that I'm trying to be "un-hyped" into RB3, yet hearing those guys talk about what they've done and the care of trying to make it better is really impressive.
Don't need more plastic, but do need more songs & tours.

Posted by Milkman

Sing to me, John Drake.

Posted by nrain

lol smashmouth.

Posted by Afroman269

Wow music games are grabbing my attention back this year. The keyboard looks fun and the game itself looks amazing. Also DJ Hero 2 is going on my list since I have the table. Only game that will be on my point and laugh at list is Guitar Hero......Warriors of Rock....lol

Posted by dvorak

The Doors is all you needed to say to get me on this game.

Posted by kanilehua

Keyboard GET!

Posted by Mikewrestler5
Why's that?