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Posted by hagridore

Played the GCN Animal Crossing for years! Played the DS title for a week. Nintendo needs to step up with Animal Crossing and judging from the Wii release, they aren't up to it. 
Prove me wrong, Nintendo!

Posted by Cybexx
@jim_dandy: Yeah though I feel in this case that is a more justified statement. The gamecube version is a port of the N64 version with a few tweaks (NES games :] ) and the whole game actually fits within the Gamecube's RAM once loaded. The DS version is a port of that version with some tweaks ( No NES games :[ ). The Wii version is a port of that version with a few tweaks (I never played that one). So its wouldn't surprise me if this is literally another port with tweaks to make it 3D.  Yes Nintendo makes a lot of sequels to their franchises but Animal Crossing is literally the N64 version. 
Posted by Branthog

Pedophiles everywhere, rejoice!

Posted by jim_dandy
@Milkman said:
" Nintendo has already killed Animal Crossing. They have already made it clear that they are perfectly fine with releasing the same game again and again. "
Whoa whoa whoa. That doesn't sound like Nintendo at all.
Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

I used to be so addicted to the NGC version!
Hope this one can spice it up, cus city folk didn't hold me for more then a day.

Posted by MidiSurfMind

Need another handheld AC, as I regret selling the DS version.  Hopefully they make the village self-contained again (remove the city stuff) and add a lot more to do.  I don't want to be just collecting the same fossils and fish for the third time in a row, so a better variety of regular activities would be ace.

Edited by OllyOxenFree

They really need to do more with Animal Crossing to get me interested.  Playing AC for the Wii just felt like the same ol' same ol'.
Maybe 3D will be the answer?  Nah...

Posted by Ben_H
@Blair said:
" I want more Animal Crossing.  I don't really care about the stipulations. "
This.  I WANT to owe Tom Nook more bells.
Posted by needforswede

I remember the fucking mole from Wild World berating my ass because I turned off the game once without saving.  His tirade seemed to go on forever, its effect was making me turn off the game before he even finished talking and I never played it again.  That whole game was just animals insulting you, ha.

Posted by Blair

I want more Animal Crossing.  I don't really care about the stipulations.

Posted by Lonely_Ogre

   I remember when the first animal crossing came out, it was fun--different, unique, and fun. But even at that point, on the gamecube, the graphics were distracting. I don't need super high def graphics, but come on...can't we at least upgrade a little? Ok, I guess it's different on the D.S, but I just wish Nintendo would spend a tiny amount of time upgrading their graphics...because bad graphics + 3d....I dont' know what that equals, but it doesn't seem good. Anyone agree?     

Posted by FluxWaveZ

Played the NA original on the Gamecube for days.  Played AC:WW on the DS for days.  If I ever get a 3DS, I probably won't be playing this one at all if it uses the same old formula.

Posted by ManMadeGod

Please Nintendo, let's evolve AC is some way. Don't just put the same dam game out again!

Posted by spiceninja

I really love City Folk. I play it every day. But I never really played an AC game before it so everything in that game was fresh and new to me. I can see why people might be put off by it since it's the exact same games as the two before it. 
What I'm getting at is if this game is the same exact game as City Folk, to the point where they allow me to import my City Folk data to it, then I ask you, what is the point? If they want my money they're going to have to change it up a bit and having the game be in 3D is not a big enough change.

Posted by YoungFrey

I want to believe that they might fix AC, but they essentially fixed nothing in 2 releases.  The "sequels" were ports in all but name.  Heck, considering how much Farmville is a lame version of AC, I'm afraid they will fix nothing in AC, and manage to load it down with "social" crap.  Once it's out and I hear that they have fixed it, then I'll care. 
Nintendo, why do you hate us?

Posted by JJOR64

It would be neat to see AC on the 3DS.  I guess we will have to wait till next week to find out.

Posted by Milkman

Nintendo has already killed Animal Crossing. They have already made it clear that they are perfectly fine with releasing the same game again and again.

Posted by Dustpan

The horror, the horror

Posted by stalefishies

Animal Crossing doesn't sound like it would benefit at all from 3D, so it seems odd as a launch title.

Posted by BradNicholson

The word on the street says Nintendo is set to unveil its fresh (and hopefully non-vomit-inducing) 3D-equipped handheld the 3DS during E3 2010. But a newer rumor being kicked around suggests that a tech demo won't be all that could be shown during the supposed presentation of the hardware. According to Destructoid sources, Animal Crossing 3DS will also be unveiled. Animal Crossing!

 Like this, except in 3D!
Destructoid's sources say that Nintendo has been showing this alleged new version of the popular simulation-style game to developers and publishers, no doubt attempting to drum up interest for the new handheld. Its public appearance, according to these sources, will be at some undetermined point during E3--common sense dictating that a press conference debut would be the surest bet--where it will also be announced as a launch title. Tom Nook all up in that launch window, people! (Possibly.)
How likely is this? Destructoid is confident enough in the sources to run the story, of course. And a quick look at just how darn popular Animal Crossing has become since 2002 supports the likelihood of a new sequel. Additionally, a familiar mega-property like Animal Crossing is probably enough to lure in crowds that wouldn't be immediately be sold on their need for a new Nintendo handheld, no less one that supports the future of gaming. That's sound thinking.  
Anyway, count me in...tentatively. I won't bite unless it's guaranteed that I'll be able cast my fishing rod into the screen, man.