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Posted by tuksu

Ben99 i don't know if you are being sarcastic or speaking the truth, but yeah there are many good developers in Europe too.

Posted by Ben99

what ? I thought  geeky developers were either from USA or Japan

Posted by kishan6

i think games from ukraine are better lol 
but ya some of those games are pretty cool 
i tried trine but it wasnt my style 
alan wake and trials are sick 
shattered horizon is pretty good also

Posted by tuksu

And i forgot to mention these great iPhone games too! Like Angry birds and Minigore, they are so addictive and doesn't really cost anything.

Posted by tuksu

well yeah, i guess they (Trials,Alane Wake and Trine) got attention but these other games not so much. I have never heard that people have been talking especially about Shattered Horizon or Shadowgrounds and these games are pretty neat.

Posted by Tordah

Some of those games have definitely gotten the attention they deserve, which is great. There aren't too many Finnish game developers around, so it's nice to see that the few out there can make quality games!

Posted by Chirag4

Trials, Alan Wake and Trine got a ton of attention from podcasts. Alan Wake and Trine in particular are by no means overlooked games.

Posted by tuksu

I don't know if people around the world have noticed that these new games that are now being released, well some of the games have been made in Finland! i wanna mention some of these games that people know what i'm talking about, like Trials HD, Alan Wake,Trine, Shadowgorunds, Shattered Horizon, Super stardust HD. Well some of these have been released while ago, but all of these are really good games and i think that these game podcasts and reviewers are not addressing that these games are from Finland. Of course i understand that Finnish gaming scene is not so big in the states 'cos "all" the games are from USA, so game like Alan Wake are buried in the rubble 'cos Red Dead Redemption is released same day that this "little game" Alan Wake, I'm not saying that Alan Wake is better than RDR but you people MUST play Alan Wake, it is an experience that you have not played for along time. I guess i'm just trying to tell that i'm bitter that these Finnish games are not addressed so much that i would be pleased, but in the future we're going to see some great Finnish games, like Trine 2 that Atlus is making with Frozenbyte.