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Posted by Disgaeamad

I demand to be a part of this!

Posted by FrankCanada97
@ajamafalous: In due time my friend, still have to get through all this university registration. And in a week I'll be in San Diego on vacation. Don't fret I'll try to get one in the middle of August.
Posted by ajamafalous


Posted by InfamousBIG
Posted by Ghostiet
"Let's never speak of it again"?
Posted by FrankCanada97
@Ghostiet: What about the time period in between?
Posted by Ghostiet

Recently, I've started to think we should divide Giant Bomb into two eras - before and after Leigh Alexander. 4-chan style, like they did with Cracky/Boxxy.

Posted by FrankCanada97
@LordAndrew: Yes, I've sort of revealed what the next one is. But if you still don't know it'll be concerning Leigh Alexander.
Posted by LordAndrew

What was this next episode supposed to be about? Or have you not told us yet?

Posted by Sweep

I'm fake-internet-famous. Also a secret agent. 
The finest secret agent.

Posted by Red12b

All good, Leigh Alexander can wait. 

Posted by AjayRaz

i'll be awaiting the next amazing installment. have fun at uni :( 

Posted by FrankCanada97

I know many of you are awaiting the hotly anticipated next instalment of...

Notable and Interesting Events from the History of the Giant Bomb Community

Unfortunately, due to my upcoming examinations, the next instalment will be delayed by at least 2 weeks. I am also in the midst of acquainting myself to the university that I will be attending this fall. My apologies to all of you expecting my next entry in this series. However, fear not, good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, if you wish to submit suggestions for any future instalments, feel free to PM me.

Previous Instalments:

1. Persona 4 Endurance Run Ep. 50 Uproar
2. The Modelling Gig
3. ItalyCanadian9 Gets Exposed
4. His Name is Endogene
5. Sweep Angers Dave Snider
Again, I'm sorry to let you guys down. But I promise that my next instalment will be of top quality.