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Posted by Neverwhere


Edited by DominatingFrance

looks real nice actually. built in wifi is great.

Posted by edenspresence

So, I start to think about whether I need this...

Posted by hungrynun

I think it's time to re-up.

Posted by SomethingClever

I'm sort of excited by this and kinda want to run out and get one ASAP even though I have no reason to.  However, the logical side of my braid says I should just wait for a bundle deal with Kinect because I'll probably buy that too (for better or worse).

Posted by paulosaurus

Even though the power supply isn't built in, this is definitely a huge, huge upgrade.

Posted by Bones8677

That British guy in the background sounds super familiar...

Posted by Alphonzo

So NOW built-in wifi is a feature....when the time comes, I'm gettin a PS4.

Posted by FunExplosions

Now hit it with a baseball bat!!!
Oh, wrong site.

Posted by Nes

Who needs the big flashy Microsoft conference when you have this video.

Posted by nivi

Have they ditched the space limit on USB devices?

Posted by RipTheVeins

I wish my 360 would red-ring so I can justify a purchase.

Posted by Nasar7

So basically they made it more like a PS3...

Posted by Ninjak

Anyone who wants to give me this for free along with some SKATE games and some other cool games you can feel free to do it.

Posted by TeflonBilly

I wish you'd asked if they'd done anything special with the d-pad on the crontroller.
Looked like it protruded slightly more.

Posted by Niccoles

Looks fantastic

Posted by SpiritGoat

Looks cool but I'll just stick with the 360 I got for $50

Posted by Bautista0

Well, I am going to be going to college this fall and I have to leave the 360 behind... Maybe I should save up for one of these.

Posted by Dizzyhippos

Its a smaller system but hey guess what YOU STILL NEED A MASSIVE FUCKING BRICK for power

Posted by hpv

That guy sure is obsessed with making the system "look more premium."  I wonder if he even realizes that he sounds like a complete douche or if he's been at Microsoft so long that he doesn't even notice.

Posted by watership

That guy is one of the better PR guys i've seen at a trade event in a while.   He's relaxed, open and knowledable.   And GOD, does that new 360 look great.  The previous photos did not convey how nice it looks.

Posted by Rhaknar

you just KNOW that some assholes are going to try and force a rrod as soon as they get this, wrap it in blankets, elave it on for days, shit like that

Posted by churrific
@Nasar7: That's what I was just thinking. They just made a ps3 without blu ray.
Posted by Dizzyhippos

So basically its the what it should of been 2 years ago and your Dpad is still useless.....

Posted by Miningguyx360

i like how PS3 goes matte with physical buttons and Xbox 360 goes shiny finger-print magnet finish with touch buttons. I love my 360 and will buy a new one.... need that new HDD i have the 20gb and i think it will cost the same amount

Posted by carlthenimrod

I want to know how loud it is with the disc spinning.

Posted by WEGGLES

Seems really well thought out in a lot of ways. I'm impressed.

Posted by Artemis_D

I want one, but I haven't even made the jump to an HD television yet.  One I do that, I'll take this into consideration... but this is fucking awesome, regardless.


Was there a VGA out on that thing? 

Posted by Daveyo520

Looks good. If I get the cash, I'll pick one up.

Posted by mastab8ing_bear

I like smaller boxes......

Posted by Seedofpower

Man, so every console is black now.

Posted by ghostNPC

"More Premium"

Posted by Mercanis

I've never owned a 360, but that's one nice set of hardware.

Posted by ZmillA
@TeflonBilly said:
" I wish you'd asked if they'd done anything special with the d-pad on the crontroller. Looked like it protruded slightly more. "
YES I was really hoping brad would ask since he was zooming in on the controller
Posted by CaptainFish

I hate the way this guy uses the adjective premium. "We thought it looked more premium," "We wanted the logo to be more premium." Not a fan. This looks like a nice box though.

Posted by MrKlorox

Same shitty d-pad?

Posted by YukoAsho
@MAN_FLANNEL:  The VGA cable works out of the standard AV OUT.
Posted by jmood88
@Dizzyhippos said:
" Its a smaller system but hey guess what YOU STILL NEED A MASSIVE FUCKING BRICK for power "
It's not massive at all and is really not that big of a deal.
Posted by zyn

"Listening to our customers on the features they want"... sure...
Also, why didn't Jeff or Brad ask if the HDD is a 2.5" or a custom Microsoft form factor?  I want the HDD to be upgradable like the PS3 damn it!

Posted by buhssuht

NOW is the time for me to get xBox

Posted by kratos

I don't like how it looks

Posted by WulfBane

Oh man, now I gotta try to dig up my old HDD transfer cable when I got my 120.  I sure hope the SW is a free marketplace download if you already have the cable.

Posted by Jhriad

Reminds me of one of the launch PS3s.  Without the fatty bit obviously.  Seriously love that sleek gloss w/ chrome look.

Posted by Rebirth1337
@MrKlorox said:
" Same shitty d-pad? "
It's a new console not controller. 
Posted by Milkman

You can tell that fingerprints question caught the guy a bit off hard.

Posted by TheKbob

When I have the money, I will be buying one of these.  Halo Reach will probably be the time frame I get one. 

Posted by MrKlorox
@Rebirth1337 said:
" @MrKlorox said:
" Same shitty d-pad? "
It's a new console not controller.  "
I think you missed the part where they talked about spiffing up the controller to match the console.
Posted by Godlovesugly

"We're making a PS3"

Posted by EOT

I hate myself for wanting one....considering i just bought a new one two months ago.