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Posted by pbhawks45


Posted by ShaneDev

Video wont load 

Edited by superscott597

Nice!! Halo FTW. 

Posted by yogetoutdaway

SPACESHIPZ>>>yes YES YASH!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by The_Interrupter

Loading issue?

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

FUCK A DUCK. I can't watch this..no loadie.

Posted by TheMasterDS


Posted by RVonE


Posted by Lies
Posted by VoodooTerror

Matt dropped the ball!! 
but dammit i love that guy!

Posted by CaptainTightPants

I want to see what he does with that knife.... NOOOOooooo 

Posted by Sanryd


Posted by FunExplosions

More of a picture than a video...

Posted by DjRich

Well you know video encoders. They love to work, oh wait..

Posted by k4


Edited by Expletive

My Flash player flipped out and stopped working just now, I reinstalled it and now everything works again.... except this FUCKING HALO VIDEO!

Posted by lordbazuco

dammit. i was saving this video for last too
Posted by VoshiNova


Posted by big_jon

OMG! AMazing!
Posted by DSale

Broken video.   

Posted by Chubbaluphigous

It was a just a bucket of Meh during the show, I don't see that changing now.

Posted by Hero_Swe

Nuts man! Nuts!
Posted by punkxblaze


Posted by Sharpless

Looking good.

Posted by Jawshua

Looks pretty good.
Posted by clarke0

If you can control that flying part that would be pretty neat. Most importantly though: health bars are back.

Posted by ZForce915

Am I the only one bored with Halo?

Posted by NeuralLink

Looks like something I'll play, for sure.

Posted by Niccoles
@ZForce915:  Nope. I'm also getting tired of Halo
Posted by ScreamingFist

Omfg! This looks bad ass!
Posted by Chewii101

Screw the haters, I am stoked for this game. 

Posted by yogetoutdaway


Posted by twhalen

I didn't know I wanted more Halo this much, but man, this trailer's gotten me even more excited! Guess I might not jump into the multiplayer first thing.

Posted by AlwaysAngry

The only Halo game I have is ODST (which has Halo 3's online,) and I'm already bored with Halo. The only was amazing while it lasted but the Reach BETA was...meh.

Posted by sander_dutch

Snoopy Halo Ace!

Edited by NTM

Exciting. I've played and beat all Halo games. I can't say any of them are one of my favorite games, because it's not even one of my favorite series. But I respect it enough to know that it is really great regardless. This just looks more exciting than any before it. Cool. One of the only problems I have with Halo is the voice acting. It doesn't seem plausible..

Edited by AgileNate

I did not like the Beta much but the Single Player is looking great.

Posted by Sanryd


Posted by Damolition

As glad as I am to see the U shaped dropships the voice acting is shaping up to be pretty bad.

Posted by DorianBlack

I came.

Posted by Capum15

So THATS what Seraph Fighters look like, fucking awesome.
Space combat?
... No. Fucking. Way. Now it's even harder to wait for Reach to come out.

Posted by CarpeDeezNuts

I still like the stab animations

Posted by ICryCauseImEmo


Posted by ManMadeGod

Glad to see them doing something new with Halo while still keeping the core game we all love. Can't wait to get this.

Posted by Toxin066

dude. Looks pretty good.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Looks like Halo


Those sky boxes are so freaking pretty.  Marty continues to impress.

Posted by MercuryCrusader

Halo: Combat Evolved looks pretty cool. Oh wait...

Posted by MeatSim

Hey Noble 6! do a barrel roll!

Posted by Vaancor

We're going TO THE MOOOONNN!!!!

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