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Posted by AndrewGaspar

Unlike the Wii, it looks like it's actually creating new game experiences not possible with a controller or motion control. This was no more clear than in that MTV dance game. That game looks really fun to me, and it looks like it would be a great work out. It seems really hard, but I bet there are different difficulty modes just like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I think this is the first motion control device that actually makes me genuinely excited. I don't even own a 360 and have been a PS3 guy since it launched. Kinect frankly offers true innovation. The best part is it works. I'm not looking for full adventure experiences. I'm looking for fun party games and rhythm games. 
Anybody else with me?

Posted by schizogony

The less I have to move, the better.

Posted by hinderk

Microsoft has yet to show how they will use kinect for actual games. I like party games, but if I'm going to buy kinect I need to see games that I can play for more than 30 minutes without getting bored.For now I think I'll stick with my wii.

Posted by Gamer_152

Just a small thing but the Kinect is a form of motion control. Anyway, the peripheral itself I think has potential, my only real complaint on the hardware end is that it doesn't seem to be able to detect specific details like fingers. My problem is that Microsoft are not getting this peripheral off to a good start, the Star Wars game could be alright and Dance Central didn't look as bad as I was expecting but they're packing out the launch lineup with the exact same stuff we've already seen on the Wii and it seems like its in danger of falling into the same problems the Wii has had with it being flooded with low quality gimmicky games from companies looking to make easy money. What I really want to see with Kinect is a reasonably low retail price and some original titles that don't just look like re-hashed Wii games.

Edited by Lawrens

Yea, most of the people aren't interested because it doesn't affect their "core" games and as some already mentioned, they didn't really show how kinect will be used in "actual games". I think it look interesting myself, if I'm going to choose between Move or Kinect for family games, I'd definitely pick up Kinect, the mini games demonstrated in the videos look simple but appealing, while the Move videos looked like the same old Wii stuff but more accurate, however I don't think I'll buy any of these.

I'd rather spend money on a Wii coming this fall, these are kind of good advertisement for the Wii especially with these price tags. Unless the console+kinect/move bundle is going to be at the 250 price range, I don't really see them getting "new" consumers from the casual/family crowd. 

Posted by Lunar_Aura

I think the name is cool, but that's about it. It's like they mashed Kinetic and Insect together.
Posted by Damolition

I've yet to see anything overwhelmingly positive about it.