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Posted by GiantBomberman

Okay this is! if i  accept it will you stop saying this is, your kind of scaring me
Posted by LeonsHell

Someone needs to slap EA up side the head. I don't think they understand that people's smack talk will get a little... over the top.

Posted by KoolAid

There's only one  Fedor.

Posted by PolyesterPimp

dumb idea

Posted by CouncilSpectre

I'm scared of this trailer.
Posted by fjor


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I hope this means they've designed the game to not be easily exploitable leading to players doing one strategy. Most games at high level tend to devolve into a couple strong techniques. If this actually manages to showcase the striker vs grappler focus of MMA in a meaningful way that doesn't depend on grinding stats for your dude, it could be cool to watch.

1: Well we see here that Bob56 has put in 70 hours in the game while JimXdark has only put in 5. Clearly, JimXdark is going to lose.
2: Because of the experience gap?
1: No. Bob56 has 99 strength while JimXdark only has 50.

This is essentially the discussion you would be having in, let's say, Tiger Woods.

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Your still siting on the coach eating pork rinds though.

Posted by Murdouken

As awesome as MMA is, fuck this. It's nerdy beyond belief.

Posted by Milpool

THS IS ME ... not caring
Posted by tane

I laughed out loud at this. Especially when they mocked their entire sport games collection with the "A 2.0 version of something we already had"

Posted by Connelo

Say wut. That smack talk will be lots of ballsacks.

Posted by louiedog
@IceTrey87 said:
" Well damn, that first comment quest is impossible. "
I got it one day by loading up Giant Bomb and seeing that a new video had been posted and there were no comments yet. I didn't even type gibberish into the comment box. I imagine that's how the quest was meant to be done. It's just a quest, it doesn't grant any special powers or something. Good things come to those who wait. Maybe it was karma for not being someone who complained about the quest.
Posted by GenghisJohn

First Announcer:  "Wow!  It looks like he's hitting the X button over and over!  What technique!" 
Second Announcer:  "Wait, we're getting reports of a turbo controller!" 
First Announcer:  "When will MMA do something about Performance Enhancing Controllers?" 
Second Announcer:  "At least its not fucking Skittles."  

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Posted by TheChaos

Hoooooolee shit, that was fucking stupid.

Posted by Skydude252
I just feel like it's a bad quest more than anything.  Other quests encourage people to really utilize the site, and in some cases improve it.  This one...well, you've got people who are fighting to get it, essentially, and then you have people who already have it who admit to trying to keep other people from getting it.  It would be much better if it were, say, first 5 comments on a video, or post such and such number of comments on new videos, or...anything but this.
Posted by ReDfr0st
@Skydude252 said:
"I don't think I'm ever going to get the first comment on a video.  Especially with other people quite obviously camping to get it themselves. "

How do you not camp to get it? Run around the map Looking for videos to pop up? I got it by boosting!!
Posted by ReDfr0st
@IceTrey87 said:
"Well damn, that first comment quest is impossible. "

all you gotta do is rock it real!
Posted by IceTrey87

Well damn, that first comment quest is impossible.

Posted by Skydude252

I don't think I'm ever going to get the first comment on a video.  Especially with other people quite obviously camping to get it themselves.
Posted by AAsama

I love smack-talking across the internet!

Posted by DjRich

Wut.. Really?

Posted by ThatFrood

I'm dubious.

Posted by handlas

meh, I just want to play the game.  None of this stuff interests me.  Is someone really gonna record themselves trash talking on a videogame and post it up on the website or whatever you do?  I hope so...I'm gonna laugh so hard at them.

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I wonder how the online features they promised are going to work, and if people will actually be a "crowd" and make people a "gaming pro athlete"?  
Will be very interesting to watch.