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Posted by Budkin

Damn that looks sweet. And with Retro developing it you know it's going to be good.

Posted by Coombs

I have been waiting for this for years

Posted by cheeseknight5

i completely forgot how awesome DKC was. most of my childhood was split between it and Turtles in Time. god i cannot wait.

Posted by fisk0

oh ... wait.

is it going to be another collect-a-lot-to-progress game with a lot of backtracking and you having to replay each level at least once per character?

Could still be an awesome game, but wasn't that the main criticism against Rare's mid-to-late-90's efforts into platform games?

Posted by Benjo

I don't know why, but I'm ridiculously excited for this game.

Posted by Neorub

Freaking awesome Retro!!
Posted by Lazlow


Posted by Dethfish

Oh, hell yes.


This & Kirby are making me want to get a Wii.

Posted by sanguis_Malus

Cool art style.

Posted by WhytePanther


Posted by s10129107

Did i just see...... Lives on the screen???!!!
Must make this song my ringtone.

Posted by Nick

Looking forward to some minecart madness
Posted by Verit

 I was sold when one thing appeared on screen.
One word: Minecart.

Posted by weegieanawrench

I've got to buy a Wii now. Damn you E3!

Edited by nunami

friggen awesome!
Nintendo need to make a metroid game using this 2d/3d format.

Posted by ShadowKing7

Fucking sweet, dude!
Posted by Wildcatter

Finally! I loveed the original. Easily one of the best platformers of the time

Posted by Forderz
Posted by Tyrial

Remixes of the original Donkey Kong Country music! The sunset  silhouette also looks fantastic.

Posted by kylekrueger
@jakob187 said:
this exactly
Posted by goldenkey

anyone remember when they had a Donkey Kong cartoon, Pacman and q-bert?
Edited by ghostNPC

Wow. I'm so glad that it looks like they got the gravity/feel right.

Posted by PolyesterPimp

if only this was for a handheld...

Posted by faux
@G24S said:
" Retro Studios is the new (old) Rare. Yay. "
Dude.  Prophetic.  You're so right.  Retro is awesome!
Posted by D_O_A
@Branthog said:
" I never really gave a damn about this game, but it's interesting that the graphics don't seem to be any better than when it originally came out. I guess that was intentional...? "
You sir are blind.  It looks fantastic.
Posted by G24S

Retro Studios is the new (old) Rare. Yay.

Posted by yakov456

Looks like fun!

Posted by WhatTheDang

Looks like 2-player co-op.  
I can dig it. 

Posted by McSmunions

i played the shit out of DKC, can't wait to make King K. Rool my bitch once again.

Posted by ChrisColina

Sooo cool!

Posted by CouncilSpectre

I never got to play the original. I think I'm gonna have to get this.

Posted by jakob187

Posted by Kiro

I don't know. It sure got good ol' Donkey Kong in it, but it doesn't look like a DK game. Maybe there's too much shit going on. And there's no Rare. But I'm unfair, I should give these new guys a chance. Maybe it'll be awesome

Posted by Coleslaw893

Dang, that sunset level looked beautiful.

Posted by mrcraggle

See what happens when you put a little effort in Nintendo rather than rolling around in your money. 

Posted by Dark_Schala

I wonder if David Wise is composing the soundtrack, or are they just rearranging the older SNES tracks? I'll take either option.
Posted by Kolonel_Kool

Dear Nintendo,
Please stop making me excited for these games, as you may cause me to file for bankruptcy.

Posted by Immuniity

A new Donkey kong. neat.
A new donkey Kong COUNTRY. I'll take 20!!

Posted by smartoonkid

Kick ASS!

Posted by MeatSim

A bunch of Banana mouth going on in this game.

Posted by Yzzerdd

Nothing about the art design screams "from the makers of Metroid Prime" but I guess those dudes left Retro a year or so ago. I was hoping they were working on a new series but I guess Nintendo doesn't work that way anymore.

Posted by chrisnadon

ZOMG!!! :) <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by fjor


Posted by bigcess

I'm hella excited.

Posted by Plus

"He's finally back to kick some tail!"
This is a straight-up MUST for me

Posted by Zalzargahoughanstine

Did not see this coming

Posted by Rehehelly

Make me want to whip out the snes...
I kinda wish I had a Wii now.

Posted by what

 I wonder if retro studios has been working on anything else. I have a hard time believing that a 2d game (they just have fewer resources to create and that sort of thing)  and packaging the 3 metroid prime games onto one disk has taken them since mid 2007. Any thoughts? 

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