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Posted by ChrisColina

Sooo cool!

Posted by McSmunions

i played the shit out of DKC, can't wait to make King K. Rool my bitch once again.

Posted by WhatTheDang

Looks like 2-player co-op.  
I can dig it. 

Posted by yakov456

Looks like fun!

Posted by G24S

Retro Studios is the new (old) Rare. Yay.

Posted by D_O_A
@Branthog said:
" I never really gave a damn about this game, but it's interesting that the graphics don't seem to be any better than when it originally came out. I guess that was intentional...? "
You sir are blind.  It looks fantastic.
Posted by faux
@G24S said:
" Retro Studios is the new (old) Rare. Yay. "
Dude.  Prophetic.  You're so right.  Retro is awesome!
Posted by PolyesterPimp

if only this was for a handheld...

Edited by ghostNPC

Wow. I'm so glad that it looks like they got the gravity/feel right.

Posted by goldenkey

anyone remember when they had a Donkey Kong cartoon, Pacman and q-bert?
Posted by kylekrueger
@jakob187 said:
this exactly
Posted by Tyrial

Remixes of the original Donkey Kong Country music! The sunset  silhouette also looks fantastic.

Posted by Forderz
Posted by Wildcatter

Finally! I loveed the original. Easily one of the best platformers of the time

Posted by ShadowKing7

Fucking sweet, dude!
Edited by nunami

friggen awesome!
Nintendo need to make a metroid game using this 2d/3d format.

Posted by weegieanawrench

I've got to buy a Wii now. Damn you E3!

Posted by Verit

 I was sold when one thing appeared on screen.
One word: Minecart.

Posted by Nick

Looking forward to some minecart madness
Posted by s10129107

Did i just see...... Lives on the screen???!!!
Must make this song my ringtone.

Posted by WhytePanther


Posted by sanguis_Malus

Cool art style.


This & Kirby are making me want to get a Wii.

Posted by Dethfish

Oh, hell yes.

Posted by Lazlow


Posted by Neorub

Freaking awesome Retro!!
Posted by Benjo

I don't know why, but I'm ridiculously excited for this game.

Posted by fisk0

oh ... wait.

is it going to be another collect-a-lot-to-progress game with a lot of backtracking and you having to replay each level at least once per character?

Could still be an awesome game, but wasn't that the main criticism against Rare's mid-to-late-90's efforts into platform games?

Posted by cheeseknight5

i completely forgot how awesome DKC was. most of my childhood was split between it and Turtles in Time. god i cannot wait.

Posted by Coombs

I have been waiting for this for years

Posted by Budkin

Damn that looks sweet. And with Retro developing it you know it's going to be good.