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Posted by RaySpencer

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Posted by Krushr

That fish-eye lens effect is fucking weird.
Posted by Fitzquaid

They're like the mid-ride photos from theme parks, except even goofier.  Looks like Ryan was having fun though... Gotta count for something, right?

Posted by Shiro_Shishi

The 3rd pic is the bestest and gave me a smile.

Posted by WickedCobra03

I like your New Balance shoes Ryan.  Anyways, you guys actaully didn't tear apart kinect.  Why?  Is it really a game changer?  Is there anything that is now brought to the table that has more staying power than a 20-minute "that was kind of neat" moment that you might do once again in 6 months to show grandma at Christmas and then shelve it?  I just don't see myself investing in all this motion and really getting anything huge out of the experience.  Plus now, they are going to have another reason to charge extra for these games; and I am paying for something that I probably am not even going to use, nor want in the first place.

Posted by slaughterking

Heh, great pictures.

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Posted by Sergotron

That other guy kind of looks like IGNs Nate. It is probably doubtful though, what would he being doing at this show.

Posted by Kazona

These pictures are so ideal for some photoshopping

Posted by DVombatus

these are great!

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Posted by BeerBelly

Wonder how many injuries is going to come from this? :D

Posted by get2sammyb

Good grief.

Posted by TheBalticOne

Look at the water!

Posted by Balaamsafe

Really want this to be fun bit it seems far too Wii like

Posted by blaakmawf

Ryan + Chocobro

Posted by Jeffk38uk

Looks like they are having fun :P

Posted by jakelyne
Kinectimals? Aren't trying too hard with the names are they? 
Also, goofyness.
Posted by CharkeeFarlee
@pyromaster222 said:
" third picture by far is the best. "
Posted by PenguinDust

Oh what a feeling...Toyota!

Posted by kamoku

That 3rd picture is priceless :')
@Ryan : Btw, how's the latency? Is it as bad as it looked on the press conference? >_>

Posted by Fox

I can't decide if I like #3 or #4 better. 
Now imagine the game automatically posting these pictures to Facebook - which is probably going to happen at some point.

Posted by Sweep

Ryan is that.... are you playing Xbox with Nate Ahearn?  
Oh god... I just threw up a little in my mouth...

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Posted by ashogo
@JJOR64 said:
" Oh god...  Haha.  I'm looking forward to Kinect Quick Looks.    :P "
Haha, that's going to be amazing
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I can't wait for the videos! 
Video reviews and Quick Looks of the future are going to be way more interesting.

Posted by FenrizDude

haha, the only good thing about that game are the pictures afterwards, so you can see how 
ridiculous you look :p

Posted by Jackal888

Ryan you are comic gold.

Posted by W0lfbl1tzers

 What if I want to be an asshole and not that asshole?    

Posted by simian

The 3rd picture is awesome. If I ever meet the GB crew in person, I want Ryan to sign a 8x11" copy of that image.

Posted by Nev

This is pretty fantastic.

Posted by teh_destroyer

That won't be me until i see a price tag for it ;).

Posted by Winternet

Gold stuff right here.

Posted by Echo

Wait, are those... Socks in Ryan's pockets?

Posted by foolman

Next Endurance Run?...

Posted by Spartan117Tron

I can hear Ryans worried moans right now. "Upp upp upp upp"

Posted by Brodehouse

Third picture has obvious awesomeness.
Although I like the first one.  I like that the other guy appears to be jumping while Ryan is staring confusedly at the screen.

Posted by MisterMouse

third picture by far is the best.

Posted by Spartan117Tron

The second pic is Ryan stuck in a glass case of emotion

Posted by CharlesSurge

Haha, Ryan is awesome.

Posted by zonerover

I know sounds like a conspiracy theory but doesn't it look like Ryan's press tag is trying to choke him?
This must be part of Microsoft's master plan - unconspicuously kill Ryan with a choking press tag before he can get the truth out about Kinect.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

CONFIRMED: It's IGN's Nate Ahearn in that pic!

Posted by Spartan117Tron

Is that Nate Ahern from IGN?

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@james90k said:

" OMG i want video NOW "

Yes!  Video now, Kinect Adventures Endurance Run later.
Posted by kuma17

the third picture is the best. i just love the expression! :D

Posted by LiquidSaiyan3

Vids or it didnt happen ;)

Posted by welded

I didn't get into video gaming to work up a sweat, dammit!

Posted by SoftButtCheeks

Those pictures are mad sexy

Posted by MadeinFinland

Looks like you had a hell of a time.