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Posted by Kasmer

Why did I just now find out about this? Day one purchase for me for sure looks awesome

Posted by darkjester74
@crono11 said:
" I'm surprised it's not one of the Summer of Arcade titles. "
Same here.
Posted by fox01313

If this was being released to any other month aside from June/July I'd move my calendars to that month of release immediately, can't wait for this game. Any game that looks like it mixes Diablo & the humor from Monkey Island series is an instant hit to me.

Posted by Shuborno

Looks cool.  Hothead did a great job with the Penny Arcade games so I'd expect a pretty slick game out of them.

Posted by Xeiphyer

Looks pretty good, I'll probably go halfers on it with a buddy for PS3.

Posted by fugie7

finally they have a release  date for that game, iv been waiting for some news when this game was coming out.

Posted by Milkman

July? What? That's way soon! Pumped!

Posted by AbbaCuus

I'd buy that for a dollar.

Posted by xxNBxx

I like the look of the game, and I love me some diablo.
Posted by Quacktastic

Is this game going to be online?  When I get +8 A-hole sword of the Snakebat other people need to know.

Posted by MeatSim

Yes more Ron Gilbert games please.

Posted by ectoplasma

While I have to agree that it looks like they are trying to hard, the sound editing of the videos and voice work is amazing. Gotta check those out folks, they are very promising.

Posted by Alphazero

Ron Gilbert is a hoopy frood.

Posted by Vorbis

Not heard much of this game at all which makes me worry, love the sound of it but not sure what to expect.

Posted by Dustpan

I can't wait!

Posted by WinterSnowblind

Not fond of the art style and the humour seems to be trying a little too hard..
But I'm a huge fan of the Monkey Island games, so the fact it's by Ron Gilbert means this is almost an instant buy anyway.  Plus I'm a sucker for Diablo-esque loot grinding games, especially when co-ops involved.

Posted by Big_D
@crono11 said:
" I've been looking forward to this.   I'm surprised it's not one of the Summer of Arcade titles. "
it's not exclusive that's why it's not in the summer of arcade
Posted by mustachioeugene
@bradnicholson  "a Canadian government-funded Diablo-esque RPG"
my tax dollars hard at work! I'm really interested in this game.
Edited by KnifeySpoony

I was expecting it to come out in Fall.

Posted by BergDK

Looking forward to this...

But why is psn suddenly getting things first?

Posted by Binman88

They had me at Diablo Monkey, but lost me with the art style. I won't write it off completely though, yet.

Posted by Crono11

I've been looking forward to this. 
I'm surprised it's not one of the Summer of Arcade titles.

Posted by UnlivedPhalanx

looks good

Posted by BradNicholson
DeathSpank, which you might describe as "Diablo meets Monkey Island" launches, like, real soon. EA has locked in Ron Gilbert and Hothead Games' latest for a mid-July release across PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace on July 13 and July 14, respectively. 

 Do want.
Monkey Island co-creator Ron Gilbert's touch and spin on DeathSpank are evident enough in the images and videos released, but the insightful and oft-hilarious designer did leave the project before certification. In an April update to his blog, Gilbert notified all "Premium Gold Level" subscribers of his departure from Hothead Games, and also teased something which non-PS3- and 360-equipped people might be interested in: a third version of the title.

As DeathSpank ends the creative and production phases and start down that long and winding road of certification and testing of the Xbox and PS3 and [REDACTED] versions, it's looking quite amazing and is damn funny.  So, to quote my childhood hero George W. Bush: Mission Accomplished.

== TEASER ==It's hard to tell if Gilbert was being serious about a possible other version of the game, since his post characteristically bounces between serious and preposterous. Yet, it's hard to believe that Hothead Games, a studio that has put a few titles on the PC and Macintosh, won't be gifting those platforms with the game at some point in the future. I should note that several other sites have pegged DeathSpank as a PC release in light of its EA Partners announcement, and while no denial has been issued, Hothead hasn't commented on the supposed confirmation (other than to say they like money).

Confused and don't know what DeathSpank is? In a nutshell, it's a Canadian government-funded Diablo-esque RPG that features point-and-click puzzles on top of 2D and 3D pop-up book style elements. Also, it appears to be as funny as Gilbert thinks it is. Come to think of it, I probably should have just written "Diablo meets Monkey Island" again, eh? 

DeathSpank will launch at 15 bones, or whatever the Microsoft Banana Dollars equivalent of that is. (Let's say 1200 points.)