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Well that was easy..

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first edit: sad :( not first... As an actual comment: I really really want to like game room, but each week it seems like even microsoft is caring less and less.

Posted by Vinchenzo
@Laxaloot said:
" first "
Posted by fillmoejoe

oh game room.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

Is that the infamous glitched avatar?


Hmm, don't think I've ever seen this Game Room thingy......

Posted by Rox360

Yay! Return of Broken Guy. I have to wonder what kind of messy, messy coding leads to an avatar spontaneously going into bind pose...

Posted by Brenderous

I think I look forward to these Game Room QLs as much as the bombcast.

Posted by babblinmule

When i was 5 or 6, i played some crappy console/system thing called the tv boy. I always assumed it had 120 random games that came with it, but every single game from this weeks quick lock was on it!! I need to learn my video game history i think.

Posted by Simmse

I was thinking that the turret looked like something, then Jeff and Ryan apparently read my mind.

Posted by ThatFrood

They look like dicks.

Posted by A_Dog

Motocross has the worst game "sound effects" ever. 

Posted by Darkstar614

Broken Guy debut!

Posted by JustinSane311

I REALLY like this adult film!!!!

Posted by sfighter21

Atari Force... Not nearly as awesome as Lincoln Force.  Just sayin'.

Posted by Diamond

Rockstar's Table Tennis > Konami's Ping Pong

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Air Sea Battle, where penises rule.  Some jokes never get old.  That was funny in 1978 and is still funny now.
A God-damn classic, with the best fucking Atari sounds ever.
Chopper Command, a serious classic that is in my top 5 games of that era.

Posted by Wes899


Posted by Baggykins

The secret nazi penguin is in Ping Pong among the crowd...

Posted by MartinG

I don't really feel for all these classics :(

Posted by GetBentTheVideoGame

Dong-to-air weaponry.

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I fucking love these, and the gradual fall in quality of games and enthusiasm, coupled with goofing around. Love it.
I am losing my shit over Motocross

Posted by kollay

That's a naughty turret you got there!

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Return of the broken avatars.

Wait a minute...


Posted by Kibblez

Was that Brad playing Chopper Command?

Posted by Jason_E_Sigler

11:19, just after a long silence between Jeff and Ryan...
Ryan: I feel like this thing is FUCKING my ears.

Posted by slax0r

These Game Room games seem like much more fun just to watch through these Quick Looks than they would be to actually purchase and play.

Posted by ProfessorEss
@Death_Burnout said:
I am losing my shit over Motocross "
Same here.
I think we have a contender for the next Endurance Run.
Posted by mithical

Oh man that was really good at the end. The computer just hanging out and waiting for Jeff to pick up his shitty bike and get back on course, Ryan's ear fucking comment, and then Jeff's "whoop whoop whoop"..

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A bunch of Marios and a penguin are watching your Ping-Pong match.

Posted by 88Fingers

lol   ....penis turrets

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

is broken avatar a GiantBomb meme now?

Posted by crushed

WAIT, Jeff didn't Welcome Ryan to his Game Room.
what is going on here

Posted by wwfundertaker

Motocross is messed up.

Posted by Brackynews
Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh

that wasn't a penguin, looked more like a cow in a jedi robe

Posted by Nasar7

Don't see the appeal of any of this game room stuff. Granted I wasn't alive back then but still. Amazing to me how they can totally rank on Goldeneye in the bombcast and be excited about fucking Air and Sea Battle.

Posted by Shane

Lame room

Posted by GalacticPunt

The broken avatar who thinks he's a plane makes me have to share this Shellac moment.  Be forewarned of wonderfully NSFW language.

Posted by Deusoma

"It feels like the game is fucking my ears." 
Very nicely put, Ryan. XD

Posted by blueman90
@MartinG said:
"I don't really feel for all these classics :( "

I feel for you,bro.
Posted by JacDG

I love these.

Posted by RobJ

I have issue #1 of the Atari Force comic somewhere around here...

Posted by Daftasabat

I'm curious as to when and under what circumstances Ryan has in the past had his ears fucked...i tell you, i won't sleep tonight

Posted by dagas

Motocross seems like to much for the Intellivision to handle. The frame rate is like a slide show.

Posted by Sarumarine

Broken Dude returns! I love Game Room Quick Looks. Although, I'm way too young to appreciate any of it. The oldest game out of every collection I've seen so far that I've actually played, is Pitfall.

Posted by TheHT

11:19 = amazing landing.

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God, seeing these QL's just makes me realize how much these games suck.  I cant even muster up enough nostalgic fond memories to even enjoy watching these.  Do these actually sell?  Lol, I think the value of all these games comes more from showing a younger generation what gaming in the early 80s was like.   
*Disclaimer*  I am ragging on the games, not the QLs.  I may not enjoy them, but I think its great that they are there.  In fact you should be able to watch them in the game room lol.  
*Also they should have GB quotes for advertising of these games.   Ryan, from GiantBomb says.  " i feel like this game is fucking my ears!"  Jeff says "This is a poorly made product!" 

Posted by PatheticMan

My god, Intellivision games look awful.
I feel completely justified with my life-long decision to never play games that are older than I am.

Posted by louiedog

I still can't believe they're charging $3 a game. The entire pack feels like it should cost $5.