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Posted by namesonkel

lol, that tank doesn't have tank controls.

Posted by Bam_Boozilled

I cannot believe I watched the whole ufo shooting segment. At midnight.

Posted by MoonwalkSA

... Pow. Pow. Pow. ... Pow. Pow. Pow. ...

Posted by thebunnyhunter

that laser blaster er was hypnotizing

Posted by bkbroiler

I love Brad's story about waiting to play MK3. Classic stuff.

Posted by Deusoma

I'm definitely with Jeff on the pricing thing. They were charging $3 for that Skiing game a few videos ago where you just do a single 20-flag slalom and try to get the best time, and meanwhile I picked up Hitman: Blood Money last night on the Steam sale for $2.49.

Edited by JustinAquarius

I can't believe I watched this whole endurance run

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I was wondering why this was 36 minutes long... 
This is my favorite Game Room Quick Look, though, solely due to Laser Blast.

Posted by Myomoto

Weekly Game Room quick looks is my favourite part of the site, next to the bombcast, of course.

Posted by Kraznor

Really enjoy these regular Game Room updates. Laser Blast initially looked neat, but looking at that leaderboard was kind of soul crushing. No sense in buying it now.

Posted by harrypmgaga

Can I has this week's Game Room update?

Posted by Lord_Zod

there is a difficulty in Laser Blast. At the beginning you CAN move up and down, but as the levels progress you slowly loose how far dewn you can move! Yes i played laser blast when i was young!  
p.s Love the Game room quick looks    
Posted by outerabiz

i want a laser blast endurance run podcast!

Posted by PNut_Buttr_Panda

wow. lazerz endurance runz

Posted by Winternet

20 minutes of Laser Blast. Awesome.!
Hero looked pretty cool.

Posted by solidlife

really enjoyed this QL
Posted by BatmanBatman

oh my god jeff playing laser blast!!! I was checking screened and was just hearing the audio and it kept going forever....

Posted by wfolse1

Is it weird that I desperately want a dedicated MK-Kast from these guys? 

Posted by fjor

just played some mk2 because of this :D

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I love these Game Room QLs. 
Oh man, hero was my all time favorite, as you can tell by my avatar. 

Posted by Kurtdyoung

Fuck yeah 36 minuets of Game Room!

Posted by GoodKn1ght
@beatlebrainiac said:
" Black Widow looks an awful lot like Geometry Wars. Or should I say, Geometry Wars looks an awful lot like Black Widow. "
And they all look like robo tron, i think Idk when robo tron came out
Posted by PipeAndSlippers

they need to change the site layout, i had no idea this video existed

Posted by Mumfordthetruth
Utopia? Awesome! Though I don't see it getting a good run through on Quicklook... Its next to impossible to just pick up and play. If you don't have any experience with it or Intellivision in general you're not going to know whats going on... especially if you don't pick up the second controller. Not to mention the keypad on the controller is tough to use in Gameroom.
Posted by Mumfordthetruth

Wow, Jeff and Brad really missed out not plugging in that second controller for Triple Action. I remember playing this back in the day with my brother and it is a total blast... but you need 2 players. The ricocheting shots in tanks is crazy and the physics in biplanes was a total hoot!
Posted by granderojo

MK discussion was awesome. Every gameroom quicklook should just be Brad and Jeff talking about MK for 20 minutes.

Posted by schattenwolf86

Awesome quick look!  Great MK info!

Posted by blacklab

The incessant swirling around the game room at the beginning of these is kind of sickening.

Posted by m0nk3y80y

Hey Jeff, I still have Ultimate MK3 on XBLA, so if you want to throwdown send me a PM and I'll give you my gamertag. Props for the Laserblast skillz (you know you're good when you have skillz with a "z" instead of an "s").

Posted by stinky

haha, i hate stryker. 

Posted by GrandMarshal

I love this show, keep doing what your doing Jeff!

Posted by Googly

H.E.R.O. looks like the only worthwhile offering this week.

Posted by ThePhilatron

That was a fantastic quick look/endurance run/podcast/Mortal Kombat discussion!

Posted by D

MK is back and thats all I can think of right now, guess thats the same with Jeff and Brad. Also Brad has a great point. I'd play gameroom if it had fuckin newer arcade game like early to mid 90's games.

Posted by amardilo

That was great just listening in. Although I now want to get Laser Blast

Posted by lilgroc78

No matter happens, we can always go back to MK.
Posted by MeatSim

Vector graphics are the future.

Edited by CornBREDX

I remember the first time I played Black Jack was on that casino game for Atari 2600. My mom used to play it all the time. Never understood why it was a paddle game though, all you need it is a button and a way to change what you wanna do. 
Oh, and... ya I remember Laser Blast being harder when I played it as a child. My memory could be wrong though. I dont know, I dont remember it being that easy. I remember really liking how you could kamikaze the turrets if you got shot down. 
So ya still way to many Atari games comin out. I guess at this point we can assume they wont be releasing actual Classic Arcade games (these are console games). Thats a shame. I would've liked to see some classic capcom or Neo Geo on there. Or maybe Dragons Lair.
Posted by EggPuppet

Was that enemy in HERO a candlestick attempting to masturbate itself?

Posted by RobJ

I wish Game Room would come out with more of a variety of games that I played in the arcade. Q*Bert, Gorf, Crazy Climber, Popeye etc. I don't know what the rights are that they would have to deal with to do something like that though.

Posted by s7evn

20 minutes of laser blast and my brain has lost all function

Posted by Majkiboy


Posted by Dethfish

Casino might be the dumbest Game Room release yet.

Posted by Brackynews

This, or I can get 80 Atari games for $5.09 on Steam right now.
I choose neither. :p
/plays more Borderlands

Posted by IG__

Laser Blast Endurance Run!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Posted by spiceninja

Lazer Blast - Downloadable Game of the Year.

Edited by buzz_clik

Man, I played so much C64 HERO as a kid. Such a clever game, where everything from concept to art to gameplay all just came together perfectly.
They need to release Beamrider, though. Best Activision game ever. Well, it was on the C64 - I'm not too sure how any other version holds up.
P.S. I think that brown water is supposed to be lava, Brad. The game's set in a mine that's been effed up by volcanic activity. Pffft. You'd know this if you'd read my HERO fan fiction.

Posted by Axersia

I can see Laser Blast served as one of the main inspirations for Work Time Fun.

Posted by Vigorousjammer
@beatlebrainiac said:
" Black Widow looks an awful lot like Geometry Wars. Or should I say, Geometry Wars looks an awful lot like Black Widow. "
I was more thinking it looked like Tempest and played like Geometry Wars.
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