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Posted by IceColdGamer


I assume you are talking about a CD-Key. If it's not correct you might try switching any zeros to O's (the letter) and ones to L's. If that doesn't work and you truly did buy the game and didn't download it then call up City Interactive and see if they can help you out.

Good luck dude.


Posted by chatt22nooga


Hey I just bought sniper ghost warrior ...the key code will not let me open the game,anybody got answers? windows 7 high end rig...Ken 
Posted by Yoggs

Rockstar is making Max Payne 3. I don't know about you but I'm pretty sure they're good at making games. I'd expect quite a lot from MP3, personally.

Posted by IceColdGamer
@ShaneDev said:
" All the achievements in ODST are very easy except for the firefight ones and vidmasters which if your doing send me a message.   I am not expecting much from Max Payne 3 since it is not made by   Remedy. "
I will most certainly throw you a message whenever I'm doing them. Cheers. I thought MP3 was coming from Remedy? Ugh...Oh well...I'll always have MP2...
Posted by ShaneDev

All the achievements in ODST are very easy except for the firefight ones and vidmasters which if your doing send me a message.  
I am not expecting much from Max Payne 3 since it is not made by   Remedy.

Posted by ObsideonDarman

Awesome stuff  
Alan Wake is Indeed a gorgeous Game and the Soundtrack that came with LE was great although some of those Songs are little iffy. 
Keep up the great work!

Posted by IceColdGamer

Hey Gamers!
Thought I'd write up a small piece on what's been going down lately in the IceCold household.
I've been steadily chomping my way through HALO ODST. It's been the first HALO game that has really dragged me into the story. I played HALO Combat Evolved just to say I did and haven't managed to put much grunt work into the others yet. As mentioned in my last blog I know own all the HALO Games for the 360 and I'm sure I'll pick up Reach when it is released later this year...
I've made it to the level Kazingo Boulevard which I think is about 35-40% through the campaign. I just unlocked the Gumshoe (Unlock the 3rd Clue about the Mystery) and the Traded Down (Trade weapons with another NPC) achievements and a few other story related bleep-bloops...
Haven't really come across any tough achievements. Most have just been handed to me as I make my way through the streets of New Mombasa. The weakest achievement thus far have been for the Audio Logs and the Health Pickups (Points for just picking up the first of these collectibles)
Anyways, I'm enjoying the playstyle and the games story and most of all I'm really digging the Soundtrack. It's extremely peaceful, yet kick-ass in the same way. Good old Bungie... 
I'm currently sitting at 135/1000 Achievement Points in HALO ODST.
On a complete 180 degree twist, Jamie and I have finally opened up my Limited Edition Alan Wake box and popped it in. Another fantastic game! One of the most beautiful games I've seen thus far on the 360. The Limited Edition comes with an actual full length novel about the character himself as well the excellent Soundtrack, a Bonus Disc full of Extras, and Free DLC (The First DLC Episode).  It all comes in a fancy case that looks like an actual bound novel.
The game itself is extremely creepy and satisfying. We've just completed Episode 2 and stopped because we've both got to work over the next couple days. Damn shift work at the hospital.
Alan Wake has way too many collectibles, but Remedy made the game entertaining enough that we want to find all the TVs and Radios...Can't wait for Max Payne 3!
We're currently sitting at 165/1000 Achievement Points in Alan Wake Limited Edition
In other XBOX news I've been cranking away at getting all the Memorabilia in LEGO Batman and have taken a break after getting to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption.
I'm sitting at 860/1000 in LEGO Batman and 170/1000 in Red Dead Redemption
On a totally different topic this week, Jamie picked me up a new video card a few weeks back and I've finally got a chance to test it out. 
I've fired up Empire Total War and Napoleon Total War and realized that while my PC can now run them, I still suck big at both of them. They will wait for another time in my gaming slots...
As for other PC Games, I've installed "Sniper - Ghost Warrior" Demo and had some fun rifling my way through that. While it's not the next Ghost Recon it is most certainly fun to play and the game looks pretty good. Jungle foliage looks best if you don't move it seems. Cool long range bullet animations and sniping from cover is my favourite! I might pick it up if it's on Sale on Steam after release. 
I'm also downloading the demo for "Dark Void" on the PC at the moment. 9 minutes remaining in the download and from what I hear, that's about how long I'll be playing it. Good thing it's also just a demo....
That's all for this post guys. Jamie hasn't been doing a damn thing on her XBOX account so send her a message @ "Rattler280" and tell her to play a little more....
We'll be back soon!
Be safe....