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Posted by RVonE

This looks like a really wacky and quirky game! It seems to have a great sense of wacky humor and really quirky gameplay. This is evidenced, for example, by the reallly wacky inclusion of outhouses as a means of teleportation--now that's a testament to the game's quirky sense of style because it's teleportation, but wacky! I love how the menu description are also really wacky. During this QLEX, I saw some really quirky descriptions that really add to the wacky sense of style that just oozes out of this game. Fans of Tales of Monkey Island will really appreciate the time and effort that was put into the quirky dialogue and overall wacky narrative structure. If you add this to the loot system of Diablo, the end result is a really quirky game that will appeal to a broad spectrum of players--how can you not love this wacky little downloadable game? Get it soon on X360 and PS3 to make your life just a little more quirky!
Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

looks pretty good, I like the curvature nature of the landscape, but no Steam version? oh man a missed opportunity there, i'll wait for that one :)

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I remember reading that this game was being developed for PC, atleast before the whole EA Partners thing

Posted by Kumo

Just like Brad, they had me with "loot". They had me again with "Ron Gilbert". Day one!

Posted by blake_brown
@RVonE said:
"...Get it soon on X360 and PS3 to make your life just a little more quirky! "
But also wacky right?
Posted by CookieMonster

Was Ty the Tasmanian Tiger the first game to have an outhouse as a save point?

Posted by RVonE
@blake_brown said:
" @RVonE said:
"...Get it soon on X360 and PS3 to make your life just a little more quirky! "
But also wacky right? "
At least that guy seems to think so :)
Posted by TheYear20XX
@CookieMonster said:
" Was Ty the Tasmanian Tiger the first game to have an outhouse as a save point? "
New concept page, ho!
Posted by Robopengy

Haha! A chicken cannon! Chickens! Humor! :|

Posted by enemymouse
@Mechwing: later on around 9:30 he says explicitly that it's a 10-15 hour game.
Posted by floodiastus

This game would be cool if it was NOT corky and "funny"......

Posted by DonutFever

I'm looking forward to this, and Shank. DeathShank?

Posted by Vykrel

Do you wanna get felt? lmao

Posted by clapperdude

If it comes to PC im in. 

Posted by Rolento
@knownspace said:
" @KillyDarko said:
" I hope they release this on the PC at some point.... "
Definitely, I could have sworn this was announced for PC (Steam?) as well. "
This game is just screaming for a PC release.  Honestly can't believe that they didn't develop it simultaneously...
Posted by sizu

I love loot games, and dungeon crawlers but I really do not fancy mixing that genre with comedy.  The game looked cool mind you. 

Posted by CrossTheAtlantic

Color me intrigued.

Posted by Jeffsekai

God that looks like poop. Add some color so I can tell whats going on

Posted by Vorbis

Rob Gilbert automatically means a purchase, even though im not that keen on this time of game. Also quite worried he left Hothead before the game was finished, drama over the PC version maybe?

Posted by CornBREDX

I've been sold on this game since back in the day when Ron was talking about it on his website and trying to get a publisher. Was interested in it then, and I am interested in it now.  
Its a shame its not on PC, though, I dont really wanna get it for XBOX. But, we'll see. If I have to, I will, if only just to support Ron Gilbert, because Ron Gilbert is awesome!
Posted by Mysterysheep
@Vorbis: The game was finished, bug fixes and marketing aside. Ron finished what he wanted to do at Hothead so he left.
Posted by Weltal

God I love it when people have to tell me just how funny something is, rather than just let it be funny.

Posted by tactis

Hell yes!!! day one purchase for me!!

Posted by TheClap

I just can't tell what is going on in this game. The main character just blends into the background and enemies

Posted by reddin

Looks interesting, if it comes to PC I'm definitely in.

Posted by slyely

Has me interested, looks like it could be a lot of fun. 15-20 hour game 15 bucks...I'd say that is pretty good.

Posted by Wildfire570

Just the fact that the wizard is called Sparkles automatically gets a purchase from me!

Posted by Hourai

Looks cool. I think I'll buy this.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Every time this guy says "Wacky", take a drink.

Posted by CrimsonJester

Looks like Gillbert made Torchlight in his style

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Outhouse teleporter? that's like an old school version of the chrono-john from Day Of The Tentacle. 

Posted by CrimsonClown

This looks so fucking awesome, can't wait.

Posted by NutForest

This PR dude is really good at selling this game. I'm probably gonna get it. Looks quite interesting and fun.

Posted by Daveyo520

Hmmm, maybe.
Posted by BionicMonster
@buckybit said:
"fake - not a QL.  (QL EX - is this the new distinction EX = as in ?) 

QL definition: one or more of the GB's are playing the final game or demo. This - again - is another dev/PR guy playing while yet another dev/PR guy is babbling.  
I hope GB's get some advertisement money from EA for this.  
Now, a QL with Ron Gilbert on the other hand... ;) "

If you don't understand the merits of QL EXs then please do us all a favor and stop posting this BS.
Posted by FellOpenIan

I have this sinking feeling that I'll own this on every single platform that it's released on.

Posted by drag

Diablo and WoW aren't that serious really ... Blizzard have got a sense of humour and they show it off well.

Posted by ponyslayer
@TheClap: Yea, the screen is awfully busy. Still seems interesting though. 
Posted by jkz

One of the better Quick Look : EX's. The guy did seem a bit..."PR-y", but I got a really good feel for what the game is: it's a game that I will be buying when on launch-day, because this looks really damn fun.

Posted by archteckguru

Someone from Giantbomb should be paid for this shill.
Looking forward to a real quicklook soon.

Posted by nmarchan

I will always despise this game for killing Penny Arcade Adventures.

Posted by KillerBears

It looks like they toned down the whole rounded horizon storybook effect thing. Good, it looks playable now!

Posted by DR0KZ

So will there be some infinite dungeon system or something that would allow us to keep on playing?

Posted by Dustpan

I'm so excited for this.

Posted by DBagalot

This game looks Great.

Posted by theberserker

has a certain charm about it

Posted by LiquidS

Not quirky enough for me.
Posted by Konanda

Wow guy calling a 10 to 15 hour game long makes me kind of sad.

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@KillerBears said:

" It looks like they toned down the whole rounded horizon storybook effect thing. Good, it looks playable now! "

I didn't even notice it until I scrolled down and read your comment - mostly because the video starts off in that hellish place (lots of red-on-red action,) and later my eyes were glued to the combat.

Looks like a really cool effect that would definitely need to be throttled or it could ruin it.

Very excited for this now. I had no idea this type of game was coming to XBLA soon.

Posted by W1SSY

I am looking forward to this after watching this QL. I had not really saw anything on this game and originally ignored it because the name makes it sound immature and something I would not be interested in but I may have to pick this up when it comes out.