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Posted by Sticky_Pennies
@Konanda said:

Wow guy calling a 10 to 15 hour game long makes me kind of sad.

It's a $15 downloadable game. For that, it's very long. o_O
Posted by JoelTGM

Looks great.  I'll get this if it goes on PC.  $15 is an easy buy.

Posted by ThePantheon


Posted by Zereta
@Konanda said:

Wow guy calling a 10 to 15 hour game long makes me kind of sad.

That is long... right? I can barely finish games nowadays before the next release.
Posted by eloj

They seem to be saying this title isn't in the CRPG loudness war (aka scaling enemy difficulty)! Wohoo!
Make that a promise and you'll have my money.
Looks so much better than earlier build too.

Posted by gbpackers94

Game looked fun but it seems like it might get repetitive.

Posted by Artikay

Does the way the world scrolls remind anyone else of Animal Crossing?

Posted by Andorski

This game had me at 'chicken cannon.'

Posted by MythDarK

I really hopes it's a lot harder than it looks.

Posted by Tordah

Looks even more awesome than before!

Posted by Razputin

Looks totally awesome, can't wait for some more sweet looting and monster slaying!

Posted by lilman1101
@Branthog said:
" That looks quite fun, but I have to say that when I think "big game", I think of something 50-100hrs or more; not 15hrs. "
You can still do exploring after you finish it.
Posted by RNiemeijer

Heard of the name never saw it in action, looks interesting.

Posted by Slaneesh
@Branthog said:
" That looks quite fun, but I have to say that when I think "big game", I think of something 50-100hrs or more; not 15hrs. "
Arcade standards that is a big game.
Posted by Meltac

Been waiting for this in a long time now!

Posted by 2HeadedNinja
@louiedog said:
" @2HeadedNinja said:
" Really looks cool ... but: "10 to 15 hours, a really long game" ... lol ... and no PC-Version == no buy. "
10-15 hours is long for a $10 or $15 downloadable game. "

Ok, I give you that. Maybe I'm just a little grumpy cause they don't release it on PC.
Posted by NekuCTR

10-15 Hours? that probably means about 5 hours.

Posted by G24S

1. Loot
2. Diablo-esque
3. ???
4. Profit!

Posted by StarErik
@Artikay: Yes! I was thinking the same thing.
Posted by Little_Socrates

This looks pretty good. I'll wait to make sure these guys still have gameplay on their side, though...easily the biggest problem w/Brütal Legend. XP

Posted by HatKing

He didn't have to try so hard to sell this game, it does that on it's own.
Posted by Mysterysheep

God, that guy's annoying... makes the game look bad when it is clearly not.

Posted by Brodehouse

They cut off the Penny Arcade games for this?  Hrm.

Posted by Kralle

Looks like crap

Edited by myghart

That's an interesting implementation of sprites in an otherwise polygonal game.

Posted by artofwar420

Looks amazing, day one for me.

Posted by EpicSteve

This game looks awesome.

Posted by GoodKn1ght
@buckybit said:
" fake - not a QL.  (QL EX - is this the new distinction EX = as in ?) 

QL definition: one or more of the GB's are playing the final game or demo. This - again - is another dev/PR guy playing while yet another dev/PR guy is babbling.  
I hope GB's get some advertisement money from EA for this.  
Now, a QL with Ron Gilbert on the other hand... ;) "
I know everyone complains about EX but i find them quite a bit more imformative then the standard ones. Sometimes the GB doesn't know how to play the game or sometimes get sidetracked, however i will agree that regular quicklooks are far more entertaining. the only drawback i see about EX's is that its hard for the crew to express their opinion on the game.  And i'm pretty sure they do not get money for it, the devs go on a press tour and basically go to a bunch of websites and ask hey do you guys want to see this game and its up to the website to say yes.
Posted by Fjordson

Regular QL's definitely present a more natural and laid back look at a game without the developer and PR spin, but I don't mind the EX ones. 
This game looks pretty great. Love the visuals.

Posted by SJSchmidt93

Looks really good. 
Probably going to get it.

Posted by Capum15

Oh wow, this looks awesome.

Posted by Landmine

Looking forward to it.

Posted by MaddProdigy
@buckybit:  lol didn't notice the EX? had to bust out that little defenition? of course they get advertising money? that's also Brad and "some PR guy" not two PR guys, like every QL EX. your comment was verging on douche baggy just letting you know, the tone...ehh just trolled me a little
Posted by GamesforGirls

It looks good but sorry to say that I never heard of it.  Games for Girls

Edited by buckybit
@MaddProdigy: :) I didn*t know they do distinguish between QL + QL EX - stopped watching after 2 min and headed for the comment-bitching. I take the douche. I deserve it. I also apologized somewhere buried in the comments before, but I can take the Leigh-hit. Fair enough.
The get money from EA was rather an endorsement - I would like to see them getting some proper ad-money instead doing this guerilla-advertisement (HALO?) or data-mining without explaining it to the registered users - Call me old-fashioned, but I like to know the difference between editorial and advertisement.- and I like to keep them separate. Granted - its all free, and I can choose to walk. 
Having said that - I also would.t mind Endurance Runs "sponsored by..." (I even pitched it to them). As long as they can stay true to themselves: why not having to endure through a game by a publisher that paid 50 grand for this kind of bump instead a regular Website ad nobody sees or cares about?


You make valid points. I can see that there is a value in the QLs with developers or even with the marketing guys - they know their game and explain things GBs don.t see or know. But that.s why I love the GB QLs - it.s fresh and raw - a first impression that either raises my interest in that game or not. With devs the whole chemistry is gone - they cannot bitch from their guts (which is what they do better than any other vg-website).
I don.t mind these QLs - maybe they just should call them something completely different - because they really are their own kind. But QL EX is fine (as I said I didn.t know. :)
... nuff about me - back to the game. sorry Duders.
Posted by Rundeer

XBLA and PSN only? Damnit.

Posted by capthavic

nope, not since boogerman has a toilet been used for transportation XD
Posted by Sanryd

Also, I keep getting this and Shank mixed up for whatever reason. I can definitively say that won't happen anymore. This game looks awesome.

Posted by Luck3ySe7en

Looks fun... for a lootwhore like me :D
I loved Torchlight but it didnt have that great of a story or side quest to keep me hooked. I think the camera style in this game is kinda weird but refreshing in a way. The world's got some curvature so you cant see everything thats ahead but at the same time its not a straight diagonal viewpoint like Diablo.

Posted by MrGarcia

PC version for STEAM please!

Posted by ChernobylCow

I'd like to read the reviews for this when it comes out.  It seems like the camera angle is going to be problematic.  I hope it's not as weak as Torchlight.

Posted by NekuSakuraba

This game looks good!

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Looks like fun but I'll wait till I get some feedback before buying it.

Posted by Nux

Sparkles is the best Wizard ever.
Posted by Undiddley

I like Ron Gilbert.
I like RPGs.
I like humour.
I like big maps.
I like 15 dollar price tags.
I'm in.

Posted by zitosilva

I had my doubts about this game when I first saw it running. I don't know exactly what changed, but it sure is looking good and I can't wait to play it.

Posted by BravesToaster

This looks FANTASTIC! 
I hope it comes to PC

Posted by LucyGlitter
@Undiddley said:
" I like Ron Gilbert. I like RPGs. I like humour. I like big maps. I like 15 dollar price tags. I'm in. "
That's the best explanation on why anyone should buy this game aha!
Posted by Undiddley
@LucyGlitter: It wouldn't be a bad marketing shtick either. Not a bad blurb, no, if only a tad too long.