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Posted by Piranesi

Can't stand Ron Gilbert's sense of humour (and people who work for him going on and on about how funny he is) but this is looking much better. Gameplay is a tad too hack and slash for 15 hours but this should be pretty fun for the duration.
Posted by cstrang

This video has changed.  It's a straight-up Quick Look now.  No more EX.
Also, I have already purchased this game.  Dunno if I regret that decision or not....

Posted by koopi

Great video. I tried the demo yesterday and I think it's a buy for me. Really funny + I love Diablo/Baldurs Gate style of hack and slash! :)

Posted by teekomeeko

 I kinda want this game just because I like RPGs in general, but this dude explaining the game is really shoving it down the viewers throats harder than I've ever seen. I really liked the QL-EX of Skulls of the Shogun because those dudes really seemed to be into it almost as much for the enjoyment of the watcher as explaining what the game is, but this guy is just a spiel machine on turbo.

Posted by glanesb

Went for LIMBO..........Oh....the...horror....
Loving it.