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Posted by Jesus

I need to play this game.

Posted by fillmoejoe

Still need to beat this on insanity.

Posted by GaspoweR
@jim_dandy said:
" Who else paused the video to read the description? :3 "
I did
Posted by GaspoweR

I kinda got annoyed by the fact that Vinny wasn't using warp to take down the armor in the Geth Primes and then popping them with Singularity...but I'm still half way through. I hope he actually uses it eventually.

Posted by gike987
@gbrading said:
" @TorosOfTheDead said:
"That sort of run-and-gun play wouldn't fly on the PC, even on Casual difficulty. " 
Agreed: On the PC you've got to stay under cover whenever under fire, else you're dead in seconds. It was of the big changes I noticed from the original, where you never really need to take cover. "
So the game is even easier on consoles? I know Dragon Age is harder on PC but I didn't know ME2 was harder.
Posted by Animasta

Vinny sounds really tired lol

Posted by NZV
@Doogie2K: I've noticed that almost everybody's female shepard looks nearly exactly the same. Mine looked similar to that as well.
Posted by Jedted

I'm surprised Vinny never shot any of the security cameras.  There's no achievement for it but it's a funny little reference to Portal. 
Posted by Dyram

This game continues to look visually very good. 
Except for the fire effects. No, seriously. The fire looks awful. Watch the QL again and look at it coming at the camera... Ugh.

Posted by Jayzilla

That Archer guy looks like Thom Yorke.

Posted by EndrzGame

Loved Overlord. The ending was fantastic. Well worth the $$. Mass Effect is my favorite new IP this generation. Can't wait for more DLC.

Posted by Seppli

While a bit pricey for what it is, it was 2 hours of good fun. Some of the most beautiful setpieces in ME2. Loved it.

Posted by PJ
Posted by S0ndor

Wow, this game looks so much better on PC.

Posted by rjayb89

Ashley Greene should play femShep in a movie.

Posted by RVonE
@TorosOfTheDead said:
" I thoroughly enjoyed Overlord. What you have to remember is it is a glorified side mission, but with a bit more story, thicker atmosphere, and some quasi-non-linearity. I am really looking forward to the upcoming prequel-style DLC(s).  Side note: This is the first video I've watched of ME2 on the XBOX 360 and it really highlights how much more forgiving it is. That sort of run-and-gun play wouldn't fly on the PC, even on Casual difficulty. "
I don't know where you're getting this from but I own and played both the 360 and PC version extensively and didn't notice a difficulty difference.
Posted by Dustpan

This was my favorite DLC out of anything that is currently released. Kasumi was a huge disappointment.

Edited by ptys

Don't make excuses for your Shepard Brad, she's fine :  )

Posted by SmokePants

Disagree with Vinny's lukewarm appraisal. This blows the Kasumi DLC out of the water. And I don't even like the Hammerhead.

Posted by DizzyMedal
I used to bounce down hard on mountains and pretend my mission mates were screaming at shepard for being the worst driver in the world and stuff. Mumbling incoherently that they were all going to die and whatnot. It was great. 
I think a lot of people just hate the mako cause the first time you use it there's lava, that certainly builds up a lot of hate for it.
Posted by Zeik

Both Vinny and Brad main male Shepard? I am disappoint, female Shepard is so much cooler.
I'll probably have to pick this up, along with all the other recent DLC, whenever I get around to replaying ME2 on Insanity. All my save files got erased recently, so I'll have to replay eventually.

Posted by Red

Getting this when I get back to my ME2 insanity playthrough, after I'm done with Dragon Age.

Posted by UberExplodey

Scared-y Brad.

Posted by Stargate174

I have this for PC and you do not have to stay in cover or you die faster. I be out of cover and don't die...maybe your a bad player because it is awesome on PC. Not played X360 version but the PC version is awesome.

Posted by Roger778

I decided to watch only the first twenty minutes on this DLC, mainly because it's almost a 30 minute Quick Look, and that I feared that watching more of it, would become too spoiler-rific. 
But, other than that, this was a seriously awesome and intense DLC.  The Geth look way more vicious, than I remember, and the Rogue AI's voice was seriously creepy.  This is probably one of the first DLC's that looked really interesting to me, and I can't wait to buy and play it someday. 
Posted by Faint

pretty short dlc i finished it in like an hour

Posted by KainCarver

Yeah bought this the other day, great value for $7.

Posted by WinterSnowblind

I enjoyed the DLC, it was very character/emotionially driven and fits far better with the Mass Effect style than any of the previous DLC.
I also like that it had a sort of hub world with multiple missions, it definitely feels more integrated with the actual game and the end of it was very well done.  My only complaints are again, that your team mates do nothing which is very jarring and also that there are zero rewards for completing the quest besides some money and materials.
A new weapon or armour would have made this a fantastic set.

Posted by Brake

Really not into any of this mid-game DLC, but the stuff that bridges ME2 to ME3 could be awesome.

Posted by Jazz

I don't know why, but that quicklook totally put me off ME2. 
I really wanted to play it, but the UI just looks awful  compared to the first one. 

Posted by RoadCrewWorker

Yeah, while this didn't give me a character or gun like kasumi, i enjoyed this one much more because it actually allowed me to blast shit for a couple hours with my old 120+hour savegame crew. Like Vinny said, i enjoy soaking that up and will keep buying if it's that level of quality.

I'm still trying to figure out a way to reset the quest progress on my save in such a way so i can replay the story missions with my 100% crew and gear, but the game's scripting would probably glitch out.

There are some funny lines for legion if you take him on some of the early missions though!

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

Is Vinny playing in this Quick Look? That's awesome.
Edited by Llama

  Roses are red Violets are blue ASSUMING CONTROL I HURT YOU
Edited by MeatSim

I played through this game twice and none of this DLC is really enticing me to come back to it.

Posted by stinky
do a new game plus, its basically a quest reset. 
Posted by Lavos
@Llama: <3 the picture. 
Edited by RoadCrewWorker
@stinky said:

" @RoadCrewWorker:   do a new game plus, its basically a quest reset.  "

Done that 3 times out of my 6 playthroughs. And no, it's not, i want to keep my squadmates and upgrades to switch to the hidden "difficulty_level_6" (or just make my own harder-than-insanity difficulty setting).

I'm starving for more ME2 and it shows ;-)

Posted by ZombiePie

The ending for this DLC is gross...

Posted by TorosOfTheDead
@RVonE:  I got it from watching that video. :P  It may be misleading, but it seemed like he was taking way more fire than he should have been able to survive.
Posted by RVonE
@TorosOfTheDead said:
" @RVonE:  I got it from watching that video. :P  It may be misleading, but it seemed like he was taking way more fire than he should have been able to survive. "
I see, but I', quite sure there is no difference in difficulty. I might test it sometime soon with a new game on both the PC and 360 to see how many shots it takes for Shepard to be killed. I've also been digging around on the internet and couldn't find anything on the PC version being more unforgiving.
The answer should be obvious: Vinny is just that awesome!
Posted by donaldkhogan

I was mostly just fine with the Mako.  I don't know why all the whiny babbys have to complain about it all the time.  The PC version let you aim down from the start, and they patched the 360 version to fix that issue well.  If anything I'd complain about the repetitive nature of the planetary exploration.  Actually driving the mako was awesome.  Made me think of really old games with exaggerated physics.  I swear there was some old atari moon driving game or something like that.

Edited by SmokePants

The two games are identical in terms of damage modeling and difficulty. Bioware was making one game, not two. Use some common sense. There is absolutely no reason the PC version would be harder.
As for the Mako vs Hammerhead, they both suck for different reasons. The Hammerhead is this little fragile RC toy that dumbly spams homing missiles and is jarringly disconnected from the core gameplay. The Mako controlled like crap and every little bump in the terrain completely wrecked your ability to aim.
We need something more like the APC from Aliens. Heavy, tough, aggressive. Punching a hole through a gauntlet of enemies at top speed. Whatever doesn't get killed by the cannon, gets crushed beneath. Or just copy the damn Warthog. Whatever you do, Bioware, just don't go 0-3 on vehicles. Be prepared to leave them out entirely like I wish had remained the case with ME2.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I thought it was decent.  The hammerhead section felt very much like padding but the ending was fantastic.  I could have wholeheartedly recommended it if it was more along the lines of a $5 Bring down the sky episode rather than the $7 we had to pad parts to justify the cost dlc.  Other than that, worth playing for die hard fans, Bioware continues to deliver on writing and story.

Posted by Sharpshooter

I completed ME2 six times so far, as soon as the shop I work in gets in points cards I'll be buying this and risk factions.
Posted by Undeadpool

Just beat this on Insane...it was...nuts.

Posted by simian

Good job Vinnie & Brad. I'm now back into ME2. THANKS A BUNCH.

Posted by CrazedJoker

Seriously wish they would stop letting Brad into quicklooks.

Posted by oddjob

I have yet to play through any of the DLC, watching this makes me want to play ME2 again.

Edited by Brendan

Brad:  "That's a really nice view over there." 
Vinny: *Shoots rockets at view*
Posted by blacklab

Queen Latifah reference FTW

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