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Posted by MetalGearSunny

Here's the full song from the LBP2 trailer. Late as hell response, I know.

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Posted by Claude

I find many different styles of music in games that create a world for me, but they are best left remembered in game. I'm weird like that. Take away the context of play, and my ear is left mute. I do reminisce, but lastly, leaving only nostalgia to play its games. 

Posted by Diamond
@Diablochicken14 said:


My favorite videogame song of 2008.  Deserves a reply, plus content! :
Posted by AjayRaz

there is no Rez here. 
i will have to fill that gap 

Posted by Diablochicken14

Heres a few 

Posted by Tireyo
@Pie:  I knew that you was going to see this sooner or later. = - P
Posted by Pie
Posted by IchiroYagiza


Posted by Tireyo
@BeachThunder: Who doesn't like Metroid music? Well, maybe there are some, but I'm not one of the some!!! = - P
Interesting theme.
And I love VG music! So, if you got anything else to post, post it!! Thank you for the recommendation. Wish I could get into that one song, but I can't. =-( TRY AGAIN!! =-D
You seem to really like Street Fighter!!
Posted by Tireyo
Posted by dbz1995

Those are my own favourite pieces of music.

Posted by RenMcKormack

I love these threads by the way

Posted by RenMcKormack
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Incredible .Amazing. Fantastic.
Posted by BeachThunder

Hm, lots of things I could post here, but I was just listening to this before, so I'll post this:

Posted by Mrskidders

  This song starts so nicely then goes well dark.  I love it!!



Posted by TheSeductiveMoose

Morrowind's main theme is pretty great.

Posted by Mmmslash

  There can be only one.



Posted by sagesebas
@Tireyo643: I have no idea, just picked it for the music 
Posted by Steve_C

The FF X-2 soundtrack has some amazing moments. Really underrated; the game itself, too.

Now this particular track is supposed to be from the Japanese 'International + Last Mission'  version of the game, so I never heard it in the game myself. It's actually my first time listening to the 'normal version', but it's great. I had heard the piano collections version first, ages ago, which is arguably more fantastic, so check that out too.
My favourite piece from FFX, which is tied for my favourite soundtrack. It's thoroughly amazing. No question.
This is another piece I love. It fits so well tonally. You wash up on a bright, beautiful tropical island after bad things have happened. You know you can finally relax and you're exploring it for the first time.
 Now, Okami (you know I have to mention it). This is also tied to my favourite soundtrack. Also, no other soundtrack has ever been so appropriate within a game.
Really reminiscent of Wind Waker, that one. There are some others but I have to stop somewhere. They're also amazing when experienced in the game. Feels a little cheap just posting them here.
I'll also just tack on these two at the end which haven't been mentioned. For shame.
  As you can tell I get carried away with game music. With good reason, I might add.
Posted by Video_Game_King

Let's keep this alive with some awesome Genesis music!


Posted by buzz_killington

Prince of Persia (2008)'s main theme is just AMAZING:

Posted by arab_prince

Really? No one posted this yet? hmm 

Posted by buzz_killington

Nate's theme from Uncharted:


Posted by Gargantuan

Deionarra's theme is very sad. One of my favourites.

Posted by Tireyo
@asian_pride:  Hehe. Yeah, I didn't show too much love last time towards Pokemon in my other VG music blogs, but I did in this one!! Love that Gym Trainer Theme. ; - )
What gamer doesn't like Dire Dire Docks! ; - D
Very nice Max Payne theme. I think you found my next song addiction. HAHA!!
That first theme is wild and all over the place. = - P I also just realized that I was looking at a creature with two heads in the second one. 
That Final Fantasy boss mentally confuses me. Is that a man or woman boss? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT? Hehe. (Asking this because I haven't really played a Final Fantasy game.)
Posted by ZanzibarBreeze

Dire, Dire Docks is the best song from Super Mario 64. Not even my opinion, just straight fact.

Posted by ZombiePie
@Tireyo643: Your can't claim that your C 64 library is complete until you have some Rob Hubbard. I would make the argument, and already have, that the C64 has the greatest music of any video game platform.  

Posted by sagesebas
Posted by dietmango

Whoa, haven't seen one of these blogs in forever. Great list, I mean you got some Pokemon love, Chrono Cross, PIlotwings...I approve. =P

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I have a few i can't think of, but a few that come to mind straight away are 


And this one is a bit weird but it reminded me to play the game with earphones on.  Cant think of anymore at the moment
I almost forgot the music from Splinter Cell Chaos Theory :D, the Cargo Ship Music in particular will always be stuck in my mind.
Posted by Tireyo
@ZombiePie: You must of over looked the C.J.'s Elephant Antics theme. = - P Might be an NES cover, but the game was also for C64.
Very nice. The Batman: Arkham Asylum Theme, The Silent Melody for Infamous and the last two songs definitely caught my attention.
Posted by ZombiePie

The lack of C64 music is slightly disappointing.

Also the soundtrack for The Dig was the only fully realized part of that game. 
Posted by Tireyo
@Diamond:  Hehe. I feel special.
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Nice.  I can't say I enjoy all those songs, some are more nostalgic than enjoyable.  Of course we're talking on AIM, but here's a song I upped to Youtube just for this thread.



  That song is seriously great.  Civ IV title screen <3
@JacDG:  Great songs.  I never found those on Youtube before.  Neat. 
Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

  KAPOW, bloody awesome right there.

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I just have to mention Penumbra: Overture's menu music, probably one of the most depressing and creepy pieces of video game music I've ever heard. Especially when you put it into the context of the game.

EDIT: The games entire soundtrack is pretty terrifying now that I think about it.


Posted by Tireyo
@JacDG:  = - P I like the first theme. It was actually in my music blog made in February.
Posted by Tireyo
@LincoIn:  Totally badass theme there. = - D
Posted by JacDG

Every single tune played in Mirror's Edge should be on the list, at least in my opinion. I'll just post a few song here:


Mirror's Edge is in my personal top 10 list of all time great games, and the music is spectacular!
Posted by Tireyo
@auspiciousqueue:  @Deathpooky:  Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger both have superb music. Can't go wrong with it!!
Very nice recommendation. Very atmospheric, cinematic, and epic!!
I agree
Very nice theme indeed. Whoever made that song is great with the ivory keys. = - P
Posted by LincoIn


  I win.
Posted by auspiciousqueue

Chrono Cross song, I approve of this list.

Posted by Deathpooky


Frog's Theme.  Fuck yes.  The original epic character theme song.  It helps if in the background you imagine a frog pull a sword out of the ground in a burst of light and chop a mountain in half.
Posted by Llama


  Better than everything on your list :)
Posted by Djstyles92

Final Fantasy X- To zanarkand  My favorite song from and game

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  This is a good one.

Posted by Tireyo
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