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Posted by Tireyo
@Pie:  I knew that you was going to see this sooner or later. = - P
Posted by Diablochicken14

Heres a few 

Posted by AjayRaz

there is no Rez here. 
i will have to fill that gap 

Posted by Diamond
@Diablochicken14 said:


My favorite videogame song of 2008.  Deserves a reply, plus content! :
Posted by Claude

I find many different styles of music in games that create a world for me, but they are best left remembered in game. I'm weird like that. Take away the context of play, and my ear is left mute. I do reminisce, but lastly, leaving only nostalgia to play its games. 

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Posted by MetalGearSunny

Here's the full song from the LBP2 trailer. Late as hell response, I know.

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