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Posted by Bam_Boozilled

The lack of sound on the intro was haunting.

Posted by Nameless2000


Always exploding.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Scooter Shooter seems pretty cool. Also, nice dance at the end!

Posted by Red

I think high-level kaboom play is what inspired Expert Guitar Hero.

Posted by edabomb

A HE HE........................................................................

Posted by MrHammeh

Used to play the hell out of Utopia as a kid.  Thanks for the QL.

Edited by Piranesi

It's great how you can see the genesis of the game play mechanics in this QLs. The actual games themselves are on the whole terrible but I guess they were all steps along the path. Maybe Major Havoc isn't quite Mass Effect but there are some similarities.
Posted by drakattack

Didn't they already QL River Raid 2?

Posted by Bribo

Hint for games intended to played with a paddle: 
Push stick up (or down, if you're kinky) and roll it left and right for that extra degree of control. 
Yes, it's not ideal.
Posted by Mumfordthetruth

I'm telling you, if you take the time to figure it out Utopia is actually a really excellent game. Kinda like a cross between Civ (like it says in the description,) and an early RTS. No lie. I really feel like intellivision is getting the short end of the stick with these Quicklooks. Sure they don't translate very well with that keypad/ disc controller. But that's what made some games so good. There was a lot of depth to be had with some of these games.

Posted by Mumfordthetruth
Jeff was on the right track. You have to listen for the audio signal, then time your bomb perfectly to hit the red ship in the bottom of the trench before the timer runs down. All that being said... it was still a kinda crappy game.
Posted by SithToast

Laffo at Utopia

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I may never buy Game Room because of dedicated PC emulation (which is arguably better than the coding here judging by this video) but I LOVE the interface so much. The avatars and cabinets, the lovely controller overlays and console interfaces and the rewind feature is really nice. Glad it's out on Windows too so I may get it for a few, but only a few games.

Posted by pslayer666

I love these game room quick looks. Blast from the past. Awesome :P

Posted by Scarybug

 You get points in Star Strike be bombing the little red areas on the ground. Star Strike is supposed to be the "Blow up the Death Star" scene from Star Wars.  (This doesn't make it a good game)
Also you have a shield you can activate in Major Havoc during the side-scroller missions. Once it protects you from a bad thing, you lose it, but it's great for those "Oh no" moments.

Posted by Baggykins

the beginning felt like a previous game room Quick Look, deja-vu'd as hell

Posted by MachoFantastico

Game Room continues to depress me, thanks for the quick looks though. 

Posted by Jolt92

The audio isn't as good as it used to be at the old place. I think...?

Posted by arkanoid78

And this is one of the reasons Xbox Live has generated $1 billion.  People are stupid enough to pay top dollar for old shitty games that are best forgotten.  

Posted by KamikazeCaterpillar
@Milkman said:
" Didn't you guys already do River Raid 2?  EDIT: Okay, they noticed. "
I was thinking that exact same thing.
Posted by fedorajay

I read about that "pause kit" for Atari over on Ars. As someone who owned a 2600 I was just as amazed as Jeff. If I knew Jeff still had a 2600 I would send him my copies of ET and Pacman that are currently collecting dust on my shelf. Never forget what caused the crash. Never forget how low we can go for easy money. 

Posted by LordCrom

Yes, I own every game currently released for Game Room.  I just can't stop!  Thanks guys!
Posted by Sanryd

Echo-y voices and no video feature sound!!!

Posted by danimal_furry

I played the heck out of Star Raiders on my old 2600 when I was a kid. They key pad was awesome! It was the most complex game I had seen at that point.
Posted by Damian
@lordofultima said: 

@Damian said: 

@ch13696 said: 
@Damian said: 
I feel "little-bitch" might be more apt. But douche works, too. "
Nice. Good thing there's a flag option.  "
Friendly Tip: Don't quote what you flag if you want it to go away. "
Why not? Gives the opportunity for more people to flag the post in question! "
I'm more of a "flag-and-be-done-with-it" sort of guy, myself. 
But you speak truth. I shan't deny others their small pleasures.
Posted by KyleBaron

Juno first seems pretty rad.

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Yay, Juno First! That game is the radness, fer sure. And playing Kaboom! is one of my earliest gaming memories. Playing that and Combat for a whole night at a friend's place while our parents were having dinner was brilliant fun.
And I'd never even heard of Crackpots before, but it looks like a not-quite-as-satisfying Orc Attack (itself a game I acknowledge has a very small pool of fans).

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Hm, I thought there was something wrong with my headphones at first.

Posted by lordofultima
@Damian said:
" @ch13696 said:
" @Damian said: 
I feel "little-bitch" might be more apt. But douche works, too. "
Nice. Good thing there's a flag option.  "
Friendly Tip: Don't quote what you flag if you want it to go away. "
Why not? Gives the opportunity for more people to flag the post in question!
Posted by ajamafalous

Sound is super echo-y.

Posted by MjHealy

Quick Looks 2.0
About time for some original video content. There was none there after E3 and it has been quiet with the move and all.

Posted by Damian
@ch13696 said:
" @Damian said: 
I feel "little-bitch" might be more apt. But douche works, too. "
Nice. Good thing there's a flag option.  "
Friendly Tip: Don't quote what you flag if you want it to go away.
Posted by CrazyCraven
@BionicMonster said:
" didnt they already show River Raid II? "
I'm sure they did!
Posted by SirDonut

 @22:51 : If you like Scooter Shooter, you may also enjoy Casino!

Posted by napalmtrees
@DukeTogo said:
" You might want to track one of these down, the dial on the outside of the analog stick works pretty good as a paddle, it's not perfect but it works better than the stick.

And Major Havok is awesome, it pisses me off that back then it was at one arcade 3 towns over, so I only got to play it when we went to that particular shopping mall. "
Holy crap, I will take twelve please.
Posted by BionicMonster

didnt they already show River Raid II?
Posted by ShadowKing7
@PantyshotMQN said:
"Even though there was not a Video Feature sound... anyone still heard it in your head? ...to the point where it took you awhile to realize there was no sound, cus you swore you heard it anyway? "

This.  After a couple of minutes I started thinking something was wrong and had to rewind it to the beginning.
Posted by ectoplasma

Scooter shooter <>

Posted by Hairy_Fish

No A minor chord?

Posted by FlyingRat
@ch13696 said:
I like Game Room myself. But, why are they doing Quick Looks on this? I thought most of the people already know about these games. "
I know right? It's horrible when they put a gun to your head and make you watch these quick looks.
Posted by rottendevice
@Lebensbaum said:
" How could anyone justify purchasing one of these games? They should be free. "
Posted by JJOR64

They need to add B-17 Bomber to Game Room.

Posted by Jasonofindy

It is a shame that they haven't found a better way to adjust the sensitivity of controls for trackball/paddle games.  Warlords is an incredibly good game when the controls work well. 

Posted by DammitFrank

Oh god, I have nothing.

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@ch13696: I see your point, but by just mentioning them in the bombcast or posting them in the news feed would still mean I'd have to try the games out myself. And yeah, I could see someone not enjoying it if they weren't fond of the humour.
Posted by spiceninja

I'm always picturing Jeff thrusting.

Posted by s10129107

where is the intro chord.

Posted by Lukeweizer
@ch13696: They're showing us what's in them. Saving us the time and money of finding out. Doing us a great service.