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Posted by sagesebas


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Posted by ThePhantomnaut


Posted by Rehehelly

Game room still disappoints me.

Posted by Gearhead

They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100.

Posted by BagSquad

pre-natal gyrusing

Posted by MayorFeedback
@Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Posted by TheAnim8r

We have Mr. Gatti's here in KY...  Unfortunately it had nothing like Gyruss.  :(

Posted by adamfedoruk

Mr. Gatti's IS a chain, now called "Gattis Pizza."  It's also where I learned to play Mortal Kombat. Every friday night, baby!

Posted by darkjester74
@Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Posted by RussianDrink
@Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Posted by Rodigee

Brad: Mr. Gatti's is a pizza chain based out of Austin, Texas. It was, and still is, awesome.

Posted by willylo
@Gearhead:  /agree
Posted by fazzle

oh my god that hover force playthrough was SO boring.

Posted by wwfundertaker

Release Defender damn it. 

Posted by colonelpopcorn

Where's my Punisher 1992 Capcom cabinet?

Posted by Patman99

Man, I really want to like game room but, damn, it's tough... They need more licenses! 
If they could get genesis games, It would be awesome.... 'tis simply a dream....

Posted by thebatmobile

"Warp to UrAnus"

Posted by Ronald

Well, at least there is one halfway good game. Although I would rather just have Galaga.

Posted by RapaRipa

Argh, the sound effects on Quadrun...

Posted by FlexPlexicoh

OH GOD! my tinnitus started playing up at quadrun.

Posted by ch3burashka

Jeff promised 30 reviews. 
So far, he's delivered 3-ish. 

Posted by RabidPeanutButter
@drhans said:
" @Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
Or how about they had put more effort behind both of these and less on Kinect?
Posted by Needle

Uh huh huh huh, they passed Uranus....

Posted by JJOR64

I really wish the Game Room games were cheaper.     :/

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That's right, Uranus is a chance stage.

Posted by slax0r

Holy crap, so many quicklooks this week.  I almost don't have time to watch all of them.

Posted by pickassoreborn

New Atari interface doesn't use the original typeface. Effing Arial. Lazy devs :(

Posted by Sogeman

There are probably 5 people that still buy games for that crap.
Are you able to get more than 80 free Gamerscore by now ?^^

Posted by SkullcrusherMountain

I love how every quick look, someone misses some totally obvious piece of visual information like the GIANT RED DOT FLASHING ON THE MAP.

Posted by MayorFeedback
@RabidPeanutButter: Or all three... 
I'm looking forward to Kinect.
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Lincoln Force vs. Hover Force
In this case, Hover Force is an evil team of robotic Lincolns built by the evil helicopters.  With little propellers popping out of the stovepipe hats.

Posted by Skytylz
@drhans said:
" @Gearhead said:
" They should have canceled Game Room, not 1 v. 100. "
They canceled that?
Posted by McQuinn


Posted by DeathbyYeti

what was with those sound effects on quadrun
damn it
that whistle made me bleed!

Posted by mrariscottle
@Gearhead: 1 v 100 got cancelled?! 
Posted by TheClap

MR GEDDY'S! They had some of those in Kentucky, but they're starting to close down.

Posted by DukeTogo

Gyruss is awesome, even today.  It was among the first shooters to have music, and it was good music as well.  Barnstorming was pretty fun, I used to trade games back then and I got to play it some, not great but original.  Fishing Derby was a game you saw in the store and wondered who actually bought it.
Hover Force is actually pretty good, especially when you compare it to the other games on that horrible Intellivision console.  It also was among that last releases that system saw, which is why so few remember it, because by 1986 (when it came out) few people were still buying video games at all - let alone Intellivision games.  I remember being in a Kay-Bee mid crash, with a bin of games for all the consoles marked for pennies on the dollar, Hover Force was in that pile.
Quadrun is probably going to be fairly popular, since it was one of the Holy Grails of 2600 games for collectors.  Mail order only and limited to 10,000 copies, it was a game few saw or even knew about.  Even though later on Atari admitted it was published that way because it wasn't very good and it was cheaper to make it a limited run than a regular release.

Posted by skrutop
@Needle said:
" Uh huh huh huh, they passed Uranus.... "
I think he actually flew into Uranus
Posted by Sarumarine

At E3 you had all these dudes remaking GoldenEye and X-COM... Where's my Hover Force remake huh? Where can I go to have helicopter-on-helicopter violence with map screens and crosshairs and such? Untapped market I tell you.
Game Room still looking fascinating, but nothing I'd ever spend time on or spend money for.

Posted by GioVANNI
@DeathbyYeti:  I know, it was terrible!
Posted by AltonBrown
Posted by habster3

I miss a good-quality Mr. Gatti's :(

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That last game's high pitched noise was really bothering me. I'm glad Brad didn't want another round of it.

Posted by KowalskiTakePoint

that pizza place brad described sounds positivly epic 

Posted by RustySpoon

Hell yes Mr. Gatti's, I played the fuck out of some pac-man there back in the day. (Also in KY)

Posted by dagas

They need new hardware. SEGA's Model 1 or Model 2 would be awesome, but I doubt they will ever get that far. They are still stuck in 78-83 mostly

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I haven't even started watching this yet, but FUCK YEAH GYRUSS.
EDIT: After watching the first minute, I'm itching to play some Gyruss now. Instead, it's only 10:00am and I've got a whole day of work to look forward to... *sob*

Posted by cjwild

You are....not good at the fishing game...at all....it was fucking painful to watch.

Posted by HairyMike87

Gave up on Game Room as soon as I played it. Haven't looked back.

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