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Posted by Parabole

      Just a lingering memory of Hydrophobia, reminded me that the game seemed remarkable. That sparked more memories and finally I settled down on a fact: I had not played a good disaster game. From the trailer of Hydrophobia, I noticed that environment dangers don't really contribute to the games I play, and I will not be content to settle down with environmental kills. I'll be expecting to see more games of this genre and hope that I get to have a character have to run away from a Tsunami like in the Day the Earth Stood Still.
        It's in the title, which Hydrophobia embraces so literally, where a woman is afraid of water and is amazingly forced to deal with gallons of the stuff.

Deepest, Bluest, my hat is like a sharks fin.
Not quite sure of the plot, but it's a game where you have to wade through corridors of water like LL cool J in Deep Blue Sea and swim through metal corridors like in Alien: Resurrection. Sorry for the references, but those movies come to mind when thinking about corridors filled with water. Hopefully there's a shark!
      Hand in hand with a game I had forgotten about and still hasn't come out is I Am Alive. Seeing the most impressive natural disaster and survival trailer, no other news had come out for the title. With the speculation of what could've happened to cause the disaster, what was really interesting was the main character, Adam, surviving what seems to be a pack of hunters who are out of to get his water bottle. Motivating premise and remarkable visuals give the appeal that this title would deal with adventure and suspense. Maybe even a scenario where Adam would Parkour his way through crumbling buildings. 
       One other game, since it sprang from my overuse of the word disaster, Disaster Report. Not really considering this a good game, because it's on the PS2 and it seemed like a stiffly animated, loading nightmare, I overlooked the intensity aspect. Going through Youtube videos, I noticed that it really deals with a lot of scenarios I would be scared of: Gushing waters, losing balance because of a tremor, buildings falling apart. It all looks pretty scary and game characters are actually just trying to survive. I hope to get my hands on this to see if this has any good scares in it. 
             Hoping to see some cool, 70's disaster games like Poseidon's Adventure and Towering Inferno!
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A disaster game could be cool.

Posted by papercut

I think Ubisoft and I both forgot about I Am Alive. I could did a disaster game in the likeness of Fallout 3 but not quite apocalypse yet. Also less jank.

Posted by PeauntButterJelly91

I'm not sure how they are foing to pull off I am Alive and like @papercut said. I hope it's not been put on the back burner for other titles and then they end up rushing it out! for some random gap Ubisoft has in their line up!. Hydrophobia looks like it has so much potential for some really cool disaster sequences and tense moments...especially with the dynamic-ness < if that's a word! of the water and how big of a part it looks like it plays in the game. Storyline for me looks equally as exciting!....references to the potential real situations of the future is always a nice foundation for  a powerful story!.