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Posted by SourMillennia

 With the news this past week that 1 vs. 100 on Xbox is no more, many people cried foul and seemed upset about this sudden cancellation. Two main points came to my mind when this happened. One was, where were you people when 1 vs. 100 was actually, y'know, on. I recall numerous games journalists, pundits, developers, and industry folks saying 1 vs. 100 was weak and contrived (which it often was...though I played it often). Today these same people are saying something akin to "there should be more things like these...not less." 

But, as Chris Cashman (the former host) has noted as has the Microsoft team, this was a good experiment and the various developers are going to apply this knowledge to future projects. Thus, the question I pose. What is next, if anything? I can imagine some pretty vivid, realistic game shows once Kinect comes out...the nervous body language and taunts and dances come to mind instantly. But what other ‘projects’ could be in development that utilize this technology? Are they going to start having an ‘Xbox Poll’ on a weekly basis much like Wii does? Or is there going to be a new type of game show element on a weekly basis? Maybe there will be nothing, and all of this postulating is for naught.

I was genuinely saddened about the cancellation of 1 vs. 100 (I enjoyed the live shows somewhat), but now that it is gone the future has me interested. What do you all think? Is there going to be a new product, something small or big, or maybe nothing at all? What would you like to see the tech used in 1 vs. 100 applied to? I’m interested to hear what people have to say about this.