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Posted by Gamer_152
Buildin' A Sentry.
It’s Monday 19th July and it’s once again time for me to remind both myself and the internet that I’m still alive and still playing games. Once again I’ve had a week of World of Warcraft and Team Fortress 2 and I’ve had great fun with both of them. Sadly I couldn’t get into the Team Fortress 2 TNT on Thursday but I’ve still been spending a fair amount of time on the Giant Bomb/Tested server and it’s good to have a server I can rely on. Thanks to Tested for setting that up and thanks to Tested’s Will Smith who frequents the server and has been a great medic.

Although I still haven’t had many opportunities to play the engineer I have to say that from what I have played Valve seem to have produced a very good class update. However, it seemed like the engineer update had been out for no time at all before they announced the introduction of the community-developed polycount updates. Valve is also supporting a contest for artists to fill in the details on an unfinished official TF2 map. Valve have shown a strong support for community content in the past but it’s great to see them bringing fan-developed content to the game on an even larger scale than before. Kudos to both Valve and the people out there who’ve contributed to both the maps and items in the game, if I didn’t know any better I’d say they were created by Valve themselves.

 Honestly, this was the best ever use of avatars.

If there’s any bad news this week it’s that there isn’t going to be a third series of downloadable Xbox 360 game 1 vs. 100. At its core 1 vs. 100 wasn’t too far different from many other trivia games out there but Microsoft was providing a high-quality game for free with an ever-expanding collection of questions, a levelling system and a large multiplayer experience. All in all for a free game 1 vs. 100 was very good and something felt even more special about the game only being available at specific times. I can’t envision Microsoft’s next Prime Time game being as enjoyable as 1 vs. 100 but if they want it to be anywhere near as popular it will have to be another free title and I’m not the kind of guy who passes up a free game.

Speaking of free games, today Valve are releasing top-down shooter Alien Swarm for free over Steam and their free weekend of R.U.S.E. has been extended until Wednesday so those are both games I will be playing and reporting back on next week. Before I sign off from another week of brief rambling I’d like to thank samtheham for his help in Pokémon HeartGold Version and thank you for reading. More disjointed typing next week!