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Posted by DevWil
@hoursofbs: @Ultimadark:  
Posted by Hoursofbs

Sick dude, I like it mad props.

Posted by Ultimadark
@DevWil: Pretty nice. I play the guitar myself, started playing 2.5 years ago by learning through tabs and youtube videos. I'm not very good but it's certainly fun!
Edited by DevWil
my Featured Tracks (where it was easiest to find it) disappeared.  last.fm is busted half the time, it seems. 
you can find it under my albums, but i'm going to fix the featured tracks after posting this.
Posted by Ultimadark

How can I find it on your last.fm page?

Posted by DevWil
I just uploaded a song I recorded more than two years ago: an improvised guitar solo over a metal version of "Chocolate Rain".
I know, I know.  Meme's old and people doing their own versions of it isn't the most novel idea, but I'm actually pretty proud of the solo I laid down.  I think it was the second take I did and, other than a small mistake I made (which doesn't sound like one) and my harmonizer being wobbly-sounding (because of it being a cheap harmonizer and my guitar not being perfectly intonated), I don't think I could've done better. 
Title's "(White) Chocolate (Frozen) Rain".  Should be easy to find from my main page.  I think you fellow internet types will enjoy it. 
Sad part is, I barely practice anymore and I'm probably not half the guitarist I was when I recorded this.  Oh, growing up.