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Posted by librariangmr

Because I can't think of a better first blog entry... 
 The moon shines brightly
3:00AM, I am restless
Just one more save point

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My haiku 
I like pc games

high resolution graphics
and perfect textures

Posted by dbz1995

Stay away from El Fuerte
Or Tostada Press!

Posted by NikoAlexander57

Haikus don't make sense 
Just like some videogames 

Posted by librariangmr

You win, NikoAlexander :)

Posted by VoshiNova
@NikoAlexander57 said:
" Haikus don't make sense Just like some videogames Refrigerator "
You sir, are a true poet.
Posted by NikoAlexander57
@SithLibrarian said:
" You win, NikoAlexander :) "
yay me :)
Posted by Lucien_Lachance

I actually won a code for Space Invaders Extreme on XBLA for this Space Invaders related haiku (there was a contest on another board that I frequent).
My alien hordes:
Go down, left, down, right, repeat.
Tactical greatness.

Posted by librariangmr

That's fantastic Lucien!
I was never an expert with haikus, so I could never come up with something that great!