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Posted by librariangmr

That's fantastic Lucien!
I was never an expert with haikus, so I could never come up with something that great!

Posted by Lucien_Lachance

I actually won a code for Space Invaders Extreme on XBLA for this Space Invaders related haiku (there was a contest on another board that I frequent).
My alien hordes:
Go down, left, down, right, repeat.
Tactical greatness.

Posted by VoshiNova
@NikoAlexander57 said:
" Haikus don't make sense Just like some videogames Refrigerator "
You sir, are a true poet.
Posted by NikoAlexander57
@SithLibrarian said:
" You win, NikoAlexander :) "
yay me :)
Posted by librariangmr

You win, NikoAlexander :)

Posted by NikoAlexander57

Haikus don't make sense 
Just like some videogames 

Posted by dbz1995

Stay away from El Fuerte
Or Tostada Press!

Edited by HitmanAgent47

My haiku 
I like pc games

high resolution graphics
and perfect textures

Posted by librariangmr

Because I can't think of a better first blog entry... 
 The moon shines brightly
3:00AM, I am restless
Just one more save point