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Posted by gingertastic_10

Sup GB followers. Here's my latest update on what I've been up to. Just a quick one like my last blog. I like doing this best.


  • LittleBigPlanet is still pretty dope
  • I'm kind of obsessed with Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
  • Fat Princess is as fun as ever
  • Gamefly finally sent me two games I really wanted to play. Usually it's one I wanted and one I didn't care about.

Real Life

  • I need to practice more with my bowling
  • College starts the 30th
  • Haven't went to practice my golf game in a while.
  • Still single.... ladies.
Well thanks for reading folks :) 
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how is your knee? 
and you're welcome :D

Posted by habster3
@nofx4208 said:
"how is your knee?"

Posted by gingertastic_10
@habster3:@nofx4208: They're getting better. Nothing a thing of vodka and a bottle of pain killers can't fix.
Posted by habster3
@gingertastic_10 said:
" @habster3:@nofx4208: They're getting better. Nothing a thing of vodka and a bottle of pain killers can't fix. "
 Painkillers!? How intense is this fucking thing. Also, you don't need another Painkiller; I'm already here.
Posted by gingertastic_10
@habster3: Let's just say, a bone is visible.
Posted by habster3
@gingertastic_10 said:
" @habster3: Let's just say, a bone is visible. "
Oh, shit! Don't worry, though; I am the Painkiller, and I am here.
Posted by gingertastic_10
@habster3: Oh thank god! :D The wounds.... THEY'RE HEALING!
Posted by habster3
As my deadly wheel run over evil, your knee shall be resurrected, forever to survive. After all of this, I shall return from armageddon to the sky.
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What a coincidence. My legs have been hurting more than usual lately. Started with the knee, then spread.
edit - They aren't bleeding though.

Posted by gingertastic_10
@Tireyo643: Can you feel my pain?!?!?
Posted by mau64

Raging blast is such a hilarious title for that Dragonball Z game.

Posted by gingertastic_10
@mau64: It's kind of a funny name in general. Especially when used out of context.