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Posted by FlyingRat
@Diloman said:
" Dont put advertisment before videos, that make people angry and dont wanna see anymore. put in another places but no before videos you will start to loose fans "
And when you say "fans", you mean you, right?
Posted by dvorak
@Diloman said:
" Dont put advertisment before videos, that make people angry and dont wanna see anymore. put in another places but no before videos you will start to loose fans "
Perchance some poetry before a fortnight.
Posted by Diloman

Dont put advertisment before videos, that make people angry and dont wanna see anymore.
put in another places but no before videos you will start to loose fans

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Posted by jbuchan76

LOL, you guys crack me up.. 

Posted by skiguyusc
@Undeadpool: Could not have stated it better.
Posted by tuksu

I bought this in release day and few hours what i have played, i have started to regret purchasing this.

Posted by Undeadpool

Six players...five characters...SIX players...FIVE characters... 
'Nuff. Said.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Wait, Jeff and Ryan? That's a lot like Castlevania...Judgment.

Posted by Zurgfrog

I really dident think people could use a mulitplayer Castlevania but hey if its fun ill still take it.

Posted by csl316

spent a good portion of the weekend playing this game (5 hours, to be exact), and i'm definitely a believer.  playing with a crew is fun, but even playing with a buddy can be a damn good time.
i haven't even tried the single player, but i've had no problems finding available games.
and the music is superb

Posted by leaveit2beav

Awesome Music.   Love Castlevania.
Posted by McQuinn

Mist could pass!!!

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And... I continue to not care about Castlevania. Also, it always creeps me the hell out whenever the sky moves faster than it should.

Posted by lawlerballer

harmony of failure

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Posted by Ricky_Rico

This worked perfectly in making me buy it.


Gotta play this game series sooner or later, now it might be sooner...
Posted by KingGamer

Assuming Konami moves on to the 3DS and starts pumping out 3D Castlevania games, this will probably be the last time we will ever see a 2D castlevania with glorious sprites. Ahh the great 2 dimensions. how much we'll miss you.

Posted by ConfuciusOne

I'll wait for a demo but it sounds like it isn't much fun if you're playing single player.

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Posted by Majkiboy

"maybe you don't understand just how rich he is *puts on monocle*"

Posted by sate2801

...what's the point of the other characters if everyone only use Alucard :/

Posted by vhold

This is the first game I've played online with a group of strangers for 3 and a half hours straight in a loooong time.  It's a really unique game with 6 people.  Don't let the single player experience form your opinion of it entirely.

Posted by Fjordson

Lmfao @ Ryan's prospector laugh.
I'll hold off any major judgments until I can try the demo, but this doesn't look too appealing. I like my good ol' 2D Castlevania games single-player, thank you very much.

Posted by RobJ

Well at the very least you can get some friends together and enjoy some monster bashing!

Posted by Junior_AIN

This game looks good.

Posted by Luthorcrow

As a child of the 2600 generation somehow I skipped most of the SNES titles and never played a   Castlevania  game.  My console experience was 2600, stopped playing consoles and then the PS1, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox and XBOX 360.

Posted by MFDoomLIVE

So excited

Posted by Kezmer

I wish they would just release the DS games with HD graphics in a pack on Xbox live, this multi-player doesn't look like much for me. too bad because i LOVE this 2D Castlevania

Posted by sikkness

Part of me wants this game but at the same time the true metroidvania of me doesn't want it.  Don't get me wrong I like the gameplay and the IP but the gimmick of being able to see the entire map and having a time limit kinda pops the bubble for me.  I like to explore in these games and part of that is not knowing what to expect in the next room.  I also like to play these games at my own pace, not rushed.  6 levels for 15 bucks is kinda steep too.  I think I'll be holding off on this one for a little longer.

Posted by CelShader

I was sooo hyped for this, dissapointed

Posted by MadaRenrut


Posted by MadaRenrut

i threw up with him zooming in and out and moving the screen around...

Posted by cwebb39

Can't wait to pick this one up.

Posted by jmood88

What an ugly game.
Posted by Tanith

Wow, might give it a try eventually, but I've got other things to be playing.

Posted by ryanwho

Seriously how many excuses can you find to reuse the same sprites.

Posted by Spursfan20

WOW!!! definitely not HD.
Posted by Nayson

Wow, this looks bad. 

Posted by TripMasterMunky

I had my doubts, but I just bought it. Guys who are concerned: It's fun. Yeah there's no single player. But with a couple friends this game is a lot of fun and it's addicting for the loot. If you're into Castlevania I fully reccomend this game.

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This teaches me not to follow a game ultra-conservatively. All I knew before this QL was that a Castlevania game was coming to summer-of-arcade and I was prepared to buy this sight-unseen.
Thank god for Quick Looks. 
Seriously guys, thanks.

Posted by StupidGamer

It looks fun, but ultimately I feel Castlevania is probably an experience best had solo and with a more methodical pace. I may check it out, but it's not a high priority right now.

Posted by shelcobsohn

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Posted by Hashbrowns

When I first caught a glimpse of this game, I thought it was actually going to be a high definition Castlevania with all new artwork, like what Capcom did for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.  Except with a shorter name.
Posted by FiZi

Very disappointing. I was hoping to grab this as part of the Summer of Arcade to get a discount at the end (3 titles = $5 off). Already grabbed Limbo and the only game left is the new Tomb Raider. Bye bye discount.

Posted by barberforce

LOL this looks soooooo bad!

Posted by flasaltine

MA GOLD! Hehehehehe