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Posted by Sadisticham

6 levels with half an hour limit = 3 hours.
And jeff did it in way less, items seem to repeat over n over.
...And it's 1000+ points? Ehh..I'll pass clearly only meant for the die hard castlevania fans.

Posted by Nytrik


Posted by Scooper

This doesn't look very good.

Posted by DoctorWelch

I was actually going to get this but now...nah.

Posted by Superman64

I would've liked to have seen other characters to see how the gameplay changes.

Posted by PK_Koopa

Personally, I prefer Soma Cruz and Shanoa. Alucard is still pretty pimpin' though.
I don't know if I'm gonna get this, seems kinda average and I was hoping to do some local multiplayer.

Posted by Who_Dat

Damn there is something to be said about ryan's prospector laugh 
stay thirsty my friend (and creepy)

Posted by Mcfart

Can't wait to watch this after work.

Posted by Demandred32h

Don't know about this one. May have to pass.

Posted by Rodigee
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Since there are no Belmonts in this one I guess I'll settle for John Morris. And this game looks kinda crappy, but I can't not buy a 2D Castlevania game.

Posted by kevinski

I can't wait for this to be released. ^_^

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Those Ds don't look all that H. 

Posted by JackSukeru

I kinda enjoyed seeing Jonathan, Charlotte and the Dawn of Sorrow version of Soma in Kojima's artstye.

Posted by Crushed

Wait, how can Dracula be in this if Soma Cruz is? Soma is Dracula reincarnated after his final death.

Posted by Dogma

It's a cool concept but I don't have that much love for old school Castlevania so I will not pick this up. 

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There seems to be a lot of poor design choices.  No exp, no Belmonts, time limits, only 5 playable characters?  You know they've done something wrong if I'm not interested.  I'll just play SotN while I wait for Kojimavania.

Posted by fedorajay

I'll be picking this up. Have been a big Castlevania fan since the NES days so I know this won't disappoint in the slightest. The "start all over when you die" reminds me of Demon's Souls, which I enjoyed as well.

Posted by Jeust


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Loading times were too long for a a handheld game on an X360 HDD. I have no nostalgia so this did not make me interested at all. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is still on my watch list.

Posted by Deathpooky
@Meltac said:
" I would rather just buy Symphony of the Night "
It's like they took everything from Symphony of the Night but the fun, and added crappy multiplayer.
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Posted by radioactivez0r

I love QL videos, but I have a request.  Instead of putting up a video prior to release day when a game is so heavily multi-player-centric - even though this gives us a good idea if we want to buy immediately - can you please wait a day or two so you can actually show the MP of the game if that's its heart?  As is, I will hold off until I see more video of how the MP works/plays.

Posted by cornchak

So is there no metroid-style ability progression either?
Posted by frshakiff

man this sucks, I  love monster hunter but castlevania should not be trying to copy it.

Posted by ev_rowe

Seems like the real draw is definitely multiplayer. I can see messing around with it singleplayer style for a short while but I feel like it will get old once your friends lose interest in playing. Kind of a shame; I would rather it have been a full SoTN-sized campaign that could work in both modes. Oh well.

Posted by HandsomeDead

Immediately disinterested.

Posted by EgoCheck616

Wish this would come to PSN.

Posted by Box3ru13

I am disappoint for real. Lack of SP is heart-breaking seeing how I don't own a DS and really wanted another SP 2-D castlevania game.  
Saved myself 15 bones at least. 

Posted by voltan

I was excited for this game... before I saw this quick look. What the hell? Multiplayer focused Castlevania without exp? What a huge disappointment!

Posted by JeanM

No offline multiplayer is a bust for me ='(

Posted by Dyram


Posted by D_W

seems like the best thing about this game is the sound track.
Also who would want to play as Alucard? Shinoa and Soma are such better characters.

Posted by teekomeeko

Wait... this is it? This is the HD Castlevania?
The PSP remake of Rondo of Blood looked better than this (I think... I only played finished it once because it kicked my ass).

Posted by CptBedlam

I love Castlevania but this is not what I want. I'll pass. In a few weeks, there won't be any players online to play with anyway.

Posted by zaglis

This just looks plain bad. 
The emphasis on HD makes it even worse.

Posted by infestedandy
@Lebensbaum:  Dynasty Warriors is laughable as you say, but man does Castlevania have some rockin' music. You should hear some of the more well known tracks from the series. Actually, people love the music so much it's being constantly remixed into some amazing songs. Check out "goat" on OCRemix and I'm sure your mind will be changed. More specifically, listen to the songs "Vampire Spanker" and "Stained Glass Filth."
Posted by Chadster

When Jeff said that this was a six player multiplayer focused game I thought he was joking. This is... not what I wanted.
Also, it reaaaaally messes me up that Quick Match and Custom Match are not capitalized on the multiplayer menu.

Posted by Foggen
@m2cks said:
" I won't be Alucard :< "
Shanoa!  Any character whose best armor is a dress designed show decolettage is a winner in my book.
Posted by infestedandy
@radioactivez0r:  Seconded.
Although I would like to see a video showing off the multiplayer, I still would enjoy something like this first. Perhaps it'd be possible to do a couple different videos? You guys did it with the WoW: Cataclysm beta. I think it'd be a pretty good idea.
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Might be cool for a while, but XBLA games always end up with a dead online community. Too bad there's no way to work in offline multiplayer.

Posted by amoremono1

I cant wait for coop castlevania!!  whoot!!

Posted by Yummylee

Chapter two has the portal to the Meat Dimension in the background! 
Also I wish this would hit the ps3. Pointless to play solo and that's the only way I could play this on my 360.

Posted by DocPorpoise

they should have just done an 'HD Remix' remake of one of the older games if they're going to reuse this many characters and enemies.

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The last Castlevania I played was C: SotN (PS1). 
My interest in the serie waned after that. 
I leave this one for the fans. 
Maybe the new game will trigger my enthusiasm in the series once more.
Posted by Karkarov

Jonathan Morris I think is the protagonist from the first gameboy Castlevania Igarashi worked on.  Soma Cruz owns Alucard though, I mean, he is Alucards father *vader noises*

Posted by Death_Burnout

Apart from the annoying timer, im genuinely interested, i love me some Castlevania, and all this does is remind me that i still need to get Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia.

Posted by Kartana


Posted by AndrewB

Wow... this game looks horrible. As I expected. 
Add Castlevania to the list of games I don't ever want to see another sequel to or spinoff of.

Posted by SBYM

6 player game. 
5 characters.